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Best Motorcycle Helmets 2019 Best Bang for The Money! Dual Sport

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2019 Best Bang for The Money! Dual Sport

Dual-sport helmets yep they come in all shapes flavors and sizes yeah well you know what there’s so many of them out there and in 2019 there’s no exception there’s a ton of them you know what we’re gonna dig into it and we’re going to give you our five best dual-sport helmets of 2019 and tell you which one we think are the best for the price stick around coming

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Forget we’re almost out of t-shirts if you want one we probably got enough to maybe get through this weekend and then we’re gonna be out but we’ll get more soon coming up anyway onto the rent ride friday helmets being gather so many helmets out there there’s literally it’s it there’s slew of them just an absolute slew of them and what are the good ones what are the

Bad ones and what does d-o-t and ece and and snell what does that mean well we’re going to get into that and for 2019 like i said in the intro it’s really no different with the helmets because there’s always good stuff and just because maybe it’s a little bit older helmet it still is being manufactured in 2019 and it’s still probably a good helmet but you know what

More expensive doesn’t make it better trust me 100% i have a lot of helmets you’ve probably seen in the 690 garage i got quite a few of the capote but i’ve got five helmets then i really think you just can’t go wrong with and i think bank for buck i think they’re they’re really really good and i and i left one out and i know that i’m gonna get called out on it and

That’s okay you can put it down in the comments and bash me if you want to i just i left it out for a reason and that that’ll be for another day but anyway the five fast and i’ll start it that i think all the way down to number one and i’m talking bank for buck i’m talking you know i’m not saying if they’re going to be completely budget-friendly some are and you

Might be surprised at what the number one is and i’m going to tell you why i think it’s number one because there are a lot of helmets out there but anyway at number five helmet out there and it’s really cool because it’s got the look all the helmets will be up on screen you’ll get to see him and i’m gonna try to put as much information up on screen to help you out

If you’re looking for a helmet or for your new rider but the klim krios or cryos or whatever you want to call it really cool helmet klim or climb whatever you want to call it you know i think they make really really good stuff and not just in the helmet range in the jackets and gloves and van’t all sorts of stuff they really do make a lot of really neat stuff but

Anyway people just can’t drive these days they just you know but anyway that helmet is ece and vot certified and ece is basically the european standard it’s basically the same is the usdot which means it’s regulated by the government it’s a standard that it has to be it has to pass before it can actually be certified road worthy or for impact-resistant and things

Like that so ece is the european and d-o-t is the us and we’ll talk about snell here in just a little bit because we do have a helmet that is actually snell rated and we’ll tell you what that means comes in three colors it only weighs 3.2 pounds one thing you got to understand when you’re looking at helmets weight is a big issue because your head is already heavy

And the more you add to it the more fatigue you can get in your neck and it makes it tough to ride for long periods time it’s got quick release in the visor system which is really nice and it is a polycarbonate shell so it’s not going to be like your fiberglass or your what do you call it the i forget what the other shell is but it’s you know it’s a good shell and

It’s lightweight so the lighter you go you have to use specific types of plastics in order to get that weight down but anyway the climb or clem whatever you want to call it i’m sure i’ll get corrected i think it’s actually pronounced climb the krios helmet very cool and it really fits the bill it’s a super cool looking dual sport helmet i think it’s really really

Nice and you can’t go wrong with that and the msrp on that is going to be about 550 bucks but you know what if you shop around remember always shopping around you can find a great deal you could probably pick it up for much cheaper that if you look around next number for the a vg a x9 carbon and it was carbon fiber the fez try to remember i’m sorry but it is it’s

A carbon fiber helmet carbon fiber they use it on race cars stuff like that it’s super super light super super strong it’s almost stronger than metal which is really nice it’s ece d-o-t certified as well it comes in four shell sizes so you can actually get a really really good fit that’s one thing you want to make sure is that your helmet fits because there’s two

Different types oval and then round so if you’re an oval head you definitely want to stray away from certain types of helmets find out what type of shape it is before you start digging into it it’s the carbon fiberglass shell it’s a composite of the two it basically has multi vents for good ventilation it’s got anti fog scratch screen and it weighs 3.6 pounds which

Is not bad it’s actually pretty good almost all these helmets are going to be in the three pound range and that’s really good because if you’ve ever went and bought a budget-friendly helmet they’re heavy and they will basically fatigue your neck really really bad and over time for like days on end unless you just want a nice big strong neck muscle i would suggest

Getting a better helmet but that helmet right there it’s probably gonna come in at the most at about 650 bucks msrp but if you shop around you can definitely get it cheaper the next one is a budget-friendly helmet it looks really really cool it’s nice and it fits the bill and they’ve been around a long time the bell helmet the mx-9 adventurer if you look at that

Thing on screen it definitely fits the bill and super cool looking lots of vents on it it looks really nice the msrp on that thing i’m gonna go ahead and let it out early just because of the price if you’re looking for budget two hundred bucks two hundred dollars man you can’t beat that in its belt it’s dlg certified comes in three shell sizes it comes in eleven

Color so you can get as close to the match of your bike or your gear that you’re wearing with that helmet really cool it weighs three point seven pounds it comes with a five-year warranty that’s really cool because you know if anything happens to that helmet you can at least get a warranty claim on it which is really nice and plus it’s bail it’s respected it’s been

Around a long time and they look cool number two i owned one it’s the ktm edition and it is yeah well it hits the xd4 and it’s a great helmet i really like it i don’t wear it as much as i probably should but it has great airflow it’s got plenty of vents it’s anti scratch so it gets really really good airflow it’s super super light and i mean super light it doesn’t

Even feel like it’s really on your head you’ll see a lot of guys that wear them and they really are they’re nice they fit nice they basically come in with a snell rating what is snell snell is not do t or the ece it is an independent company test rating so they get a bunch of different companies to test their shelves to give it its rating and that’s how they do

It and it’s actually its araya it is fantastic it is a 100% proven helmet they’re fantastic they’re not cheap they’re really not cheap they’re about 600 bucks you can find them on sale if you shop around for under that you can get them in the 550 range i’ll put some down below i’ll try to find the best deal for you if you’re looking for a helmet but they’re you

Know but they are the areas are the staple for most what you see of a lot of duals more riders a lot of your bmw riders ktm riders all them they all love their ayahs they fit the part and they look really cool they well you can see on screen super super awesome comes in a ton of color so you can almost eat too many colors they even talked about i think it comes

At 16 it weighs just over three pounds super nice anti-scratch anti-fog all of them come with that on this the windscreens lots of ventilation and i own it it’s really really nice i just think they’re a little expensive for what you get but you do get a great helmet for what you pay for with the araya xd for i’ve got buddies that own them they love them and they

Think they’re absolutely fantastic i love mine too i just don’t wear it as much and there’s a reason why i don’t wear it as much and i’m gonna give you the number one helmet of 2019 my personal opinion and i think others will back it up if they own one is this right here the scorpion exo 8950 man i tell you what dollar-for-dollar pound-for-pound and you can’t

Beat this helmet and i mean you can’t beat it it’s comfortable it comes in multi colors you can match almost every single bike or gear that you’re you you go comes with a five year warranty check this out you can see it flip up and down goggles for sun shades between day and night very cool lots of airflow tons and tons of airflow but i’m gonna pull over here

In just a second and i’m going to show you one of the main reasons i love this helmet excuse me and i think it’s just the best helmet you can buy for the price the scorpion 8950 is just a fantastic helmet this is one of the main things that i love about this helmet its modular its modular go up and down i could take sips i can have a drink i can do things that i

Need to do with it it’s anti scratch it’s a polycarbonate shell so the shells real good it’s dlt certified it’s really awesome it also has pockets in the ear that fit perfectly for almost all communication systems which is really nice some of the other ones you have to create pockets or they don’t work very well you kind of have to dig them out which kind of sucks

Because you got to dig into the actual shell itself here’s the part that i love the most $269 is the average price for these high visits and they go down even from that and the standard they come in the matte finish so they look cool and they’re really nice i’m gonna put it down below and i think we can find it even cheaper than that i’m gonna put it down in the

Description but i’m telling you right now the scorpion helmet bang for buck for what it is i think it’s better than all of them and i’ve owned a lot of helmets so i tell you what out of these five this is probably the best helmet of 2019 that you can get for the money hey i’m joe i appreciate your time you guys have a fantastic weekend and if you’re looking for

A really cool helmet one of these five you’re gonna win but if you want one that’s cheap budget-friendly fantastic super comfortable you can see them on all my ranting rides i wear it all the time i’ve got my araya you see it in the in the in the intro and there’s a reason why i wear this helmet over my araya it’s fantastic and comfortable and the price is right

Anyway you guys have a great weekend thanks for spending time with you don’t forget go sign up on our website 690 atv give us a thumbs up hit that subscribe be part of the channel thanks a lot hey man 690 out you

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