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Best Adventure Helmets of 2021 Road Test Guide –

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Whether you’re looking to ride on the street off-road or both adventure helmets are an ideal option if you need versatility but which of these helmets performs the best in what features you’re getting and how they do out on the road in the real world that’s why we’ve put together our champion data guide and given our top five helmets to our test rider and had him

Measure how they do out on the road for noise ventilation and more he’s come back with tons of interesting data so stay tuned as we see which helmet came out on top sebastian from champion helmets here and welcome to our champion data guide for the best adventure helmets of 2021 adventure helmets are first and foremost designed for versatility after all what’s

Not to like about the option to go off-road ride on the streets or do any mix of both all with one helmet but since these helmets offer so much where does this leave them in terms of performance on the road and elsewhere this question is why we’ve given the icon variant pro schubert e1 shoei hornet adv awry tour x4 and the climb kryos pro as well as more helmets

To our test rider to try out on the road with our measuring instruments this means we’ve measured their noise ventilation and more so let’s see how our contenders performed and let’s see which gets to take home the gold before we go further with our road tests don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date on our newest data-driven road tests where we test out the

Latest helmets in the real world measure their performance and bring you back the data as we get into testing this is just a quick refresher for how we set up our road tests on the left we have a white monitor showing the helmet’s interior temperature based on a thermometer placed between the helmet’s eps and the interior liner in the middle we have our decibel

Meter showing the noise level in the helmet from a microphone placed near our rider’s ear lastly on the right we have a telephone showing the day’s average airspeed on the helmet from a bike-mounted anemometer finally on the dash we have our rider speed and the exterior temperature for the day we conducted our tests at 130 kilometers per hour or 80 miles per

Hour on long stretches of highway and we took averages throughout for a final note before we head into our first category we have updated our ranking matrices since we’ve tested out so many helmets on the road over the years and expanded our data set we’ve taken a long hard look at how we rank our helmets as a result we’ve refined our ranking process and even

Added new aspects to bring you a more complete ranking and a better idea for how the helmet scores in the interest of transparency we’ll also be including our ranking matrices in our guide so that you can also do the math for yourself first off let’s take a look at what these helmets are made of since this has such a large effect on weight safety and performance

When looking at these helmets we rank them according to the type of material used which you can see on the horizontal axis and the number of shell sizes along the vertical axis since this also has an effect on how proportional the helmet’s fit will be starting with the icon variant pro the helmet uses a fiberglass composite outer shell with additional dyneema

Reinforcement for abrasion resistance and since it is coming in three outer shell sizes the helmet earns a decent three and a half stars the shubert e1 also uses a fiberglass composite though it is unfortunately coming in only two outer shell sizes which is a bit of a letdown in this regard since this only earns the helmet three stars for material the shoei and

Aurora each with their own unique fiberglass composites also do well with the showy earning four stars since it’s coming in four outer shell sizes while the array earns four and a half thanks to its five outer shell sizes which is the most of this lineup lastly we have the climb crisis pro standing out thanks to its carbon fiber construction though it also earns

Three and a half stars since it only comes in two outer shell sizes so this was a bit of a missed opportunity to sum up we already have a healthy bit of competition between today’s helmets but since there can only be one best adventure helmet for 2021 let’s see how they do for weight weight is another all-important aspect of adventure helmets since it has an

Impact on the level of fatiguing which is present in both long distance touring and off-road riding we’ve ranked our helmets here based on a set of weight bands to help us determine cutoff points for how many stars each helmet can earn based on its weight to start off with we actually are looking at a very heavy lineup with most of our contenders including the

Icon variant pro tour x4 and schubert e1 coming in above the 1600 gram mark though this does make sense considering the extra weight which is added by that additional peak coming in at the middle end of the weight spectrum we have the shoei hornet adv but it is the climb cross pro that stands out most here thanks to that carbon fiber shell and cobroid impact

Absorbing liner we have a result of 1 300 grams on our scale which is light by any standard in any segment and especially so with adventure helmets this means our earlier ties are broken with the climb helmet taking the lead but we’ve still got plenty of ground to cover so let’s move on to that visor taking a look at the face shield we also have some interesting

Data to collect on our helmets to start with we broke our rankings down by what manufacturers are offering you including anti-fogging preparation quality of the visor mechanism and any additional visors they may throw in to start with we have a good showing already from the shoei arai and schubert since they are all coming pinlock prepared with the insert in the

Box this earns the shoei and arrive four stars with the exception of the schubert which comes with those added noise reducing tribulators along the top of the visor and a drop down internal sun visor so we’ll come back to this helmet in a moment the climb cries pro also does well in this category earning four stars since it actually comes with a photochromic

Self-tinting visor already included in the box this means that it is once more self-tinting which will really help with cutting down on glare while riding nonetheless once more we have the shubert e1 eking out a lead here due to its strong touring dna with a drop down sun visor strong mechanism and great field of view which actually earns it four and a half

Stars with these visors covered now though this is where things get interesting while we can compare specs all day long we get to answer how our top five contenders actually perform out on the road so we’ll be collecting actual data for noise isolation and ventilation here so without further ado let’s head out and see how they do first up for our road test we

Have noise isolation this is often a tougher category for adventure helmets due to the added peak on top but we still get plenty of interesting results from our test we measured these helmets according to our matrix once more with a set of bands to determine how many stars each helmet earns when we tested our helmets out we had excellent testing conditions with

The days average air speeds at about 115 to 130 kilometers per hour which means our data is clean and testing was consistent overall we got an interesting distribution of data we have the shoei and orai once more matching up at an average 102 decibels which earns them three stars while the e1’s excellent result of 101 decibels earns it 4 stars though this is not

Particularly surprising considering it is a close cousin to the c3 pro but there was one helmet that really stood out in this category which was the climb cryos pro the helmet caught us off guard with a result of 98 decibels on our meter which was certainly impressive considering that it is coming from a brand more well known for their clothing and gear this earns

The helmet four and a half stars so we now have our quietest adventure helmet figured out but noise only tells us part of the story so let’s continue with our test and see how well these helmets vents performed for ventilation we also got a very interesting result since for a category where ventilation for dual sport riding is so crucial we have a wide range of

Data points we measured our helmets according to our matrices once more using a set of bands to help us divide each helmet score based on the temperature difference coming back to the data we actually have the shoei hornet adv performing unexpectedly poor with a six degree difference to the outside and while the agv x9 also did very poorly in this regard with a

Five degree difference the iro commander did even worse with a 12 degree difference to the outside which we found very disappointing which is why these two helmets were our runners-up needless to say though all three helmets here only earned one star nonetheless we do have a set of three helmets that did vent very well these were the climb cross pro schubert e1

And the icon variant pro as well as the arri torx 4. since each helmet came in at the same temperature of the outside with the exception of the array which means they are much better in terms of more active riding with only two categories left though we’re already seeing a close race between the shubert climb and arry helmets but let’s press on to see which will

Come out on top for comfort and features we now come to the comfort category of our top adventure helmets this is where we look at the aspects of the helmet that are not captured by hard data in forming our rankings we have our writer who has over 15 years of its writing experience which he puts to good use in gauging different characteristics of our helmets this

Includes build quality wind drag bulkiness peak performance and more to start off with all our helmets are coming with removable washable and anti-bacterial liners which makes sense since these helmets are the best on the market and they are in a premium segment though we have the schubert and variant pro lagging behind slightly at three and a half stars here’s

Where we have the climb cryos pro a ry2x4 and the shoei hornet adv really standing out with four stars each the cryos pros liner was soft to the touch and very plush and the interior textiles are definitely klim’s strong suit considering their gear experience but the shoei and ri were also incredibly comfortable thanks to their own soft fabrics arise foam springs

For a supportive fit and showy’s high quality finishing with one more category left to go let’s take a look at these helmets features since adventure helmets are meant to bring a lot of versatility this should definitely be an interesting one to watch for our final category we have features and this is where we get to take a good look at what manufacturers have put

Into their helmets we look for a range of indicators to tally at the scores all of which are based on what riders have asked us over the years this means we’re looking at communication system preparation and options glasses fits peak options liner customization and more and overall we have a very interesting result here since the climb cries pro actually drops

Off somewhat here to two stars since the features included were more sparse but that gives other helmets a chance to shine instead we have the shoei arai and schubert actually taking the lead with three stars each though the shubert does offer a great level of touring level functions it is actually the right works for that is bringing some of the most fantastic

Features in our lineup not only is it very comfortable for glasses but it comes with peel-away pads in the liner to let you get your ideal fit and there are even special foam springs in the cheek pads to make sure that you don’t lose form over time now since we’ve got all our data collected we can take a look at how all our helmets compare to get an idea of the

Bigger picture overall we do see a great set of results from our helmets starting with the hornet adv and the variant pro though they were let down by either their ventilation or noise level the two helmets performed reasonably well across the board before looking at our top performers it’s also important to mention the performance of the adv ax9 in the end we

Were slightly disappointed by its performance out on the road since it was hot noisy and not very comfortable even though it is very light and from agv our strongest performance out of the gate are actually the climb cries pro shubert e1 and the ary2x4 and the scores of these helmets are already very close this is actually good to see since not only does healthy

Competition bring you more options but it also makes finding out which will come out on top even more exciting but before we move to our final scores let’s take a look at what happens when we factor in our helmet’s prices and perhaps this is what will break that tie since each helmet is offering you a different set of features and performance at different prices

It’s important to also factor these aspects of the helmet into our rankings for example you can have a helmet that performs well but is priced too highly or one that does excellent but at a very low price this is why we’ve added a new ranking to our matrix with our renewed formula where we rank our helmets based on their average star score and europe or star

Rating to determine what bonus they actually get according to this formula we already see our runners up here but which of our main lineup will get the most points in fifth we have the shubert e1 with its three and a half stars at 27 years per star earning it a bonus of 1.2 stars we next have the showy hornet adv with an average of 3.29 at 22 and a half years

Per star earning in a bonus of 1.8 we then get a jump in scoring to third place with the icon variant pro with three stars at 17 euros per star with a bonus of 2.4 in second we have the awry tour explorer worth 3.6 stars at 25 and a half years per star earning a bonus of three stars lastly we have the climb cries pro with with 3.9 stars on average at 26 years

Per star which earns it a bonus of 3.6 with all our points given out now we can now see which helmet came out as the best adventure option for have our rankings changed let’s find out we now come to the moment we’ve all been waiting for where we can finally see which adventure helmet is best coming into 2021. starting in fifth place we have the icon variant pro

With a champion helmet score of 6.9 out of 10 at 17 years per star making it a great budget choice in fourth we actually have the shoei hornet adv with a score of 7.1 at 22.5 euros per star and it sadly came in lower due to that poor ventilation result three more contenders to go but which will finally come out on top and third we have the shubert e1 at a score

Of 7.3 at 27 years per star while at a very close second we have the right to explore at a score of 7.8 at 25 and a half years per star this means that our best adventure helmet of 2021 is the climb cryos pro with a score of 8.2 at 26 euros per star which not only makes it a strong performer on the road but a decent helmet in terms of value for money that’s all

For the best adventure helmets of 2021 and it was definitely a close race though still coming in at the middle ground we found these helmets have performed quite well out on the road with some even coming in with touring level noise isolation while others bring great ventilation so if you liked the video then make sure to subscribe to keep up to date on more data

Driven helmet road tests like these and don’t forget to check out our individual review and road test of each of these helmets where we dive even deeper also don’t forget to check out our helmet bundle deals on our website where you can pick up an extra visor or communication system at a discount i’m sebastian from champion helmets and see you next time

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Best Adventure Helmets of 2021 Road Test Guide – By Champion Helmets