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Icon Pleasure Dome 2 Motorcycle Helmet

The Icon Pleasure Dome 2 Motorcycle Helmet. Wind Noise? Air Flow? I DON’T KNOW how this helmet performs on bike because at the time of this video upload (Jan. 16, 2018) I don’t have a motorcycle to test this helmet… Somehow, someway, I must buy a bike so that I can wear this helmet!

All the experts on the internet say that if you want to motivate yourself to get another motorcycle or a new motorcycle you should start buying the gear i’ve started buying the gear most of the stuff i’ve already had for a while the best the gloves i’ve already had the item dark or he had ls2 already had but the new addition is the up or the new motivation is

The airframe probe such a dope pleasure dome to it’s a it’s motivating arousing we’re gonna move these other these other two helmets out of sight so i can focus on the new gear which is the pleasure dome now out of the box pleasure dome – comes with a clear say but we can go ahead and get rid of that i have dark smoke dark smoke shield which will be replacing

The clear maybe i should go to icons website and try to figure out how to remove this properly without breaking it should be like to uh icon dark alliance uh push these tabs back yep there it is looks a nice helmet it’s better than i thought it would be don’t break please don’t break didn’t break i didn’t break well that is a sick white woman right there she

Is pretty sick i like it i’m thinking that you have to lock it into place first put it on the helmet before you put this ipad side panels on so that was pretty easy i think it just like locked itself into place which i think if i remember correctly is a little bit different than the die uh the dark alliance dark alliance rather like sort of push that tab back to

Lock it but this sort of locks itself looks like i think its own they’re just that simple i’m already liking it without the slide please there’s two versions of this dart is ikana pro shield you can get two you can get one with uh that doesn’t use the side plates has a little slots right here for the visor or to tear off but it’s to me it looks just as good without

The cyclades i’m gonna put the side plates on it i am trying to not get the camera as i’m doing this so i have the side plates on flush their moment correctly hmm i’m getting motivated i needed a motorcycle i don’t know what i’m gonna get i have to get something no i’ve invested some money i’m loving this helmet especially this side here especially that’s like

Right there let me just look how flickr thighs are oh my god if anything my only complaint is it’s not dirty enough fist just i’d like to see someone bush right there i’d like to see just a little bit of bush picking through don’t bush guy like bush nope jugs are on point obviously nice milk jugs i like the milk jugs even got like a little nipple poking right there

Apparently apparently it’s cold in outer space she’s got like a slight erection on her nipples i would like to see some areola right there you know some bush little poking out from right there on either side just a little bit of areola

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Icon Pleasure Dome 2 Motorcycle Helmet By Mr. ClutchFace