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Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet Review | Sportbike Track Gear

Hey i’m brian van and today we’re gonna break down the bell qualifier mips dlx full face helmet the bell qualifier mips dlx helmet retails for 279 as at the time we’re shooting this video that’s gonna cover the solids as well as the graphics please understand we don’t update videos for price changes only if the product itself has been completely

Redesigned the real draw in my mind besides this is a good helmet besides the helmet itself is going to be the protec shield that it comes equipped with that protic shield reacts to sunlight in bright sunlight you’re gonna get basically a dark smoke tent as you begin to lose sun the tent will reduce all the way down to a clear so you have that range from bright

Sunlight medium sunlight and no sunlight and it’s able to react to each one of those levels of sun super convenient if you’re a street rider it means no more dark smoke or tinted shield swaps basically you purchase this helmet it’s a one and done and that is a great convenience who is this helmet right for i would say this helmet is going to be good certainly for

Street riders it’s got that self-tanning shield but considering the fact it carries the ece cert and comes with the mips slip plane device in place that helps manage energy i would say this helmet would be at home on the street and at home for track days as well so you could use this for a wide variety of riding styles d-o-t as well as ece certified it weighs three

Point five five pounds in a size medium on our digital shipping scale let’s dive right on into sizing and fit i measure 58 centimeters with an intermediate oval head shape per the bell size chart i’m in a size medium the qualifier dlx we have here is a medium i wore it at my desk for an extended period of time and i’ve got to tell you they hit a home run with a

Fit and feel of this helmet it literally feels great love the fabrics that we’ll show you and talk more about later that they used for the interior of this helmet too super nice right you’re getting a lot for your money here glasses compatibility this offers excellent compatibility with glasses it was easy to get the glasses on and off and they were able to sit on

Your ears on a bridge your nose no problem we’re gonna have some b-roll that will show you here in this video that clearly displays what i just shared with you okay let’s dive into features and benefits now instead of opening up with ventilation we’re gonna talk about the shield first i think that’s really a big draw here that self tending pro tips shield that’s

A hard $40 value if you purchase that on its own to remove it pull back here on the trigger same thing on the other side off comes the helmet shield also anti fog treated to reinstall it simulate the upward most position put a little pressure in here with your thumb and it’ll jump right into place same thing on the other side before you take it for a ride make sure

You cycle the shield a couple of times to ensure that it’s going to stay tight you’ll notice it does also offer multiple detents and in the down position while it doesn’t offer a lock that bottom detent is really strong to prevent the shield from popping open during head checks you’re not gonna have that issue with this helmet now let’s dive into ventilation and

That is something that they really made sure they built a lot of ventilation into this helmet i’ve previously ridden in a qualifier dlx and i can tell you this helmet moves a lot of air it almost reminds me of the star in the way it brings air into the helm especially the previous generation stars this ventilation system is very similar to what we saw on the older

Bell star helmets you have a four slot bra vent man that’s a great place to bring air into the helmet you have two vents here on the crown of the helmet and you have what’s gonna be a pretty large intake vent here in the chin bar area this vent flows air up onto the breath deflector to work with the fog free treated shield for the misting purposes there are also a

Couple of slots on the inside here that allow for air flow into mouth area for exhaust fitting you have venturi style yvette’s built into the back of the shell here as well as to exhaust vents here on the crown of the helmet that is a ton of ventilation in this $279 package i spoke earlier about the interior fabric they used this stuff i think i’ve seen this before

Once again on some previous generation bell star helmets and i got to tell you it just feels super nice you’ll see this helmet ships complete with a chin curtain that’s already installed making this this is a complete package you’ve got your tinted shield here you’ve got your clear shield here you’ve got your chin curtain you’ve got essentially everything that you

Need with the helmet the liner is removable replaceable and washable if you need to tune the fit of the helmet all sized cheek pads are compatible so if you need it a little bit tighter in the cheek area you can go with a thicker pad if you need a little bit looser you can conversely go with a thinner pad something i want to address before we go too much farther

Is this comport on the side of the helmet when they initially came out with a qualifier a few seasons back right and you know technology the winds of technology are continually blowing okay it was designed to be integrated with a proprietary communication device like artaud or escena right that is a product that’s basically gone away right there’s very little

Of it left in the marketplace and this comport is being phased out as a rolling change with all part number changes on the qualifier dlx so please do not buy it for that reason if you buy it it has that plate on there don’t worry about it to match the helmet everything’s copasetic no big deal okay back into the interior of the helmet fully removable washable and

Replaceable if you want to remove the cheek pads simply get your fingers in between the backing of the cheek pad and the interior eps of the helmet you have two – synapse and some velcro okay this helmet will work with any of the current common universal bluetooth devices on the market there are pockets the in the eps we’re going to show you here in a second that

Allow it to accept the speakers okay if you’re gonna do that you’re gonna need to be able to remove the interior and that’s what makes this portion of the video helpful for many riders that are looking to do that once you’ve undone the snaps and the velcro kind of grab the front of the cheek pad here or just pull it and rotate it like so it’s get a nice close-up

Of the quality of this and that’s just nice stuff man feels great for the top pad we have two snaps here don’t get your finger or thumb in between to release that snap up in the front there are two snaps disengage those here is your top pad something i found with kind of all the bell helmets there these tags are just really big and they kind of can block some of

The vent holes up here do what you think is most appropriate for you because there is a production date on it you know what i’ll do with a lot of them if it’s my own helmet i’ll just kind of cut them off right to get them out of the way you can also if you don’t want to do that just kind of fold it over and make sure when you reinstall it it’s hidden behind the

Liner like that it just ensures that there’s a wide-open channel for the ventilation to reach the rider okay and you’re not choking any of that off but chin curtain itself is and i really dig this – it is snapped into place there are three little snaps that are holding this bad boy in there that ensure no way in hell is that thing falling out you can ride with

That in the helmet or out of the helmet what it’s meant to do is just kind of calm quiet the wind in this area to keep it quieter for the rider now that i have the interior out we can have a look at that mips slip plane essentially what that is – very thin piece of plastic that is on i just call it kind of a like a bungee system right and you can see it with very

Little pressure that is able to just slide all around in the event of an impact right it your head is in there it puts a little pressure on that that slip plane and it allows it to kind of move and it just reduces the force that’s being transmitted to the rider there’s a whole lot of science behind and i’m not going to dive into all that but if you just look at

It logically you know it kind of makes sense anytime instead of getting hit head-on you know you can get a glancing blow the glancing blow is always going to result in much less transmission of energy and that is certainly beneficial for the rider beyond that if you look in there you’ll see there is a lot of channeling in that eps and the ventilation holes man you

Got your vent holes up here in the brow area you’ve got vent holes up here in the crown the channeling that’s back to the exhaust really well ventilated helmet if you’re going to be installing a communicator system can you see those right there okay do they have mold of those into the eps of the helmet so any of the universal units you’re going to be able to put

It in got a nice padded double d-ring chinstrap – what do i think of this helmet i think this is a really solid package this is one of those that you know let’s say you look at a more affordable helmet let’s say you look at something that’s right at that $200 price point you know it or maybe just under 200 bucks and that’s where you’re shopping so you kind of slot

This one out of your shortlist of helmets but most people when they buy a helmet they’re gonna end up replacing the clear shield with a tinted shield that’s one of the most common add-on purchases to a helmet some of the other more affordable helmets out there – they’re being sold without chin curtains bail is included a kick-ass interior that feels great against

Your skin an actual chin curtain it’s not going to fall out is included in the package and then the real magic is found in this pro tent self tinting sun reactive shield 100 $40 value eliminates the need for putting that smoke shield on so you’re saving that cost you get the mips on the inside right energy management device which is badass in a price point helmet

To have something like that mips in there right ece certified metric shit-ton of ventilation if you haven’t figured it out by now i really like this helmet at or around that $200 price point if you’re one of those $200 shoppers i think this one is worth reaching in your pocket 479 more and coming away with a complete package that you’re going to love any questions

Leave those in the comments section of this video or if you had a qualifier dlx and you want to share your feedback on it please other riders find that helpful and i appreciate it as well

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Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet Review | Sportbike Track Gear By Sportbike Track Gear