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Motorcycle Helmet Sizing & Fitmernt

Fitment is the most important aspect of choosing a helmet. It’s all about head shape, head size, and customization. See our full guide below for all things bike helmets:

Hi and welcome this is our section on fitment of our motorcycle helmet guide this is a really really important section especially for anyone who’s thinking about buying with us because you’re going to be buying online so you’re going to have to do a bit of research you’re gonna have to take a couple measurements to make sure you get that good fit i’m also going

To say that fitment is the most important part of buying a motorcycle helmet sort of ever because even if you get the fanciest carbon kevlar million-dollar bucket it’s going to feel awful when you put it on your head unless you have that right fitment so it’s a really really important part we’re going to dive right into it there’s three things to consider with

This so the first one is your head shape the second one is your head size and the third one is the customization options that you’re going to get from the helmet itself so for head shape it’s really easy there’s three main categories it’s going to be an oval head shape you’re going to be a neutral head shape you’re going to be a round head shape so four oval heads

They’re basically referring to the view you would get from the top down and obviously that’s not something that we’re accustomed to we really recommend grabbing a friend who can look down at your head for you or grabbing a couple mirrors you may be able to see for yourself but an oval head is going to be longer front to back than it is side to side so that’s what

Gives it that oval shape a neutral head shape which is sometimes called an intermediate oval it’s still going to be longer front to back then it is side to side but to a lesser extent so it’s just going to be a slight oval like that whereas a round head shape of course there’s going to be about the same length front to back as it is side to side and that’s what’s

Going to give it that round shape once you know what your head shape is simply go online to our product pages or to whichever manufacturer you’re interested in go to their website they’re going to have charts there that are going to tell you which of their helmet scores onto which head shape and it is really important to tell there are some heads are some helmets

Out there that are really designed towards a very very stark oval let’s say and if you put that on a round head it’s never going to feel right even if you have the crown measurements right and all that stuff so moving on from head shape its head size is the next thing and this is probably the easiest part of all of them all you got to do is take a soft measuring

Tape measure your head right around its widest part there sorry that’s longest part its longest circumference and for most of us that’s going to be around the eyebrow level so you take that measurement you go online again to our product pages or to the original equipment manufacturer they’re gonna have a chart there that tells you whatever your inch measurement is

They’ll tell you what size that corresponds to you whether it’s medium whether it’s a large whatever you may be if you get your head size right that’s really important for how the helmets going to sit on your head it won’t be flopping down over your eyes nor will it fail to sit completely on the top of your head so that’s where that measurement comes in handy but

Even with the right head size measurement you’ve never guaranteed to have a perfect fit here down along the jaw line because this is where a lot of people are going to be different so with that this is where we look at the customization options that you get from the helmet itself so a lot of helmets are going to have removable padding that you can take in you could

Add you could take away and that’s really going to help you to get perfect fit here along your face this is really important to get the most out of the safety features the helmet and it’s especially important if you are a racer and then you’re really really going to want a snug fit all the way around your face as well so once you have that you’ve done your three

Things you’ve decided which size to get you order your helmet we really recommend trying it on for about 30 minutes once you get it try it on with all the rest of your race gear even get up on your bike and assume that riding stance to make sure that it feels comfortable with all the rest of your equipment you shouldn’t feel any pressure points but comfortably tight

Is a good thing and that’s because every helmets going to break in a little bit so if it just feels snug then just wait it out it will break in over time and get more comfortable but if there are individual points that feel uncomfortable then you can send it back take advantage of our free returns policy try out a different size even try out a different model but

Again really really important do not ride with the helmet if you take it out on the street for a test drive we’re not going to be able to take it back and sell it to somebody else so don’t ride with it just try it on for a good 30 minutes get on your bike but leave the ignition off and if everything feels kosher then it’s going to be a good fitting helmet you’re

Going to get great use out of it and you’d be comfortable for the years ahead so that’s really it for this section if you have more questions be sure to check out the other sections of our motorcycle helmet guide we go into all kinds of stuff and that we really appreciate you checking us out so thank you for watching

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Motorcycle Helmet Sizing & Fitmernt By Canada’s Motorcycle