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Bluetooth headset for any helmet | Plug & Play | Budget Gadget

Hello everyone how are you this is nikhil again and today i have this bluetooth headset for a motorcycle helmet you probably have seen many bluetooth helmet device or maybe a helmet with an inbuilt bluetooth system like my ls 2 but this one is a value-for-money product and you can easily install this almost in every helmet whose liner can be removed you can pause the

Video to see the instruction of how to install this in your helmet in case you do not understand my demo video now they have used a noise cancellation mic which says here nors cancellation which is clearly a spelling mistake so don’t worry about it it will not cancel your nose or anything the bluetooth version is 2.1 which is sufficient for music and to make calls

Although remember there is no intercom facility on this device which i think it’s okay for the price range charge time it says 3 hours but it gets fully charged like in 30 to 45 minutes music play damn it says 10 hours which is incorrect you can listen to your music for 4 hours non-stop dock dam is also wrong it’s like for us again non-stop standby time is just 3

To 4 days i haven’t used it in -15 nor on 50 degrees but it works well in 42 degrees here input by now inside the box you get a manual four pieces of velcro stickers and it will go to on your helmet and two on the speakers my friend has tried it on his empty helmet and it’s been a week and it’s working just fine so no complaint as of now so the device is already

Installed and we will just remove the padding and we’ll show you how it’s going to look settled in it’s not a waterproof device but i’m sure no water will go inside your helmet and you can clean it with a semi dry cloth so the wires will be hidden inside your liner and only the charging port will be exposed but you can also hide it underneath somewhere there are

Only two buttons and that do on your mic which is plus and a minus button to start the bluetooth you have to hold the plus button and to answer and cancel the call it’s again the plus button the minus button is used to not answering a call and then plus and minus both for volume up and down i’m sure you’ll figure that out in case you don’t wish to use this button

Because i know it’s going to be really weird to use this button when you are wearing the helmet so in that case you can control it directly with your mobile phone the charging cable for this is a mini usb and not a micro usb so yeah you have to carry the extra cable in case you’re going for a long ride or if you are careless like me thank you for watching my video

Guys i hope this video will help you in making a decision of buying a bluetooth headset for your helmet remember one thing using a bluetooth device might not be legal in india actually you can’t listen to music but phone calls i think you’re allowed correct me if i’m wrong in case you like this device then you can p.m. me on my facebook page mumbai chemical with

Your mobile emma and how many unit you want to buy and i’ll ask the guy to call you back and the guys it takes a lot of time and effort to make this kind of it so if you’ll give a click on the thumbs up button it will make me feel it’s all worth it and as always shukran masa llama take care of yourself and ride safe and do whatever you want my friends

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Bluetooth headset for any helmet | Plug & Play | Budget Gadget By Mumbiker Nikhil