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Icon Airmada Helmet Review at

Icon Airmada Helmet Review

Hey this is anthony with revzilla tv where you can watch decide and ride welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new icon air mata helmet available at now the icon air mata is the latest and greatest in the icon line you’re looking at a price point that’s sub $200 the theme of the air mata is aggressively reduced and refined and what that means is

They’ve come out with a completely new helmet start to finish they’ve refined its take and really made may the air mata be more performance oriented for both the street and the track from a comfort fit aerodynamic and venting perspective so again completely new helmet now you’ll see it to the left that i have my alliance the alliance has been tried and true staples

Starting at around that 150 dollar mark lots of graphics lots of solids the armada is a totally different helmet big things to think about are that we’re now using four shell sizes and five eps –is so where you think about another helmet that could be a premium helmet that uses two or three shell sizes and then as they go up through the fit range you’re changing

Out aps is which is the protective layer inside and you’re changing out cheek pads what the hermana does is if you buy a medium helmet you’re getting a medium shell with a medium eps and medium cheek pads so what you do is you have the ability to greatly reduce the weight just as a benchmark we have a medium air mata and we have a medium alliance we threw them on

The scale the alliance came back at three pounds ten point three ounces and the air mata came back at three pounds six point seven so again for a polycarb helmet that’s d-o-t that’s also going to be ece and the world standard which is kind of that ece plus from icon during a helmet that’s dramatically later when we speak to aerodynamics you can already see that

It’s a new vent configuration a new wing configuration it’s really a new profile altogether i’m actually gonna pull these bad boys together and show you how differently this helmet is but when you think about that less helmet and less mass eeks equals less rider fatigue but also less air mass or less pushing of the wind as you’re at speed so when you’re when you

Have a smaller shape you’re getting a more aerodynamic helmet just by default because you’re now moving less air so if you’re a medium head you’re not wearing that large shell you’re getting two cup back on all levels the other thing i want to talk about which is really a key feature change among many changes here in the air mata is the fit you know i was on the

Phone with ikon we were talking through really their approach to it and we really agreed on we’re calling this attack fit just like an icon clothing do you have sport fit and i would consider an alliance or an air frame sport fit and then we have a tac fit an attack fit is going to be what i in a lot of other sense is called race fit for some other helmets so it’s

More all-encompassing it’s more contoured around the face you’re going to feel it’s still a long oval front to back so it’s that longer front to back shape kind of like my head is more of a long oval fitting in line with something like an rf 1100 something along those lines but it’s going to be all encompassing one thing i want to point out is look at the way

The neckroll comes together look how tight this wholeness open is it shouldn’t be easy on easy off this is a more performance driven helmet you know we saw steve atlas on team icon brammo on the race track in this helmet this is a helmet that’s meant to be all-encompassing be quiet down here for more aggressive riding situations and add a nice contour to the face

So this bad boy is going to stay in place at 120 miles an hour whether you’re on the track where you’re on the highway now other features to consider you know we’ve had the alliance at vents well we’ve had the airframe that vents well as well and years ago when they designed the airframe from from icon we had those forty five-degree tooled vent holes through the

Eps to channel air to the head we’re still using them but now we’re just adding more so you have seven intakes here on the air matta and we have six extractors in the back the nice key feature is that all of the previous icon helmets have added they’ve had great ventilation at speed and now what we’re seeing with the addition of this very easy usable or easily used

Brow vent it’s two vents right here on the frog or on the front here that’s how we go from five minutes to seven two intakes vent directly to the forehead what you’re getting is great airflow at low speed so whether you’re high speed or low speed you’re going to have the ability to cool yourself off in this helmet and that’s the type of thing where if you have

A helmet that vents well but it only vents well at speed if you’re riding around the city if you’re at low speed if you’re stuck in traffic a lot of times guys will have a tendency to take these helmets off and as a piece of protective apparel that you need to wear to keep yourself safe while you are taking a risk on two wheels potentially you want to have it be

Comfortable she’s not getting your way of enjoying the ride but it’s also going to keep you safe you know regarding some of the other ventilation on the icon air mata so you have your chin vent newly restyled this guy is going to vent to the shield up through the breath guard and then here we have on all of the mesh vents it’s stamped aluminum so that’s not a piece

Of aluminum roll it’s actually stamped and it’s custom fit for that shape for that size built in here it’s a machined piece and what these chin vents are going to vent to is if i pull it back around here on the back of the inside of the show you can see open and close easily found with your finger with a glove on to position either halfway open or halfway closed

And they’re operable from the inside of the helmet you talked about the brow moving up here to the chimney once which open and close you can see their monster holes and then the inside of the eps when i pull everything out you’re going to see that these vent holes we like to think that premium helmets have ten millimeter vent holes these vent holes are actually

Triangular in the shape and they’re even bigger now we have our extractors we have our wing it goes all the way back you have channels through the eps and now we get to our venturi high-speed air coming off the sphere it’s going to create a vacuum back here it’s going to want to help pull and suck that warm moist air off of your head and out of the helmet we have

To at the top here that actually are a high and a low inside the eps and as we move down to these extractors over here behind the ears these are functional too and they also have they also are going to have that stamped aluminum that’s built in to cover that panel but that’s a hole in the eps that’s going to vent out i’ll show you we have our little winglets down

Here but these are actually non-functional that’s just a style piece that’s built into this pvc expanded neck roll on top of that we’ve actually were using now here in the air mata a new style shield so the benefit of this shield it’s called icon optics we’ve seen the pro shield for a long time like on optics is standing on top of the foundation of the pro shield

Which is optically correct class 1 it’s going to be anti fog uv free and now we’re taking it and here with the icon optic shield which is designed for the air model you’re actually getting five more degrees of peripheral vision on both sides so we measured it was about another inch of circumference here when we take a tape a soft tape and pull it across so you’re

Getting better peripheral vision here out of your icon optics yield notice it’s a larger tab for better leverage it’s now a steel pin that’s a heavy-duty locking mechanism so that this helmet can be worn on the track a little bit easier to operate but also it’s going to stay put and then when we pull our shield up notice that our side pods are replaceable they are

Built onto the shield itself we’re using another rapidly release system or new rapidly system from icon so we have that great gasket that goes all the way around the shield and now it’s even easier than it was in the past if we remember the alliance and the airframe they used to have those little orange tabs that would pop out in the up position you got to find them

Now all you do is you put your shield all the way up you can feel it i’m not even looking at it pull it back with my finger and it pops right off and there’s your shield change mechanism up top here and to put it back on all i’m going to do is line it up in the top position snap it and i’m all done very very simple and remember icon optics these shields they’ll

All be fogged free they’ll all have all of those features but you can buy the dark smoke you can get the clear the iridium ones there’s a lot of different options there as well you know moving into the guts of the air mata you know we’ve talked about aerodynamics we’ve talked about venting the new shield mechanism some of the new vents and the new fit pattern moving

Into the guts you’re going to see when i start to pull this out that we see our same doug double deburring that we’ve always had here with icon i’m gonna pull out my hydra drive cheek pads so again the guts on these helmets are going to play off the same playbook that we’ve seen it’s antimicrobial it’s wicking it’s almost that microfiber material which is going

To be very comfortable against your face very easy to remove swap out and this is actually a large that i have in front of me notice it’s very complete from icon you even have the icon stamped logo in the pvc holding this together pulling it out pull the other side out as well remember they’re premium we’ll see on the airframe or some of the variant helmets it’ll

Be a little more expensive you might have a print on these here for the air model to get it under that $200 mark you know for starting with your glosses and your rubra tone to do that they’re not putting any of the design here on the cheek pads themselves or the comfort liner but you can see that as we go through here and then i’m going to pull and i want to show you

A few different things here as i pull it out in the back here at the bottom of your head you’re never going to feel this this is below what they call the occipital ridge of your head this padded area so it’s real easy to put two snaps way out of the way you never have issues with them here on our 3d comfort liner but i will tell you where it connects in the front

Matters and here on the air mata you’re going to see that they’ve done what i really like which is have that comfort liner actually connect on the actual eps of the helmet away from the circumference of your forehead if you put snaps here on the front of the helmet you can absolutely create pressure points depending on your head shape it’s nice that icon hasn’t

Done that notice here as well now we have a big scoop and this scoop is actually going to eject air that comes in through the brow vents and when i pull this ep or this comfort liner out you’ll see me pulling out my comfort liner again comfort liners that work this way that connect between the eps sometimes a little trickier but the benefit is worth the trickiness

And when i pull that out you’re going to see these big channels here right there you have big channels that are going to be fed from that brow vent they’re going to come in and vent directly to your forehead and they’re going to vent directly back so again you have better ventilation at low speed than you’ve ever had with a nikon helmet moving into our comfort

Liner mesh line 3d in its shape it’s premium it’s going to be the most padded with a limited amount of seams that go around the outside of your head and again leaves you cutout so you’re going to get that great airflow and then moving into our guts of our eps here you’re going to see the shape of the cutaway on the inside starting with our big extractors moving

Towards the front of the helmet you see the big chimney vents notice the triangular hole right there a triangular hole you can see that that’s bigger than 10 millimeter and we rant and rave about the fact that some of our other helmet brands use a 10 millimeter hole i’ll also say that it comes in on an angle so what you have is the air coming in straight to your

Head so whether you’re upright whether you’re three-quarter or whether you’re tucked because of that angle of the eps cut out that channel is cut directly to your head you don’t have to be getting you don’t have to be going 80 miles an hour to have the air forced into make a right angle to shoot down at your head you have the ability to have that air come directly

Through to your head so again it optimizes for low-speed venting so remember while the air mod is only a few more dollars to start with in the alliance i think it’s a dramatic leap forward in how technology from icon you have to remember that it’s still that longer to intermediate to longer oval head shape so it’s not going to fit everybody it’s not going to fit

You guys with round head shapes but it is it is in line with what we see from the lines it’s also that attack fit so some of you guys out there that don’t like their helmet as all-encompassing or as tight of a fit you have to keep that in mind but don’t worry you know we ship for free exchange for free and no restock fee if you get it and it doesn’t fit you have

To swap it out for a new size or if you just want to return it as far as color schemes go this is the stack this is the four horsemen they’re launched graphics we have a rubra tone we have the gloss colors which are going to be our solids here from icon in the air mata and from here you’d step up into a tri composite shell which would be the airframe which is the

Big brother up from this helmet or some of the more about bigger-ticket helmets that use a bit of a different shell construction versus the polycarbonate as you go to the variant as you go to the carbon fiber versions and the airframe up from there so i certainly want to hear your feedback on the new icon air model helmet the venting scheme the look the profile

The fit how is this going to fit within your you know your expectations from what you’re getting for a helmet that’s going to start $200 leave us your review on our product page click right here to subscribe on revzilla tv our youtube channel join the conversation join the comments on our youtube page at revzilla tv if you want to talk further about the iconic

Air mata fire ass awful line see us at or you

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