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Mountalk Youth/Adult Bike Helmet w/ Light, Mens/Women Bicycle Helmets with Magnetic light /unboxing

Mountalk Youth/Adult Bike Helmet with Light, Mens/Women Bicycle Helmets with Magnetic Rear LED Light, Kids Helmet Age 8+

Hey everybody it’s roger with rogers reviews and and nobody ain’t nobody and i anna okay reviews reviews all right this is dad this is your box i believe and i’m gonna open it i’m good at opening things and she’s good at unboxing things so we’re a team teamwork it says battery so hold on i’m crazy why i’m not too creepy you’re acting like a minecraft too

Much minecraft wait let me open it first no that was not about minecraft i know that it’s about minecraft by myself don’t talk like that you do i learned from batman what is it where’s the a box inside a box yeah no what i don’t trust you with that knife i don’t have a knife it’s up there i’m gonna pull it out then lift it up open it up oh it’s the

Helmet that i ordered what color is it looks like yellow but green is safety green safety green it might be it needs to be purple you like green i thought i like green and purple yeah but that people can see it in the night it’s it’s good for uh never mind that way people can see us so we’re not invisible and here is there’s no packing slip but i’ll leave a

Link in the description it is montauk montauk um bicycle helmet bicycle helmet now i’m wearing this as protection and then this is the other thing that came with it and this is magnetic and it’s you can charge it i don’t know how to turn it on do you have to pre does it come charged i’m not sure but look check this out look oh that cool it doesn’t work

Unless it’s on but it has to go right there and then i think this this adjusts to let me see something we’re going to go riding later turn your head right never you said later hello oh perfect look perfect then you can tighten it there turn around no turn your whole body around cool ow that doesn’t hurt what is that oh see it has air gaps and everything

Chokes my neck i can loosen that up all right that’s good enough and it’s real lightweight and can you turn it off get it i figured how to turn it off though you push it um can’t try it yeah i think you gotta push it one more time is it that one or is it this one wait i’m so confused is it this one both no just the one oh hear it it doesn’t turn off what

Maybe you hold it oh you hold it down okay it takes a lot of pressure that’s one of the button takes a lot so you can’t accidentally turn it on or off you definitely know you push it hard enough but what’s cool is the magnetic part that sticks to your helmet so that way like when you take the batteries off you just pull it off put the batteries in and stick

It back to your helmet and then during the day if you don’t want it on you just take it off so that is kind of cool and then you might even be able to stick it to the metal part of your bike or something or put it in your pocket you know kind of a cool idea all right this is roger and ayanna with her new helmet review so far so good we’re gonna take it out

And uh see you later guys take it to the park all right no part today people look it just turns on by itself as soon as you put on the helmet it turns on watch okay it’s not on right so you just put it on the helmet it’s huh i wonder if you took it off the helmet if it shut off eventually hold it down it’s hard though to hold it down for a while you got

To hold it for a while you can’t just let up yep so i guess you don’t want to put it on it turns right back on again that’s kind of annoying every time wait can i i can work again turn it off but nope nope well you don’t have to worry about when it’s on your home and it is on it is never going to turn off when you put it on your helmet so until the battery

Runs dead and then you can charge it up so that’s not too bad all right that’s it anything else to add i guess that’s it see you later folks later later suckers reach

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Mountalk Youth/Adult Bike Helmet w/ Light, Mens/Women Bicycle Helmets with Magnetic light /unboxing By ROGER WALDMAN