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IS ATLAS 4.0 WORTH IT? Watch Before You Buy! Ruroc helmet Test & Tech review

I have used every single version of Ruroc helmets ever released over the years extensively as well as many other premium helmets along my riding journey. In this video I look into and talk about all the new changes coming with the ATLAS 4.0 and put it to the test to give you my personal opinions on the improved helmet’s fit, comfort, safety certifications, noise level and more. I recommend you also check out the impressive technical details yourself here:

What’s up homies rpstv coming at you from the kitchen with the rock 4.0 rear rock’s newest and most improved helmet design yet today we’re going to be unboxing going over all the improvements and design changes as well as test riding this bad boy out on the street there has been a complete redesign to the inner liners fit and feel as well as improvements to the

Sound design and even further emphasis on safety with improvements including rayon technology added into the helmet full disclosure i’ve been working with rock for a few years now so with all that said if you haven’t been here before smash that subscribe button and click on the bell so they’ll notify you if you’re interested in the dopest and most entertaining

Moto content on the web let’s go gotta love the branding and packaging flat black everything always thank you i didn’t expect that little mountain range action little statement and skew oh some beautiful gloss lettering and a nice cardboard insert where your shockwave audio system will go and the main event oh my gosh bro oh man this camera and lighting

Does not do this thing justice holy one of the first changes i’m seeing right off the bat is the removal of the extra vents that were up here and the added optional venting on and off knob right here this is going to improve the flow of the air and decrease so much wind noise which is really good these helmets were decently breathable already so too much

Ventilating isn’t necessarily ideal as you can see the rear rock helmets are always dot and ece rated the 4.0 are coming with rayon technology that is safety technology with anti-newton properties meaning it helps with impact force and protecting things that are stopping so sick oh man and i’m already just seeing the increase in quality and obvious comfort in

This liner and i haven’t even put this thing on yet dudes oh man this thing is gorgeous dude first things first we have smoked visor we gotta immediately switch this out one of the easiest things to do on a rock helmet just go ahead and spin this little tab here baby boom and i can leave this protective liner on there and put it away in my protective bag so

Much quality guys holy this is the ruroc 4.0 nebula carbon guys carbon fiber with a blue purple iridescent clear coat finish oh my gosh bro dude i wanted one of these since i saw this design come out on the 3.0 i’m so stoked i get to have one in the 4.0 with the new comfort dude they seriously did some work on improving this i cannot wait to get this on the

Bike and test it out let’s go you just got back from the ride oh my gosh bro it feels so good to be out there in this helmet i’m not even kidding dude such an incredible improvement upon the last versions like it’s hard to have this on my head and not look back at the other ones and be like what this is so much better it’s awesome i’ve taken this helmet out

Now and written in it for two days straight and i am absolutely impressed bros a simple wrap up of the rock 4.0 in my experience comparing it to all of its predecessors which i’ve tested extensively and ridden for years this helmet has vastly improved in both performance safety acoustics thermals and comfort like what else could you ask for guys like from

From a company and from a helmet love rock for doing this love rock for putting all this information out there and how they’re doing it very transparent um and for listening to the riders and the customers it’s incredible honestly very stoked for this i’ve looked at all like the technical specs and the tests and comparisons that they’ve been doing with these

Helmets and how they’ve been improving them they’ve tested it they’ve worked on it as they were researching and developing this helmet specifically the 4.0 they took it to the track the wind tunnel and the labs and tested it in both thermal acoustics and comfort all the way around in multiple different ways against the competition of other helmets in the market

While they were testing this thing for both wind noise and linear performance and drag not only did this outperform all of its predecessors in the rear rock line in linear acceleration but also all of the competition not only is it gorgeous a little sleeker the comfort there is so nice too all of this cushy beautiful liner oh my gosh i can’t explain to you

How much of an improvement that is the fact that it doesn’t move around at all it sits on your head it hugs the back of your head the back part of the liner right here like carves up under the bottom of your head and holds tight to the fit and feel i just man it’s so this is a really nice helmet it’s so much more comfortable like really way more comfortable

Actually impressed getting rid of the extra vents on top here as well um such an improvement in the wind noise and the improvements made on the 4.0 have increased acoustic performance across the board by 30 to 40 percent the venting system is super nice actually they’ve improved the venting in this helmet between 15 and 30 percent better in both heat and cold

It’s amazing um i mean these things are dot and ece approved with new ratings um continually improving that safety level this is rayon technology which is an anti-newtonian property molding that is throughout the liner of the helmet that helps with impact forces so that it stops that pressure from transferring through the helmet to your skull that is awesome

You’re not messing around really dialing it in it feels great this is the most premium helmet that they have made yet and at this point like it’s no doubt that they’re competing in the premium helmet market i don’t think there’s anywhere with this helmet that i could see something to complain about previous helmets maybe you could say wind noise maybe you could

Say the original visors were a little flimsy maybe you could say the liner wasn’t the most comfortable maybe you could say it had a little bit of movement at different speeds maybe you didn’t like the venting wherever you were it was too cold or too hot they literally listened to all of that took this thing to the lab compared it to other competitor helmets this

Thing is absolutely worth every penny thank you to rurock for seriously listening and improving these helmets consistently of course every every company wants to improve their products but the amount of time and energy i’m seeing put into each and every release of improving these helmets from version to version is quite an incredible difference the 1.0 to the

4.0 it’s not even the same helmet anymore it’s not even close the one thing i will mention that you should definitely look out for is if you’ve had a rock helmet before or you typically wear a certain size of helmet definitely measure your head with a fabric tape measure and get your sizing right and use their sizing guide online before you buy one because

They have some different sizing now so definitely check that out before you order yours so much nicer in that fit though it’s incredible links down below check it out like i said beware because of the new liners new insides these helmets are going to fit different if you’ve had an older one just be smart about it measure your head and check their sizing guide

Also super cool with this launch they’re definitely going to have all of the helmets ready to go and ship so you’re not pre-ordering anything they are already ready to ship and go so if you’re going to slide down click that link order a helmet on the day of the launch you’re probably going to want to do that before the especially these limited edition ones sell

Out those things are going to be ready to go for you another thing that they listen to the customers about and really wanted to get ahead of so super cool love it appreciate it what an incredibly gorgeous helmet all the way in and out performance i can’t wait to get my new motovlog setup put on this thing and out on the road so i can ride and film with this as

My full time because uh the other helmets aren’t going to cut it anymore so happy to switch over to this helmet the comfort fit it feels amazing and that is one of the most important things for me aside you know second to obviously safety which is completely there and still improving just because because why not um so i love that that’s incredible thank you to

Rorock for sending this helmet out to me and thank you guys for watching if any of this helps you understand what is improving in the helmet and why you might want to upgrade to a 4.0 or switch to a 4.0 hit me in the comments let’s talk about it let me know if this helps smack it with a like subscribe if you haven’t already make sure to click the bell thing

Because that way youtube can still forget to deliver to you that way because who knows how anybody gets delivered videos these days anyways i love you guys i’ll catch you in the next video deuces that dude had no idea was next to him that’s why he like started getting over and then yanked back but that’s what turn signals are so good for dude the fact that he

Signaled before he started pulling over let me know that that was happening gave me time to pull out of the waste and get out of his blind spot etc so that he could see me and make a better decision he didn’t yank over super fast either which gave him time to correct when he realized i was there all other things good things what a good driver dude sorry for

The chords to say is putting you and your family his antics has turned him into an internet celebrity rps yeah baby it’s not funny more than 100 000 subscribers let’s go you

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IS ATLAS 4.0 WORTH IT? Watch Before You Buy! Ruroc helmet Test & Tech review By RPSTV