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Nexx XG100 Racer Motordrome Helmet Review at

Nexx XG100 Racer Motordrome Helmet Review

Dispersion here with revzilla and today we’re going to take a look at the next xg 100 racer motordrome graphic available at now if you’re not familiar with the xg 100 racer this is a step up over the regular xg 100 from next what you’re getting is a face shield incorporated into this helmet now the old xg 100 still exists so if you want to go with

Something that doesn’t have that face shield built in that’s your option but for those of you looking for a vintage inspired helmet that has a actual face shield that’s big beefy thick with a great rubber gasket to it the xg 100 racer is the way to go now taking a look at the motordrome graphic this is available in two different colors you’re gonna have the yellow

And the silver which is on the table in front of me and there’s also going to be a green yellow and black color as well if you’re not familiar with the xg 100 racer this is gonna be that x matrix fiberglass composite shell there are now two shell sizes with this helmet between extra small up to medium for the smaller shell size and then large to two xl for the

Larger shell size d-o-t ece rated intermediate oval head shape what that means for you a little bit longer front to back narrow down inside of the head and it should work for the majority of you riders out there in the american market when we threw this on the scale came at three pounds six ounces in a medium now that’s about eight ounces heavier than what we saw

With the regular xg 100 and a lot of that comes into play because of this new face shield which is incorporated onto the racer model now if you’re not familiar with all the down-and-dirty facts of the xg 100 racer that would be the time for you to go ahead and check out our detailed breakdown video we rip out the insides of the helmet and we talk about all the

Details if those of you that are watching this are simply interested in what you’re getting with the motordrome graphic this is what you’re going to see it is a simple retro-inspired lying graphic you are gonna have two different colors kind of really coming into play the yellow versus the silver it is done in a gloss metal flake so it’s really sharpen its color

And scheme and one of the things that i will say from next is that their graphics package is absolutely fantastic they’ve really done a great job capturing this retro feel it works really well with this new xg 100 racer so that is what you are getting with the motordrome graphic and again it’s really gonna be that vintage inspired style that you’re seeing work

Really well with this particular helmet now there’s a lot of folks out there utilizing the xq 100 racer helmet if you want to hear more about what they have to say now be the time for you to go ahead and click the info button on your desktop or mobile device which allow you to read other rider reviews from folks that are already out there putting the xg 100 racer

With the motordrome graphic through its paces if you have more questions for our gear geeks as to which helmet is right for you and your riding style give a shout eight seven seven seven nine two nine four five five or simply shoot over an email to see us at thank you for joining us for this look at the next xg 100 racer motor drone graphic i’m spurge enjoy the ride you

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Nexx XG100 Racer Motordrome Helmet Review at By RevZilla