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Klim K-Fifty 1 Motorcycle Jeans Review –

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To climb que 51 writing pants have been designed to keep you safe in the saddle and casual on the street we’ll be discussing how in our review the climb que 51 pants are going to be more than your average pair of jeans they’re coming with the cordillera denim outer shell kevlar reinforcement and even d3o protectors so these pants are going to be just as comfortable

As your ordinary pair of jeans while giving you substantially more protection the pants come in several colors including dark blue light blue and black and they have a straight cut the pants come at a recommended retail price about 360 euros or 390 u.s. dollars so the jeans will be competing with the revit detroit tf and the alpine stars copper – jeans before heading

Into the rest of our review don’t forget to subscribe and to check out the rest of our youtube channel where we review the latest gear from de nazy revit and run helmet road tests where we head out on the road measure data and come back with the facts the climb que 51 jeans are made from heavy duty corduroy denim using a nylon cotton blend this will mean the pants

Will offer much better abrasion resistance than ordinary denim but they will still be just as comfortable as ordinary jeans cordillera also has the added benefit that it holds color better over time and the jeans are also fastened with the ykk fly zipper and they are certified to pr en 1709 2/3 class double-a standards for safety the clem que 51 pants come with d3o

Evo hip and knee armor which is made of a special foam material that is flexible most of the time but it also turns hard when it no impact so this will mean you’ll get a great level of comfort and you’ll hardly notice they’re there and they’re even adjustable to give you a better level of coverage thanks to the velcro there are also large kevlar panels and slide

Zones and the knees and around the thighs so that you have a strong level of abrasion protection and the areas that experience the highest level of slide where extra impact protection depends also come with a poron xrd foam insert in the tail bone it looks like this and it’s an absorbent pad that will help with the pants impact protection abilities for comfort the

Pants will feel like an ordinary pair of jeans so they come with a regular fit and so they’re gonna be room here in the thighs but slimmed down a little bit from the need down and if you want something with a bit more space then you can also take a look at the clime k52 jeans which have a straight fit all the way through the jeans have the usual fastening system

Button and fly they’ve got belt loops and they also have the standard pocket positioning with two on either side a coin pocket and two in the back the pants also have a mesh liner on the interior to help keep you cool and it’s also moisture-wicking polyester the pants also come with flat rivets to help prevent any chance of scratching your tank so it would still

Have been best if they had been covered or threaded to get rid of the possibility entirely if you’d like to take a little closer look at the climb que 51 jeans then don’t forget to head to champion alamos comm we have our lowest price guarantee the climb que 51 jeans do a good job of offering safety and a casual look while they won’t reach the same level as a

Dedicated pair of textile touring pants the additional safety in the tail bone and the kevlar reinforcement will definitely go much farther than any normal pair of jeans if you liked the video don’t forget to subscribe and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below i’m sebastian from champion helmets and thanks for watching

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Klim K-Fifty 1 Motorcycle Jeans Review – By Champion Helmets