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Best Modular Helmets of 2021/2022 Road Test –

Welcome to our Champion Data Guide where we’ve tested the best Modular Helmets of this moment to find the best modular helmet for 2021. This means we’ve collected our top five contenders and, we’ve sent our rider on his way to measure their performance using measuring instruments. He came back with plenty of very interesting data, so stay tuned to see which helmet earned the title of the Best Modular Helmet 2021!

Welcome to our champion data guide where we’ve tested the best modular helmets of this moment to find the best one for 2021 this means we’ve collected our top five contenders and we’ve sent our rider on his way to measure their performance using measuring instruments he came back with plenty of very interesting data so stay tuned to see which helmet earned the

Title of the best modular helmet for 2021 sebastian from champion helmets here and modular helmets are designed to give a balance of the safety of a full face helmet with the convenience of an open face helmet this makes them excellent for touring and city riding since you get the great option of being able to simply flip that chin bar up instead of wrestling the

Helmet off but the question still remains of which modular helmet is the best and this means taking these helmets out on our road test where we measure the noise level ventilation and more to determine which really brings the best performance the helmets we’ll be testing include the agv sport modular x-lite x-1005 ultra carbon hdc r490s carbon showing neotec

2 and the schubert c4 pro carbon though we have tested more helmets we’ll still be including the results as we go along and you can always see more on any of these helmets here in our dedicated helmet reviews and road tests before we get to testing these helmets out don’t forget to subscribe and check out the rest of our youtube channel where we have plenty more

Of our data-driven helmet road tests where we measure their performance in the real world and bring you the data as we get to our comparison here’s a quick reminder for how we set up our road test on the left we have a white monitor showing the helmet’s internal temperature and degrees celsius from a thermometer placed in the helmet’s eps in the middle we have

Our decibel meter showing the helmet’s noise level from a microphone placed near our rider’s ear and lastly on the right we have the day’s average airspeed on the helmet measured from a bike mounted anemometer in the middle on the dash we have our rider’s average speed and the exterior temperature we performed all of our tests on long stretches of highway at 130

Kilometers per hour or 80 miles per hour and we took averages throughout before we head into the data we also wanted to bring up that we’ve updated our helmet ranking matrices since we’ve tested so many helmets over the years and expanded our data set we have added a new category and updated our ranking to make sure that we can bring you an even more accurate

Testing method first up as far as material we’re already looking at the top end of the market which means top end constructions but first here’s how we ranked our helmets we have the shell material along the top of our matrix with the number of shell sizes along the vertical axis both are important factors since though all these materials are strong they will have

Different properties when it comes to weight and a proportional fit the agv sport modular schubert c4 pro carbon and the xlite x 1005 ultra carbon are coming fully composed of carbon fiber and three outer shell sizes which earns each helmet four stars this means that the rds carbon is coming in with three outer shell sizes made of pin plus carbon which is a carbon

Aramid and fiberglass composite with a higher carbon content for weight reduction so since it is not fully carbon the helmet earns three and a half stars the neotech ii is also coming in three outer shell sizes but with an advanced integrated matrix fiberglass composite construction and this means that it includes special organic fibers from shoei for greater

Flexibility thus earning the helmet three and a half stars so although we have no huge differences yet on this criterion we have the agv x-lite and schubert in the lead with their carbon shells but how will this translate into weight so we have a close race so far we do get an interesting picture looking at these helmets weight we rank these helmets according

To our matrix once again with different weight bands helping to determine how our helmets rank depending on their weight modular helmets do tend towards the heavier side of things and that is no difference with the shoei and hjc since they’re coming in at about an average width 1 60 grams 3 pounds 10 and a half ounces and 1 521 grams or 3 pounds 6 ounces this

Earns the shoei 3 stars for weight and the hjc4 so though these are some of the best premium touring options those features do come at a cost regarding our carbon fiber helmets we actually have a very interesting weight result our helmets are coming in at three ends of the spectrum the lightest helmet is undoubtedly the agv sport modular with its 340 grams three

Pounds while in the middle we have the shubert c4 pro carbon at 1 480 grams or 3 pounds 4 ounces and the heaviest unfortunately is the x 1005 ultra carbon at 1 710 grams or 3 pounds 12 ounces perhaps we need another ultra to help cut that weight even further this was a surprisingly high weight for a carbon fiber helmet especially looking at the sport modular’s

Result as well as the schubert’s and some of this may be coming from the helmet’s more safety focused dual action chin bar mechanism all this data means that the agv and x-lite and schubert earn five four and three stars respectively which also represents today’s highs mids and lows for weight for the visor all these helmets are coming with what we’re hoping to

See this means that looking at our matrix the main features we’re looking for are what sort of anti-fog options there are since this is so crucial but we do also take the visor mechanism into account as far as quality and ease of use so these helmets are all coming pin lock prepared with the instant in the box and a drop down sun visor to cut down on glare which

Means that they cover enough criteria to ostensibly earn a decent number of stars but what about their mechanisms at the bottom because of its weak lever visor mechanism we actually have the agv sport modular but it still does earn three and a half stars thanks to that drop down visor we then have the hjc and the x light coming in the middle with their quick

Release visors and decent mechanisms above these we have the schubert at four and a half stars thanks to its additional noise reducing turbulators but we do have an outstanding helmet that needs to be mentioned the show we need tech 2. this is mainly because the visor system on the neotec 2 has been incredibly well designed since it uses springs to pull the visor

Into the helmet’s shell thus creating a tight seal without negatively impacting visor replacement or lifting the visor while on the bike so that this means that the helmet does come in as earning a full 5 stars for the visor which more than makes up for its poorer weight result alright so now we come to one of the main questions from modular touring helmets

Noise this means we’ve swapped our studio for the comfort of our test bike where our rider has taken each of these helmets out on the road to see how they perform as far as how we rank these helmets we once more used our rating matrix with our different marking bands with a sub 100 decibel helmet being the most desirable results when we tested out our elements

The day’s average air speed was at about 115 to 130 kilometers per hour which made for ideal testing conditions since this means our data is much more comparable and testing conditions were consistent now we can dive into our data and we have a very interesting set of results most of our helmets came in at about the 100 to 101 decibel mark which is already a very

Strong performance and we see a surprise climber here alongside the shoei with the shark evo gt but there are two helmets that really brought us an incredible degree of noise isolation first was the schubert c4 pro which thanks to its limited number of vents visor turbulators and excellent liner gave us a result of 99 decibels earning it an outstanding four and

A half stars but even more incredible was the hjc r490s carbon which was the quietest modular helmet we’ve ever tested with a result of only 97 decibels which matches it up with our two quietest full face helmets the shoei gtr2 and the hjc are for 70 carbon this was even for us quite a surprising result unsurprisingly though this earns the helmet 5 stars noise

Is only one half of the story though because quiet helmets tend to not do so great on ventilation so let’s move on to see how manufacturers balance this besides noise isolation ventilation is another important aspect of a helmet’s performance on the road once again we ranked our helmets based on the difference between the interior and exterior temperature to keep

Them comparable and to keep our ranking fair and all things considered we have an incredibly interesting set of results though the htc was the quietest it and the x1005 ultra carbon actually came in at about the same temperature as the outside it was the slightly louder shoei neotec 2 schubert c4 pro and agv sport modular that offered the best ventilation since

They were each one degree cooler to the outside which earns them five stars it’s also worth mentioning the shark evo gt strong performance for ventilation since it also came in one degree cooler to the outside which is thanks to its completely reworked events and you also have the great option of flipping the chin bar back 180 degrees if you still need more air

So a very interesting set of results but we still have the comfort and features rankings to cover so let’s see how our helmets will fare before going into features we also need to consider how each of these helmets does for comfort this is our only subjective category and we use it to cover soft aspects of the helmet that are difficult to capture in data for

This ranking we rely on the expertise of our test rider with his 15 plus years of riding experience to weigh in the helmet’s bulkiness wind drag build quality and more back to comfort though all the interiors of the helmets we have today are removable washable fit glasses and are anti-bacterially treated they are after all the best modular helmets you can get today

Starting with the sport modular we ultimately found it not as comfortable as we hoped even with its hot cold weather reversible liner earning it three and a half stars we then have the x light and hjc just above this with four stars each though the x-1005 ultra carbon does offer an adjustable liner however we found that the most comfortable modulars were the shoei

And schubert the schubert c4 pro carbon with its velvet-like liner and incredible level of plush comfort unsurprisingly earns 5 stars and the neotec 2 with its carefully crafted and interchangeable liner also earns 5 stars a fun detail our writer shared with us was that show we have added a software material specifically for behind the ear since this is a more

Sensitive area this really shows how showy have made sure to keep up their eye for detail it’s also worth noting once more that are from our runners-up the nolan and 105 plus and the shark evo gt did surprisingly well for comfort each also earning four stars thanks to their adjustable liners for improved fits unfortunately our other runner up the roof boxer carbon

Did not do as well for comfort earning it only two stars mainly due to its focus on style over comfort and performance this means we have only to cover features before we can finally see how our helmets ranked and scored though these helmets are top of the line manufacturers also incorporate additional features and functions that also make each helmet unique this

Is where we use the features category to really take a look at what manufacturers have worked into their helmets we learned that the neotec 2 rf 90s carbon and x1005 ultra carbon scored four stars and all these helmets are coming prepared for a communication system though the schubert takes this a step further with full plug-and-play functionality which really

Builds on the helmet’s convenience and though the x-1005 ultra carbon is not as advanced in this regard it is interesting since it and its nolan cousin use a dual action opening system this means that you have improved safety while the elliptical mechanism means you get a more aerodynamic profile when the chin bar is flipped up lastly it’s important to keep in

Mind that only some of these helmets are dual certified for riding with the chin bar down or up these include the hjc shoei and x-lite and this shows manufacturers taking the extra step for additional homologations this is why the schubert unfortunately scores lower in this category the shark evo gt also stands out here with three stars for features thanks to

Its 180 degree flip up mechanism which also improves the helmet’s aerodynamics as you ride with our testing and individual ranking over with we can now see how each of our helmets ranked including our runners-up this is where it’s important to also consider consistency in the results since you ideally want a helmet that will do well across the board so far the

Schubert c4 pro carbon is offering up a great set of scores though it is very closely followed by both the agv sport modular shoeini attack 2 and the htc are for 90s carbon though the x1005 ultra carbon does offer a decent level of performance in most areas it was let down by its higher weight and poor noise isolation compared to our runner’s up we also see some

Slightly more volatile scores in both the nolan n105 plus and the roof boxer carbon the shark evo gt also ranked surprisingly well though it was let down by its polycarbonate outer shell and only two outer shell sizes but there is still one question what happens when you take these scores and factor in the price while we have a number of helmets ranking very

Highly each one is bringing you a different level of features and performance at a different price this is why we also need to take the price of these helmets into account this means that we’ve taken our contenders and runners up for today ordered them according to their average scores and euro per star values and assigned them additional stars according to our

Formula so how will our helmets rank in fifth place we have the x-lite x-1005 ultra carbon with its average number of stars at 3.7 just above it and fourth we have the agv sport modular at 4 and the rf90s carbon at 4.1 with its strong euro per star ranking of 21. in second we have a very close race with the shoei coming in at 4.1 at 20 and a half euros per star

Lastly receiving the full bonus we have the schubert c4 pro carbon at 4.3 with a euro per star rating of 26 but will this affect our final scores we have a lot of very interesting data collected and with our prices factored in we can finally see which touring modular helmet is the best for 2021. coming in at fifth place we have the x-lite x-1005 ultra carbon with

A score of 7.2 at 23 euros per star this is not bad though the helmet mainly suffered from a poor weight result in fourth we have the agv sport modular with a score of 7.8 at 25 years per star in third bringing an incredible level of noise isolation we have the htc rf90s carbon at a score of 8.1 at 21 euros per star and this means our top two has been narrowed

Down to the shoei and the schubert but which comes out on top in second place bringing excellent ventilation comfort and one of the most advanced visors we have the shoei neotec 2 with a score of 8.4 this means we have the shubert c4 pro carbon coming in at first place with a champion helmet score of 8.8 at 26 euros per star based on prior testing the schubert

Has consistently come out on top and even in the face of new competition from shark and xlite we’ve seen this confirmed once more with our data-driven approach if you’d like to learn more about any of these helmets then make sure to check out where we have our lowest price guarantee and plenty of bundle deals including additional visors or

Discounted communication systems that wraps up our quest to find the best modular helmets of 2021 we’ve gone through these top helmets on our road test and brought you back our real world data to really determine which comes out on top though hjc agv and x-lite are clearly keeping up the heat the schubert is keeping its crown by eking out a lead over the neotec 2.

If you want to see more details on our helmets and champion data reviews then make sure to subscribe and check out the rest of our youtube channel where we bring you the facts i’m sebastian from champion helmets and thanks for watching

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Best Modular Helmets of 2021/2022 Road Test – By Champion Helmets