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Boswells Harley-Davidson: The LS2 Valiant Modular Helmet

Check out the LS2 Valiant Modular Helmet at Boswell’s Harley-Davidson!

Hey everybody boswells harley-davidson fans welcome back this is jackie van gaam your girl in the know for all things motorcycle i wanted to take a moment and talk to you about a really incredible helmet that is available here at boswell’s harley-davidson this is made by a company called ls2 and the helmet is called the valiant and this incredible helmet has a

Ton of bells and whistles and features going on so i wanted to make a video talking to you all about it because it’s really got a lot going on over here both of these helmets on the counter are the exact same helmet they just happen to be in the full face chin bar position and then the open three-quarter chin bar position now what do i mean by that this chin

Bar rotates a full 180 degrees from full face all the way to the back where it sits and rests making this become a three-quarter open face helmet and thinking behind the modular helmet and that chin bar being able to rotate all the way to the rear of the helmet is that way as you’re going down the road you can ride with this open so traditional modular helmets

It is not recommended to ride with the chin bar in the up position it’s incredibly turbulent there’s potential for it to cause head shake make too much noise it’s just really problematic so the folks at ls2 went ahead and fixed that problem making the chin bar rotate all the way to the back so now you can see it’s got kind of a rear spoiler type shape which

Also increases this helmet’s aerodynamics it’s loaded with tech first things first this interior sunshield easy to find and easy to use with your left hand it goes up and down so you don’t have to pack sunglasses with you anymore and that shield does fit over standard traditional prescription glasses that exterior shield of course comes down in the open open

Face type position or the full face type position so you’ve always got eye protection available at all times the interior pads are removable and washable and one more thing about these pads i think is really important to talk to you about especially if you are one of my glasses wearing friends this comes already ready to accept sunglasses or prescription glasses

It has a great eyeglasses arm channel into the side of the pads making putting on and pulling off your glasses when the helmet is on your head a million times easier this also comes with tons of ventilation not only because it opens all the way up it’s an open face helmet but it has great ventilation at the chin bar when it is in the full face position it has

Some venting in the top of the helmet and then at the rear exhausting the warm air as it goes through the helmet keeping you nice and cool one of the final and really really important bells and whistles within this ls2 helmet is that it comes with pin lock included if you’re not familiar with pin lock we’re going to get geeky here for a second because pin lock

Is a game changer if you get caught riding in any sort of wet weather pinlock is a proprietary material and it is a moisture absorbing i’m going to say plastic for lack of a better word but it’s a moisture absorbing material it is still perfectly clean it does not change the optics of your helmet whatsoever but it absorbs moisture so no more fogging no more

Wetness inside your helmet no matter how rainy it is this is a great value this comes included with the purchase of this ls2 valiant helmet so make sure you come and check out this beautiful helmet and all the great looking helmets available here at boswell’s harley-davidson at any of our three middle tennessee locations you

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