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Finally, it’s done

Good morning uh another day another hustle up so last night i was on i masked the helmet finished masking it started cutting it the process was so long i ended up sleeping around 4am in the morning um anyway it’s a good cold morning today and um i’ve finished cutting and moving the places i want to remove so i can put my blue color i really need to get a

Workbench because at the moment i’m working from the top of the um the boot of the car and the spraying i’ll spray on the floor i’m on the on the on the ground and yeah i can show you guys how that looks right now you can see that so so after after masking it with the tape i put my sketch those guys who didn’t see it before i put my sketch then i cut it

Out just using a razor and that’s how it looks it was really tedious work if i was to do it again i wouldn’t do this similar design but as i said i’m i’m extra and i like going um the extra mile to to get what i want so yeah that’s how that looks so now i’ll i’ll mask out the sides with the newspaper and let’s get some sealed i must call the sideways paper so

That when i’m spraying there’s no overspray that goes on the black part that i already have i want to keep that black it looks really nice so yeah so at the moment just to what what’s next just to spray and let it dry put about three quarts i’m going to put um three heavy coats so that you know the first two coats will be light then the last one will be really

Heavy so um the blue pops yeah so i hope it goes well i’ve done my part now let’s just hope that um the paint comes out well yeah yeah so let’s do this yeah my masking skills are nowhere close to perfect or near perfect but i guess yeah i atlanta as i go here so i’ve must i’ve masked the outside and i have the center part remaining um with the decal um that

I had cut out so now just to spray hopefully none will come out as i said shout out to good squad these guys are like the masters of rapping at the moment masking out the cars and stuff so yeah um it might work it might work it might hold yeah so now let me go to my makeshift paint booth and spray some paint cheers hello um then um so the final coat is

Done the three coats and remove the decals as the paint dries um because if it dries i’m scared it might pull out some so that’s how it looks like as of now i hope the masking works nothing has leaked i have to know after i’ve revealed everything but that’s how it is as of now yeah so let me just hope for the best as i remove the tip a bit of overspray

Ah damn this side is just dust this side okay not so bad you can you can still walk with that let’s continue with the peeling of the peeling home uh what’s up guys um i hope you like the cinematic view of the helmet i hope i’ve showed enough angles to let you guys in you know to get to get a feel of how the helmet looks um it was quite crazy as i

Said um the design wasn’t easy out of going with the easier way of putting lines across the helmet but i’m quite extra as i told you guys earlier and uh yeah i have to do it and make it my own you know personalization how i like it and how it like to work with it so if you guys see me in the streets holla and if you’ve come this far don’t forget to subscribe

Definitely subscribe then like then share to your friends cheers i can’t i can’t wait to wear this helmet and get on the streets and see how guys like it because i do

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