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Bell Moto-9 Unit Helmet at

Strap up here:

That’s one two three four five six seven eight you know one of the cool parts about being with bill as that out you know some of my idols like jeremy mcgrath and a lot of guys came up actually wearing bell helmets so you know they’ve been around for a long time you know they’ve done a lot of tests and you want something to catch your eye and you know so that’s one

Of the first things i look at it the helmet is on the look and then you know i go up to it and check all the cool features to it and obviously there was the best one oh deep into this i mean pretty much every little feature besides actually building the helmet the paint schemes how long the chin bar was you know how narrow it was how big the helmet was i had a

Big part into it yeah we had a when i was at bill we had a lot of design sessions in there did you want to ask me a question about it you know we went back and forth for a couple years now see i’m from florida so to me the ventilation and helmets a huge part concept works in the moto 9 where the higher speed air flows over the top and creates a low-pressure here at

The back which pulls air through our intake vents here at the front of the helmet as the air flows through the intakes here at the front the air is channeled through the eps not only cooling the rider but also helping to keep the liner dry and then the hot air is forced out of the rear vent so when you’re out there run you can focus right and do some bubble scrubs

And some lips or whatever feels good about it probably the best feature for me i mean i got a couple of them you know one is the past and the helmet or you can take them out because they’re magnetic you know you just kind of pop them in and pop them out these lines in here is called ecstatic goes on your pad some something like that section my brother stinky pad

And it’s actually clean ecstatic it keeps your face clean dirty face no more where’ve elmo turn on x statics the way to go pretty confident to me but also should be to you guys that the top guys in this for as always came to bail and random product and you know it’s just i think it shows a little bit of safety factor right here on the back of your moto nine helical

Notes and a marker that shows its helmet eject approved design i’m going to show you how it works remove your cheek pad remove the main pad take your helmet eject system notice the recess or the bag guide the tube up the channel now you’re ready to reinstall your main padding and last thing always on the writers left side eject helmet equip system must be indicated

So empty staff knows to come and inflate and the result of emergency it took us a long time to get it to where else no quit it and you know now we got it in best avail motor down bell helmets the first the best proven for the gun damn he’s not particularly you

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