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Cardo PALKTALK EDGE Unboxing INDIA – Bluetooth/Mesh Helmet Intercom

The Cardo Packtalk Edge is the next generation from the excellent Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Black. Boasting both Bluetooth and mesh communication, as well as voice control, high-quality JBL speakers and a clever new mount, on paper it’s one of the best motorcycle intercoms.

Hey guys this is vishal here and welcome back to my channel and today we have got the top dog of cardo this is the top line in bluetooth communication and i’m all excited to open it really excited so let’s go and start so this is all what comes in the box we have the main unit it looks really nice very slim feels very premium of course it’s cardo’s top of

The line and this is my first cardo as well uh very excited the main reason i chose cardo was because of the waterproofing well recently we had gone for the layla dark ride and the only issue which we had with the cena’s was we had to literally cover it with a plastic cover uh though it’s water resistance i didn’t want to take a chance so we had to cover it

To make sure that there’s no problem with it though i had worn it once in the rain and we didn’t have any issues but still uh we were going in heavy rains and i didn’t want to take any risks but with the cardo that problem is gone and i won’t have any uh thing in back of my mind thinking that uh it might get wet uh or it will get spoiled due to water logging

Uh and hence uh cardo uh it is also with three or three year warranty and uh it also in case there’s a water damage they will replace the unit for you so kudos to cardo well this is uh okay i gotta show you one thing ah it’s magnetic and the way to remove it basically you press this and then you push it that’s how it comes out uh once it latches on well

It’s there’s no way you can remove it it’s it’s pretty hard it’s not going anywhere all right so that’s that’s a really good feature uh then this is where you connect uh the speakers this the microphone uh so one good thing about this is that uh in case you have a noise cancellation earbuds you can directly connect over here and then put those uh ins in

Case you’re going on long rides uh this will be helpful at that particular moment then the most uh are waiting for cardo this is their first unit i think now i think all the other ones also have it the usb type c so in case uh you you charge it for around 20 minutes you get two hours talk time or not so this is the boom mic uh looks good the jbl speakers

The 40 mm jbl speakers then you have the velcros uh these are the risers i think the risers in the seniors i i think it’s much better anyways so these are the risers uh these are the velcros uh where you can stick then this is the wired mic in case by any chance you can’t fit this to your helmet then you have this sticky one where you can stick directly on

The helmet and then install this and then you have two other velcros as well so that’s it so that’s all for now make sure subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to press the like button

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Cardo PALKTALK EDGE Unboxing (INDIA) – Bluetooth/Mesh Helmet Intercom By Flying Hornets