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FODSPORTS FX8 2000m motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset

Unboxing and review of the FODSPORTS FX8 Bluetooth unit.

What’s going on youtube so today i wanted to do an unboxing on this blitzen system i purchased for my girl from amazon for around 158 it’s a cheaper alternative compared to the systems like you clear sender and a couple of the other name-brand wasps that cost an arm and a leg so instead of dropping four or five hundos for a dual pack i decided to go with this waffle

Fox sports i’ll purchase offer amazon so that’s um that’s crack it open and see what we got here there we go that’s well me the only thing i really care about when it comes to these things since my mic is so low i just really care about if the speakers are loud loud enough or not i don’t really care about the ryder ryder – ryder or communication and all that stuff

Music the cris loud and clear so those two speakers boom mic other mic attached inside your helmet someone i probably be using so that’s everything right there comes with so i’ll definitely be giving a review a really revealing this soon let you guys know how i like it let me see if i can power they can’t recharge again i purchased this from amazon it’s wrong

158 less well made me it’s made by fox sports what’s going on guy saw him back i got the fh8 on five sports connected um i did test it out and i have some bad news this sucks it really sucks um like i told y’all before i just care about like selling quality of the speaker’s you know like since music water oh and plus my bike is super super extremely loud so i

Really need like some really good loud speakers that sound good and these they just don’t they don’t make the cut they super-shady the parents of my own the you clear i have hooked up to my old city she tell me so i just put this on just to do a comparison the you clearer sound ten times better than that cheap ass for mom amazon sorry for the language but i’m just

Pissed off i wasted on $158 for that but i will be sitting there back tomorrow and get them on for a refund so i probably just go with a more expensive bluetooth system probably go with sena or another you clear i just need something with really really good sound quality that’s loud because i do like my music loud and clear and my bike is super loud also so i gotta

Be able to hear my and wait this thing right here that wasn’t happening i mean it looks cool though like this is a nice little just looking a little device but that’s about it um thanks for watching the video and stay tuned for my next video i should have something else in a couple of days so i probably go with cinna or are you clear so hi guys i see you in this video ah pegula jesus

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FODSPORTS FX8 2000m motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset By FitR1_Rider