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Dainese Classic Pants Review –

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The dainese classic pants represent a new addition to the dainese casual textile riding pants line with a great focus on style and protection so stick around as we run through them in our review sebastian from champion helmets here and the dainese classic pants are a pair of textile riding pants targeted at urban and touring riders alike since they’re for anyone

Who’s looking for something to wear in dry weather that also lets you walk around afterwards with their armor with outer layer shell and classic pant styling these pants will be safe on the bike and they even come with ce level 1 protectors in the knee and the hips with the recommended retail price of about 250 euros or about 280 us dollars these pants will be

Going up against the revit brentwood sf alpinestars copper v2 and their revit moto tf jeans just a quick reminder to subscribe and check out the rest of our youtube channel where we have our latest gear reviews guides and our data driven helmet road tests where we head out with our sensors measure data in the helmet and bring you the facts the dainese classic

Pants will be offering more safety than some of denise’s other casual textile pants line since they are made of engineered cotton and armalith single layer and they even have internal reinforcements in aramid and fiber jersey armleth here is a composite material made of a mix of cotton lycra and ultra high molecular density polyethylene to create a fabric that has

The look and feel of denim but is still very durable and abrasion resistant the aramid fiber jersey further helps make sure the pans will offer a little extra protection and stay together that much better and in the case of abrasion especially since they are pre-en 17092 aaa certified which is the highest level currently achievable the dynasty classic pants will

Also do well in terms of safety the pants come out of the proverbial box with pro shape 2.0 en162 1.1 ce level 1 certified armor in the hips and in the knees and these protectors are made of nitrile rubber and are removable and in addition to this the knee protectors are even adjustable so that they can protect you even better from impacts the dainese classic

Pants will not only be safe but comfortable as well since to put them on you’ve got a button and a button down top as well and you have belt loops in the waist these pants also come in men’s and women’s cuts as well as regular and slim fits in black blue and olive colors and lastly you have the five usual pockets in the pants with three at the front and two at

The back if you’d like to learn more about the dainese classic regular or dyneezy classic slim pants then make sure to head to where we have our lowest price guarantee and if you have any questions you can always reach out to us via our live chat on our website the dainese classic pants are a great option if you’re looking for something to

Wear out on the road on a warm dry day or for walking around though they do come at a premium this does come with additional protection and reinforcements in the pants themselves that mean you have that highest aaa abrasion resistance rating if you like the video then make sure to subscribe to keep up to date on our latest data-driven helmet road tests and let

Us know your thoughts in the comments down below i’m sebastian from champion helmets and thanks for watching

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Dainese Classic Pants Review – By Champion Helmets