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LS2 FT2 Full Face Helmet – Available at J&P Cycles

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Hi everybody i’m phil amendola i’m the vp of ls – helmets us and i’m here at jp cycles today to tell you a little bit about our ft – full face helmet the ft – is the top of the line in the ls – lineup and it offers everything a rider needs + to start with you’ve got flow-through ventilation there’s an adjustable chin vent right here easy to use whether you have a

Glove on or a bare hand top vents also are very easy to use with a glove fully adjustable so that you can control the elements what you can’t quite see on camera is internally the internal port is designed in the same shape as that external vent it’s a very wide inlet so it allows the air flow through and the ft – offers an exhaust port at the back this little wing

Right here creates just a little bit of low pressure at the back so it’ll actually draw air through the helmet to help keep a very light constant flow of air for the rider but if the weather gets bad you can close those vents to give yourself a little bit more protection internally it’s got a fully removable liner the liner is treated resist odor and bacteria you

Can remove it and wash it we always recommend you wash it by hand let it air dry so it’ll keep its shape it also has this large button right there it’s a pump and off to the side is the release and this pumps air into the cheek pads so that you can get a basically a customized fit the ft2 comes with our quick-release strap making it very easy to get on and off and

That’s fully dod approved you can see this red lever what that does is allow you to drop down our full eclipse sun shield the sun shield is removable and replaceable it’s available in several colors you can get clear you can get a light tint or a highlighter lens and it comes with this dark tint that you see here it’s spring-loaded you just push this little black

Button back and it pops out of the way if you enter a tunnel or you just need it out of your way quickly most riders have found i put this on a lot of people’s heads and most riders that wear glasses are able to use this helmet with the drop down and it’ll clear their glasses now that of course depends on the shape of your face nodes etc but for most part it’s

Going to work for you this has a quick-release shield mechanism and i’m going to show you how to how to operate that in a separate video which will be on this same page but we’ll get to that later the point is a quick turn shields off you can put another one on very easily as simply the ft2 really is a full-featured helmet it’s a rider’s helmet and it’s perfect

Whether you’re touring sport touring commuting any of your needs on a motorcycle the f-22 is going to come through for you it’s available in sizes extra small through double extra-large we actually use two shell sizes to give you that extra good fit it’s available in multiple colors and graphics this particular graphic we call the veteran and like all ft 2’s it’s

Available from j&p cycles now if you have any other questions if you if there’s anything that i forgot to answer feel free to click on their live chat they’re there to help you you can also call in at any time they’ve got toll-free lines and once again the ls 2 ft 2 available at j&p cycles

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LS2 FT2 Full Face Helmet – Available at J&P Cycles By J\u0026P Cycles