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EuroFone V10 Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset unboxing

What is in the box? EuroFone V10 intercom headset.

Like zoom in and stuff as i go all right i’m going to do an unboxing of the europhone v10 bluetooth intercom headset so this is the the model x002 mf-53c7 so kind of go through what’s in the box and so on get your manual in chinese it does have english in it i know because i’ve already opened up one of these that has your english instructions and so on all right

First thing you get in the box is the actual bluetooth intercom setup a couple different mounting adapters get your 3m tape some screws and an allen key for a clip so you’re gonna apparently stick the uh clip oh this is for the uh like a pad um so you can mount this to the right way you mount it to the clip like this and actually slide it over like a baseball cap

Type clip or i don’t know whatever you hook it to and then it has the sticky clip for like the side of your snowmobile home motorcycle helmet like this which is how i have mine mounted all right next part this is the part that i found really cool you get usb mini usb charging cable but your headset cables this is what i really like has a separate microphone so

Your microphone here like if you have a skidoo modular three head helmet with the uh breath mask you can run this through the breath mask through the side and all you’ve got to do is disconnect your boom mic connect your modular microphone and you can connect it and disconnect it whenever you need so i was really impressed with that the uh um stereo headphones

I listened to it and it actually it was loud enough and i’m partially deaf in one air and it was loud enough and clear that i was really impressed with it um that’s pretty much it i mean i think i mean the one thing i noticed to turn it on and off um you have to hold the power button and now turned on you got your front jack here which i believe will end up

Facing down on your helmet and that’s where it plugs in here hold this for two seconds to synchronize to usb like a cell phone and so on and i think it also you have to synchronize this with your headset to communicate to two other to other helms now this thing does actually connect up to 10 different 10 different devices and it may connect to other types of may

Connect to other um headsets as well i’m not positive of that it says compatible with other brand bluetooth headsets so it says it is but if it is or not that’s up for up for debate so all right thanks for watching that’s it

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EuroFone V10 Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset unboxing By Hawk of the North