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HJC FG-Jet Open Face Helmet Review

We take a brief look at the HJC FG-Jet Open Face Helmet.

Hi i’m chris from black review don’t come to eu and today i’m having a quick look at this hj c fg jet helmet so as you can see it’s a half face helmet here in australia it’s two 99.95 rrp which makes it a really good value helmet if you ask me i’ve been using one for two weeks three weeks now actually and i’ve been really really impressed for the price point i

Think it packs a lot of features it’s very comfortable certainly feels like a much more expensive helmet i’d expect it to be quite a lot more to be honest if i were looking at this in the shop without looking at the price so i’m really impressed and a couple of things that it offers which are really good it’s got quite an aggressive visor so it’s got quite a angle

Advisor down here around the chin area which means it cuts through the air really well also means moving your head side to side at high speeds is really easy and the wind protection on your face is really good you don’t really get any buffeting to your face at all you find you know there’s a little bit of air movement tough around here which is normal with an open

Face helmet but it’s very very comfortable at higher speeds it’s also got really good vince it’s got three vents one in the middle which just flicks open and closed and then it’s also got these side vents here in here and basically it’s got these adjuster wheels which open how far the vents actually go and it’s one of the unusual helmets grey can actually feel the

Airflow across the top of my head which to me is really really good that you can feel that airflow and in the hotter weather you’re gonna notice that it’s still reasonably cool at the moment but as it gets warmer gets more and more uncomfortable to arrive especially if you’re stuck in traffic something like this timon here is going to do a great job of keeping

You cool the liners are removable and replaceable moisture wicking antibacterial so there’s a lot of good features there as well it’s a really really high-quality lining as well something you can feel like when you put the helmet on it’s a nice snug fit there’s plenty of plenty of support from the cheek pads really high-quality it’s got really nice straps here

As well with a some good padding which means that if once you’ve done it up you know getting any chafing under the chin it’s also got a button on the end of the strap which ensures that it’s not around hitting you in the face as you’re riding like some of the cheaper helmets have and the internal visor which is included means you don’t necessarily need a tinted

Visor i probably still recommend one because it’s not a super dark tinted sun shield so if you’re traveling like if you know that your travel route is with you know the sun in your face for thirty minutes you’re probably gonna want the tinted visor and the sun shield however it still does a really good job for your general riding it means you can use this helmet

In any conditions at all without the need to spend any extra money and that sunrise is really easy to operate you just push this latch here at the back hopefully you can see that and so when you’re riding you’re basically reaching up behind your head just running your hand over the back of the helmet so you find that and then you just pull it forward it does have

Adjustability and to wear that visor will actually sit however when you’re on the bike it’s a lot harder to feel around with that because you need to press the release button down which is what retracts the visor and push it all the way up for the lowest setting and getting it into the the highest setting is quite hard because naturally when you just pull it up it

Goes into that middle setting which tends to be good so it’s adjustable but it’s not something that i use all that and then to retract it can’t say this is it here just press that button that’s gone so really really good feature nice and easy to use naturally because it’s a half face helmet they’re a little bit more constricted and how they can add that kind of

Feature and how they implement it through the helmet so i think they’ve done a very good job with that and as i said for two 99.95 here in australia this is a really good value element i think most people who buy it would be really impressed with the build quality because i know i certainly am and really to me it’s kind of more in that 500 to $600 mark as far as

Quality and features and i’m really impressed by that so you can check out our full test on bike review come today you and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and like us on facebook

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