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Icon Variant Helmet Review at

Icon Variant Helmet Review

Hey this is anthony with revzilla tv where you can watch decide and ride welcome to our detailed review of the icon variant hybrid helmet available at slash icon now the icon variant is really a premium helmet the icon line very different from the airframe which is kind of it’s more traditionally styled equal and then a big step up from something like

The alliance it’s a fiberglass carbon fiber and dyneema tri composite shell that’s going to be d-o-t as well as ece and world standard certified so really nice touch here it’s also reasonably lightweight you know over that three three-and-a-half pound range in that area if we look at it the big standout feature here is that people think this is a dual sport helmet

It’s not it’s taken its inspiration from the aggressive dual sport or enduro style helmets that we sell here at revzilla but really a lot of the features are really built in to be an aggressive street helmet so think about a ducati hypermotard or a bike like that looks awesome when you’re rocking one of these helmets the way the peak is designed it’s designed to

Flow air to the intake vents but also be very very aerodynamic at speed you’re not losing anything you’re actually gaining some aerodynamics as well as this sun shield and a really aggressive look here with the variant it’s also non removable now from a graphics and a solid standpoint this is the white the white looks super gnarly there’s a ton of graphics this is

The etched here on my right there are also constructing battle scar graphics where you actually see the fibers and the panels and you’ll notice on my left i have a pretty wild one here on the table we had a customer her name is jody witsel she did an awesome she’s wrote us he said guys i’d love to do a custom sharpie market marker variant for you guys and as i spin

It around you’re going to see it here just really really cool hand done this is basically this exact white helmet here in the middle but with a sharpie marker design on it now some of the other features that come stock on the premium icon helmets is the hydro dryer fully removable liner and i’m going to pull it out of here in a second you do have the icon specific

Variant shield and because of the peak design you have to use something to pop these guys off on the side it’s a little bit tougher to change on the fly but again it’s the nature of the beast motel madhu has a peak do add an extra step in that she’ll change mechanism the helmet the variant will vent really really well you have five intakes that are open and closable

That add that create nine channels of airflow in going in then you’re going to have for exterior extractors out so starting here on the nose open and closed that controls all these vents here on the front and it’s going to be that fog free shield that is that is included and then moving up you’re going to see four main vents here on the front along the brow and then

On top so we have open and closed here easy to find with a glove here on the front of the helmet that would vent to the interior and then up top here as well i’m going to tilt it back slightly you’re going to see that i’m working the vent here this is a ten millimeter vent hole and each one of these is operable on top of the channeling on top of the helmet they’re

Going to vent to the liner and that liner is going to have big channels they’re going to allow that air to funnel back you have big venturi vents here at the top they’re going to extract you have vents along the bottom that are going to extract that airflow is going to come over the top the nice part is at speed you’re going to get a high degree of airflow over the

Sphere get the vacuum behind it the vacuum aids and pulling all of that warm moist air out of the helmet now if we look at the shield one other thing i want to call out is you got a great seal here along the top it’s going to get created and then as i start to flip the helmet i’m going to pull the guts out now strip it down for you notice the bottom the shape of

The icon variant is going to be an intermediate oval head shape so it’s not as narrow as the icon alliance it’s going to fit along the same lines as something like the airframe we see that neutral to intermediate oval be a fit that most people can pull off pretty seamlessly but really if you’re looking at this helmet the reasons you’d be considering it is you want

A premium helmet that has an aggressive unique look to it and you’re an ikon fan some of their graphics are just gnarly so as i pull this white one out you’re going to see its neck roll incorporated with hydrogen liner nicely contoured cheek pad there pop out the other side again neckroll incorporated three snaps hydrogel liner and it’s going to really hug your

Face the better contour that you get around the neck and around the face the more quiet the helmet will be and then once you get into the interior start pulling guts out a couple things i want to call out that icon does really well they do a 3d foam shield and then one of the other things they do is they’re going to connect the helmet along the brow along this

Plastic element up front so what you have is you don’t have any snaps in the front that are going to give you any pressure points but notice that we do have holes extra holes for those brow vents to vent directly to the head and you can see the way this is shaped 3d liner big mesh panels get that air flow through the top of your head the areas it’s going to sweat

The most and then you have along the crown the area that gets the most pressure 3d foam in a 3d design – snaps that are going to sit below the ridge on the back your head and as i open it this way you’re going to see the guts here again really complete nicely finished it’s a complete helmet from icon moving to the guts i’ll show you some of the channeling on the

Inside so we go this way exhaust in the back channels on the interior and then the last thing i want to show is on the interior this way you’re going to see right down here the adjustable vents on the inside that come from that and you see they’re open and closable and that’s going to come in from the chin venting so if you’re seeing the icon variant for the first

Time if you’re currently riding in it we want to hear your opinion leave us your comments on revzilla tv which is the youtube page you’re probably watching this video on we’re on our product detail page at in the qa or product review section we always want to hear from you if you have questions shoot us a line see us at or / icon thanks

For watching our icon variant helmet detail breakdown i’m anthony we’ll see you next time you

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