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Nexx XR2 Helmet Review at

Nexx XR2 Helmet Review

Hey miss nancy’s let’s see we can watch decide and ride welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new nex xr 2 carbon helmet available at the next xr 2 carbon is our top of the food chain race thoroughbred and it is a huge departure from the original xr 1 completely new helmet forget what you knew about next helmet other than the fact that their

Premium manufacturer coming out of portugal we’re actually really happy to have them back at revzilla they’ve grown tremendously in europe and their new line is much more premium focused and again they’ve redesigned it if we look at it this is the xr 2 carbon now there is an x matrix version out there which is that tri comp that fiberglass and resins this is full

Carbon fiber but they have painted it so remember this is the pure graphic there’s some other graphics there’s also going to be your stock colorway and you’re coming in north of that $500 mark but you’re looking at a helmet at at first glance and from a usage standpoint is designed for the tuck do not buy this if you’re planning on riding in an upright position or

If you’ve got a kind of sorta maybe ride aggressively it’s like take this to the track this is d-o-t ece rated it is full carbon fibre it comes in around the 3 pound mark but you’re paying a premium for that you’re investing and remember next has some other helmets that use similar technology but are built for different configurations right so you have the xt-1

Which is going to be suited for sport and sport touring riding 3/4 upright a little bit more flexible similar technology and then there’s the x d1 which is similar technology in a more dual sport or adventure format this bad boy is meant for track days in racing that’s why it’s so light and that’s the configuration again you’re looking at 250 plus millimeter feet

Or degree field of view you’re looking at north a 70 degree field of view vertically again really staying with ergonomic aerodynamics and a viewport theme that is suited to beach in on the tank i’m going to stop there the other things to continue to think about with regard to fit really do address some of our key issues with some of the predecessors in the next

Line the original xr one was really long and narrow and it actually was really tight around the ears and was hard to get on and off what they’ve done is they’ve completely redesigned the interior it’s now coolmax it’s a 3d shape and they’ve given you organ ama can work in that tuck they’re going to be closer to that intermediate oval fit shape for the american

Market a little bit longer front to back a little bit slightly long but they’re not extreme and you do have what’s nice about it it’s included is multiple pads they call this the ergo fit system and these are going to be different millimeter pads that fit on the side and fit on the front and back of the helmet and what they’re going to allow you to do is really

Fine tune the fit four millimeter pad a ten millimeter pad again you have the ability to really work to get it just right for your head because normally all of our heads are going to be different even if you’re an intermediate oval you might be a slightly different intermediate oval than someone else keep in mind we do ship for free over thirty nine bucks and as

Always i love it if you click our logo subscribe to us at revzilla tv leave your comments your questions and your feedback on the new xr2 helmet more importantly i’d love to hear of yorke’s as excited as we are about where they took this they got a lot right on this helmet now looking at the exterior let’s work our way in full carbon fiber there’s no fiberglass

In this this is not try composite full carbon fiber three pound mark that’s where you’re at with this bad boy i’m gonna stop there that is extremely lightweight configuration we talked about the tuck looking at the positioning of the vents looking at the way that the spoiler integrates again everything is suited to create stability as well as minimize the drag

That’s going to want to pull your helmet up when you’re in that tuck position you have that lip at the back that is replaceable and again what i really like about the vent scheme on this helmet is it’s very easily found with a set of gloves it’s very small they almost come two points and it’s a two position chimney vent on the front one two and then you also have a

Vent down here along the mouth which is going to vent to the face it’s going to vent to the shield again that’s easily found as well because they give you these little peaks or almost like little mini fangs that stick out it’s actually rubberized has a really cool feel to it now we look at the optically correct shield it is a lexan shield is a flat shield where

It needs to be it’s going to eliminate distortion notice that it comes stock with tear off posts but the beauty is and it’s hard to pick it up there’s a pin locks max vision lens that come stock in the box that we have installed here so you’re getting the true anti fog of the pin lock system you’re getting as part of a package deal which is a really really nice

Touch if we open it they’ve read design the vent at the bottom notice the detent down there it’s going to have a city position and you’re going to slide it up a couple d tends to work with and then what they’ve also done here is they’ve given you this generation three of the fast shot system which is how you’re going to remove it now in the previous version

Used to go quarter turn up remove the side plate and this thing would fly across the street now you have the ability to do is remove it remove the other side and then when you move it slightly it’s going to pop off so again they’re just being really thoughtful about how they’re designing it and they’re making it very functional knowing that there’s a handful of

Guys that are going to be in a race scenario where you might come in and pit you get a quick change on your shield again they’re doing it in a way that you can control the environment the nice part about it too i’m going to open up one more time is you have a nice big gasket sealing in this i port so again you’re going to get a minimization of wind noise you

Get caught in inclement weather it’s going to do a good job at sealing it out and notice you do have the breath guard which is removable and here as well and you can see that big port for ventilation that’s coming up from the chin vent that’s going to vent up to the shield there now if we slide it around to the back you’re going to see our big spoiler across the

Back that almost has a rubberized finish to it it is sitting a top of some venturi vents remember fast-moving sphere moving through the air creates a vacuum back here that’s going to suck warm moist air out of your helmet and back away and you do have some additional grilles here along the back as well that are going to continue that extraction factor and keep

You cool keep you comfortable while you’re riding now if i turn it on its ear and remember this is the pure graphic it’s going to be a mixture of metallics it’s a mixture of gloss and it’s give you a mixture of kind of that reflective finish we move to the bottom again lot going on here notice spoiler in the back spoiler in the front we’re going to have a chin

Curtain that’s fully removable doesn’t have to stay in one place i’ve already told you about the ergo fit our go fit system that allows you to tune it well you’re also seeing light reflective ‘ti across the back a full coolmax liner which is going to be wicking going to be extremely comfortable antimicrobial its high-end liner and then you have an emergency cheek

Pad removal system that’s baked in so if you’re out cold johnny emt can get these out without moving your head hopefully and allow you to allow them the ability to stabilize your neck now if we look at it this ties in with our great from the past which was how it interfaced with your ears and how it felt when it was on fully cheap fully 3d notice the nice cradle

To this it has an nice curve it’s going to support the jawline be a little bit of a different density up here around the ear and it also support a cutout for a speaker pocket but i’ll tell you if you’re buying this helmet then you’re going to go put a 3d or put a bluetooth unit hanging off the side you’re kind of wasting the fact that you bought an aggressive

Aerodynamically stable and quiet race oriented helmet again anything you’re hanging off the side is just going to act as a sail moving off the other side you saw how i pulled that out without using the emergency cheek pad removal system and the way that ties together again very comfortable now with regard to my comfort liner itself it removes from the back very

Simply again they’re minimizing snaps and pressure points when you get into the comfort liner which is going to interface with your scalp as i move up towards my brow three points of connection and again they’re doing the same thing i want to make sure you can get a shot of this here pulling out these snaps allow you to not have to have those snaps in the brow if

They put too big beefy snaps right here when you’re racing you would feel them over a twenty lap race or however far you’re going again they’re trying to do everything they can to minimize the distraction factor and maximize the comfort if we look at it 3d in its design lots of cutaways for weight savings lots of cutaways for air ventilation remember cool max cream

Of the crop when it comes to interiors for helmets you able to run this bad boy under some water just let it out set it air dry for five minutes and you’ll be good to go when it comes to the guts again you’re going to notice big ventilation channels on the inside of the helmet again starting with those venting ports and moving the air around the back extracting

Through the bottom extracting through the rear extractors again giving the best chance for circulation while staying quiet while staying extremely light and compact and while staying in a tuck so the next step in your journey is to click right here read other rider reviews of the new nex xr 2 carbon at remember this is the pure graphic there are other

Graphics and solids available as well remember in the next line xt 1 is sport and sport touring xr 2 is going to be race xt 1 is going to be that sport tour multi-season touring and it’s going to be that adventure option with the peak as well keep that in mind as always we’re going to ship for free over 39 bucks if you want to talk to a gear geek see us at

Or 18 2008 i’ll breakdown remember subscribe to us at revzilla tv make a good choice i’m anthony we’ll see you next time you

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