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Cardo Packtalk Slim Review + Installation Guide –

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Hey guys i’m christmas champion helmets and today i’m going to be taking you through this the cardo pack talks slim gonna take you through some of the specs and also going to show you how to install this system onto a helmets so if you’re after a system they can offer you the best quality the best features and the best kind of versatility let me introduce you to

The pack talk now this is going to be like the new younger brother of the pack talk bold basically this system is going to be the same in terms of specification specs and all that but instead of being one big chunky unit that goes onto the side of the helmet this is going to be much more aerodynamic much more slim hence the name so this is the battery pack here

It’s just going to pop into the back of the helmet whereas this is the control unit and it’s going to slide in between the liner the eps and also the shell so you can put that in there control it and it’s going to be much much smaller than what you would get with the pack talk bold and the big advantage of this system or cardio systems and generals that they do

Fit on to a wide variety of helmets this one in particular can fit onto basically any helmet out there but you can always check out a very big list of helmets on kados websites now this system it’s going to come in at around three hundred and forty years about three hundred eighty us dollars as well they recommended retail price so before we jump into this though

If you want to figure out which helmet works best for you then try it our road test playlist on our youtube channel you can see how the helmets all stack up and for these tests we take out a bunch of helmets we fill them with sensors and gear and then we see what the data brings back and that way you can fairly see all you need to know about the helmets ice let’s

Start off the specs and probably the best spec is going to be the fact that you can connect with between 2 and 15 riders that’s quite a lot of people you have quite a lot of conversation out there and because of the dmc the dynamic mesh communication you can actually improve your signal the more riser in your network and does this by making a sort of patch or a

Mesh of these systems to make them all stronger they all lift each other up so the system works with other systems to get stronger and the more there are the better and this means that the standard range of 1.2 kilometers can be extended to 8 kilometers if you have enough systems and by the way you’re not going to get this range out of your comm system do keep in

Mind you get something close so take about 10 to 20 percent off just because it’s the real world conditions so when it comes to the battery you want to get about 2 10 hours of talktime out of the system carter do say 13 you’re probably not going to get that real-world i’m going to say about 10 but it’s also gonna have about a week’s worth of standby time so if you

Don’t use it at all yet a week before you have to charge your back up before you need to and when you go to charge it’s pretty easy we have a usb included in the box and i you just plug it into this here on the control units and then off you go so the battery for the cardo is actually pretty good next it has bluetooth 4.1 and it’s going to connect with up to two

Devices it has fm radio it has audio mixing automatic volume adjustment private chat audio sharing universal connectivity and all that kind of stuff and this system has voice activation meaning that you can talk to it rather than press the buttons and you can even set it to recognize other languages which can be pretty helpful now there’s a few things more though

You can find a better breakdown of features on our website basically though it comes with all the features that you’re going to need so now it’s time to install the system into a helmet and with me i have this h jcr 470 the black panther design this one is nice and easy also i think you can hide the cables very nicely on the officer that’s why i’ve picked it and

For the rest what i have here is women need the battery pack and the systems all attached this little prong cover for it velcro stickers we’ll need these for the microphone and also for the speakers there and that’s actually all we need oh wait i missed the microphone it’s the most important one there it is so what we do is take the liner out so i’ll just take the

Cheek pads out of this one and then we can start attaching everything first off what the stick is in then i’ll put the put the rest in get it all lined up and i’ll show you how to close that liner up so let’s go ahead with that all right so now that the liner is out and we have to see these covers out we start putting stuff in first of all i’m gonna start just

Take my little microphone pads a little rectangular one just take that backing off and we’re gonna throw it up here just making sure that we don’t interfere with the chin chin vent mechanism that’s on the inside with this alfa keep that in mind you want to make sure you don’t limit your helmets capabilities rather than increase it so then what we’re going to do is

We’re going to start putting in our little speakers so it’s already felco in the alfa prepared there so we’re just gonna have to very easily attach these and we have a short one we have a long one you can see if i take this short and long so with these short one it’s gonna go on this side and the long one is going to go on your left so let’s just get that in there

Just going to droop that out and then kind of position the cable it’s the cable should run underneath the headliner so we’re going to take this going to pop back in and we’re going to move on to our next step all right so we have the headliner back in this is hanging out don’t worry they can stay there next i’m just going to get microphone into place just have it

And hanging off towards this side because that’s where it’s going to connect so just quickly pop it onto that velcro and it’s good then we’re going to put these in cheek pads gonna get them back in before we put the rest of the system on let’s start with this side get that in there all right so now that’s in what we’re going to do is prepare our system here

I’ve ever got the prong on it’s very simple just pop this one off it’s going to slide in two problems they’re going up like this direction pretty simple get that on there and then this is just going to be a cover for it pop it in to position there we go so we’re gonna get this in now grab this back get the back unit into position first get that nice and tucked in

And ready to go it’s not in properly all the way yet but it’s a good start so now we’re going to get the side one on we go that into position and it’s on nice and tight see there that cable then we have this for our speakers so we can just take this one boom and this one’s for the microphone so i’m going to actually tuck this one underneath the liner there and

I’m going to have to i’m loosing these buttons reattach this and then hide this underneath i said now everything’s in position or tucked away underneath so i’m going to just re attach those pins oh wait i see another loose beautiful cable so let’s just get that hide it away alright so you can see if this at the backyard should i should put that on a little bit

More securely get that in a little bit deeper battery pack calm system is there the mic is in position in there so we can turn it on and everything will work so make sure you don’t lose these as well just in case you want to arrive with a yukon systems nice to have them and open here is that other here’s the other one something i’ve got on the inside so speakers

Are inserted is probably hard to see but they’re in there everything’s ready to go and that liner is back on a little bit of cable there that’s not that bad at all eisah guys that’s the installation for that on this the alpha now if you’re interested in seeing some deals with a card opak talks limb head of champion amacom and check out those bundles there’s a few

With the cardo like the araya arc 7v the profile v from a ride the atv costs are higher and so on and so on so make sure you check out those bundles because you can get discounts of more than 100 years all right guys this being the accardo pack talk slim a top system top quality top features top versatility it really does deserve that position up there now guys if

You don’t learn anything more about this system the helmets it fits on to reviews anything like that subscribe to us on youtube and that where you can see all the latest is coming out from us all the latest stuff from the motorcycle gear world as well so guys i’m chris from jeremy now it’s thanks for watching this video and i hope to see you all next time

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Cardo Packtalk Slim Review + Installation Guide – By Champion Helmets