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Motorcycle Glove Buying Guide –

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Hey everyone and welcome to champion helmets at motorcycle glove guide so motorcycle gloves mine will be at the very top of your shopping list but they’re nonetheless essential to your kit and they can offer you a lot of protection i’m sure a lot of people will back me up on that the problem though is that there’s a lot of different gloves out there for different

Styles purposes and whatever so it’s hard to kind of break through and figure out exactly what you want especially if you’re just starting out or you go a new bike a new style whatever so what we’ve done at champion arms is go through all the gloves and kind of just group them into three broad categories so first off we have here sports and racing gloves then we

Have touring adventure gloves and the final category is going to be urban cruising gloves so i’m also going to talk about the differences between short versus long cups and also textile versus a leather for the materials so guides like this will help you out but you probably will have some unanswered questions and to get those answers you should drop by the live

Store every wednesday on facebook and youtube there you can talk to me about your questions plus you get the biggest discounts on the gear that we’re showing so to learn more go to champion woods comm slash live store so let’s kick things off by looking at sports racing gloves all my hands today i have two of the best gloves around i have here these are nazy for

Middle sixes and then the alpinestars gp techs and you can see the navy and our blind stars on those sides now these really are two of the best brands two of the best gloves around they have a lot of armor the best materials the best features and that’s what you need when you’re going to be going really fast you know sports come racing gloves so with these gloves

As well you’re typically gonna see a lot of leather especially high quality leather because you want to have the best strength the best abrasion resistance as well you might also end up with something that’s artificial artificial leather which can do away with some of the weaknesses of natural leather as well if we have a look at the armor on these gloves are on

These days of gloves you have here carbon fiber you have here titanium high-end materials you’re gonna do a very good job when it comes to abrasion resistance and also impact absorption on these alpine stars though we have tp you love tpu but we also have some kevlar mixed in as well also going to do a very good job it just comes down to sizes how big it is and

So on at the end of the day tpu very strong material in a glove good for impact absorption and abrasion resistance now what we really want to see with these gloves is just a lot of armor in high impact areas that areas where you’re going to have a lot of trouble when you go down so on these ones on the outside of your hand joints joints knuckles also here to wrist

Here as well inside of your hand here they’re lots of armor everywhere which is great so after armor comfort is a big consideration and because we go with sports racing it’s going to be very hot days typically or at least sunny days and that means a lot of sweat it’s going to be pretty warm and you want to make sure you get some ventilation if you can so we have

On the inside of this glove inside the finger some perforation we have vents as well we have more perforation on this glove as well from alpinestars and look out for that if you have too much that’s going to reduce the structural integrity of your glove so you’re not going to be as protected but you will be well ventilated you have to walk a bit of a path there and

Figure out exactly what you i really want from your glove now something else to consider it is going to be dexterity obviously we can all just have a fully arm at hand or whatever but it’s not going to be able to give you much dexterity and you need that when you’re riding basically you want to be able to feel your bike you want to be able to do things with your

Hands so do keep that in mind so now on to two and gloves and you can see i’ve swapped out what i’m wearing i have here the alpinestars apex dry starts and then the revit dominated gore-tex gloves so these gloves are going to be typically more comfortable but less protective than those high-speed racing gloves and sports gloves simply because there’s a different

Emphasis here they’re going to have more comfort typically a bit more ventilation in some cases but also water proofing weather resistance is going to be a big aspect of a lot of touring gloves and really that’s going to separate the best from the lowest end gloves and on these ones you see a lot more textile it’s going to have a leather as well this is gonna be

Textile mixed with leather on these alpine style spreads on these from weather you just have two different types of leather for a similar effect and it’s going to help to combine the best of both worlds but textiles but by no means a bad material because it does give you a good flexibility comfort and also weather proofing so versatility is the name of the game

When it comes to tearing gloves they have to be comfortable after hours of writing in any kind of weather condition changing conditions as well and they also need to protect you if you ever fall down so that’s why we have all these different materials those blends like i mentioned before but for weather proofing you really want to have something that’s strong so

Gore-tex like on these revit gloves is going to be great it’s going to give you very very strong weather resistance from the outside it’s also going to allow your sweat to evaporate which is going to keep your hand dry inside of the glove and it’s similar as well with these alpine styles with their dry style material now if you don’t have any weather proofing and

It starts to turn don’t worry because you can also pick up something like this these are going to be over gloves you can put them on top of your gloves and they’re waterproof and that does help out too but trust me they are not ideal so protection is obviously key and like i said before armor is a little bit less pronounced typically on these gloves on these from

Alpinestars we have tp unocal protector with a leather on top then foam here here here here on the rest of the glove really but on these from revit we have big tpu knuckle protector a bit more protection on your fingers also around here we have a slider there matey pu and you know just over a bit more armor and that’s what’s great with two and gloves it’s a whole

Lot of versatility and you can really pick a glove that is going to suit your level of armor and protection and versatility because you have so many options out there so i did mention adventure gloves when we talked about touring gloves at the start so i’ve heerd these rivet santry gloves these are going to be your adventure gloves they’re going to be good on road

And off road and because they have that off-road functionality they’re going to be a bit tougher basically you have a lot of armor on these gloves bit different a bit like a rubber kind of armor on these ones but it’s also going to be very tough it’s going to be very robust it’s meant to have dirt sand trees whatever thrown at it and still stay in one piece so

Basically very similar to touring gloves but just a small difference in purpose and design so we’re pushing that slider more and more away from protection and more towards comfort with these urban and cruising gloves i fear the done nazy black jack’s looking fabulous in black there and these are alpinestars smx err gloves so with these gloves typically what we

Expect is to be riding in nice weather low speeds cruising around town cruising around in urban settings and because of that we don’t need as much protection typically and you can see there’s a whole there’s a real lack of armor on this glove in particular and also on this one on this we do get the carbon fiber protector on your knuckle but on these from done easy

You don’t really get a whole lot only foam which is not going to give you a whole lot of impact resistance and the arrest is going to be just abrasion resistance from the glove itself now because we are going to be cruising around urban riding ventilation is going to be very important low speeds not going to give you a whole lot of ventilation coming in so we have

Breathable fabrics we have ventilation in these gloves we have perforation as well in a lot of areas on these blackjacks so that’s going to be like the main purpose of these gloves to compromise on that safety in order to push up your comfort so the two main materials that we see in these gloves going to be textile and leather you can see on these alpinestars we

Have a lot of textile but also leather mixed in as well whereas these black jacks from done az are going to be just leather i think leathers more popular though because a it’s you know pretty stylish v it does give you a lot of comfort and c it is also going to give you some very good abrasion resistance so it’s gonna slide fairly well now as well we do get a lot

Of dexterity with these gloves gloves typically you know short cuff a lot of movement around your wrist and without that extra armor we get a lot of movement with our fingers you know i can run through every finger very easily at some point it doesn’t feel like i’m really wearing glove whereas on these ones with this big armour on your knuckles you do feel that it

Does limit your mobility a little bit in your dexterity but again it’s not too bad on these gloves and great wrist motion because i don’t have a long cuff with these gloves if you want to have more comfort and less protection you can also go for fingerless gloves so basically it’s going to just cover this part of your hand and that’s really up to you if you really

Want to not have a whole lot of protection with your gloves so that point it really does cease to be a protective piece of equipment so i’ve talked quite a lot about leather and textile now let’s just go through what is different between these two materials the pros and cons and that kind of thing first of all i will say that one material is not necessarily better

Than the other don’t scoff at a textile glove simply because it’s not leather if you want to go touring for example textile might be the way for you all right so let’s start off with this then textile textile is going to be very versatile you can do a lot of things with it you can really cater it to the specific needs of the glove and the writer waterproofing

Very strong you can now do a lot with that ventilation as well this is versatile flexible and so on then it’s also going to come in at typically a lower price than a leather now leather it’s going to be soft it’s going to be flexible you can really shape it to your hand which is a nice thing with leather it’s also going to be a bit more durable lasts a bit longer

Typically than textile though it’s also going to have very hydration resistance which is why we see it a lot on high-end racing gloves and also you know just gloves that need a lot of abrasion resistance as well now leather is going to be a bit more premium though it’s going to be a bit more expensive and you can get variations such as artificial leather which is

Going to then increase upon the overall safety and you know protection of leather so pretty much everything we’ve talked about everything we will talk about with motorcycle gear is going to be a balance between protection and comfort and it’s the same here when we look at a short cut versus long cuff and with these two gloves i’m going to start off with the long

Cuffs you can see it’s going to come well down to my forearm it’s gonna give me a lot of protection this area a lot of wrist protection which is going to be very nice so i don’t limit my movement a little bit it’s also going to limit my ventilation obviously we’re covering more area with these gloves as well we do have two variations we have in and outs this is

Going to be an ounce meaning that the jacket is going to go inside of the glove so the glove actually wraps around the outside of the jacket and then we have the ends which will go inside of the jacket and the jacket will wrap around the glove so small variations there so a ventilation going to be lessened conflict going to be going to be lessened but you’re going

To have more protection then i’m coming here to these these are going to be short cuffs you can see that’s going to give me that that’s it my wrist is protected a tiny little bit mobility dexterity very good i can move around very freely with these gloves ventilation it’s going to be very good obviously less surface area more ventilation and yeah that’s about it

You really have to balance if you want more protection or if you want more comfort because really these are more comfortable with that dexterity without ventilation than these longer gauntlets if you will see more gloves then make sure you check out champions comm because there you find a big range the lowest price is guaranteed and you can talk to us in the live

Chat if you have any questions all right guys that’s going to just about do it from motorcycle glove guide and i hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you wanna learn anything else make sure you subscribe to us on youtube you get to see individual reviews more guides and all that kind of stuff so thanks for watching guys i’m christmas champion thomas and i’ll see you all next time you

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