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PoE 3.19 – Crafting a Magic Find Helmet

In PoE 3.19, Lake of Kalandra, we were asked to get our MF characters ready, and in today’s video, I crafted to magic find helmets which I sold for an instant profit instead of making an MF build and looking for a god-touched rare. Enjoy

How’s it everyone this is locker hall and in today’s video we are going to be crafting an mf helmet now a lot of folks are opting to use the aesthetic and then just use a magic helmet with rarity and the bench mod but that’s boring who wants to see me craft a magic item no one that’s who so instead we’re gonna make something a bit more interesting so the mods we’re

Looking for are going to be essence of loathing this is going to give us mana reservation efficiency then as a prefix what we want is tier 1 rarity so if we can get perfectly rolled two on rarity that’ll be 50 increase rarity and then a bench crafted rarity from slain rare or unique mobs and then life preferably and maybe something else good so to get started what

We need to do is just hit this thing with essence of loathing until we see rarity as a prefix and hopefully an open suffix as well so here we go gotta keep the eyes open because we can’t type rarity we just have to ah you see there we hit it that is tier two let’s see if we can get tier one it’s about a one in i think 14 i don’t know i forgot going slowly i don’t

Want to roll past it can’t rely on the highlight oh that’s nice rarity tier one i think yes that is indeed tion rarity however this is gonna require a hell of a lot of annulling and it is bottom rolled so okay we still have it it’s gone okay we we go again life rare oh there it is again tion rarity but there’s so much crap around it ah oh oh i don’t know we got

Ah damn it we got rid of the the reservation efficiency at least we are seeing it now we could go for an eldritch anole to try and focus on the prefixes but those are so expensive that’s tier two rarity unacceptable oh okay there is an ant on my glasses holy crap this helmet well well well if this had rolled with an open suffix it would be mind-blowing but

Less so give it a price check this is the kind of item you don’t want to just yolo and gamble on so let’s see this has 100 life or we can put it at 120 and then i don’t know 40 rarity with mana reservation efficiency there is one for 25 divides let’s have a look at it so yes this is pretty much exactly what we were going for they started with the life fracture

Which is interesting and then they’ve got this are there any others let’s see offline okay this is kobe’s helmet pretty disgusting it has the unveiled mod fractured however i think i think we can probably sell this for maybe 10 divines definitely not worth rolling past so i’ll be right back with another base see you in a sec alrighty we have a new base let’s see

What we can get on this so uh wow okay i think i think in this case so what we want to do now we want to add the inner world influence and then go for the annul because we want to hit that accuracy rating which we did this is going too smoothly almost suspiciously smoothly now we are in an interesting position so this helmet is really good as is however in terms

Of prefixes what we want to do now is add on a red influence because we’re going to play around with the prefixes now so we’re going to make our ex-arc dominant so now when we use any of the eldritch currency it’s going to only apply to the prefix so what we want to do now is go block armor or armor innovations something like this and then we slam onto one life

Not like that so now we’re gonna go remove crafted mods another trick by the way you can use regex on your crafting bench pretty cool so now before we go for the eldritch anal we’re going to attempt to first and all off that crappy mod oh we got it and now we just go like this so we don’t have to type it in every single time slam21 live no anal oh i didn’t

Remove the crafter mod oh but we got it eldritch x slammer 2 on life tier 10. yuck let’s go for that oh no oh my goodness are on point tonight hybrid armor innovation hold on wait what oh uh okay right it’s hybrid it’s hybrid i know ah there goes the rarity rip now this is where things get like stupidly expensive if we decide to go for the metacrafty route

I think what we can do maybe just try a few just try a few i think sticking with the loathings might be cheaper so now eldritch counts it’s going to reroll our prefixes 112 life no rarity though let’s give it a couple of slams so we’re gonna go for the armor and evasion keep that give it a slow craft and then a slam yeah i feel like this is too expensive to do

It this way i feel like going with the loathing until you get the prefix is probably the right thing to do but i mean we can we can give it a shot oh i don’t have any scours i mean we can try and save that life yeah croft on that slams here on rarity i’m not digging this i say we go back to the loathing we got it back but we got two on strength so again what

We want to do let’s grab some of these i think because we have that to you on strength we kind of have to ann knowledge we need that open suffix but we’re first going to try in the null of army invasion we failed we try again what is this feeling like i’m doing something wrong okay all right now this is a coin flip this is a scary coin flip so we want again grand

We want our eater to be dominant so that our currency works on the suffixes and then we’re gonna make our that guy lesser so we have grand either of worlds now we have to hit this and all please oh no goodbye goodbye reservation efficiency tier one live this might be worth going for the other and all okay now now we want to slam on rarity as a prefix so we’re

Gonna make our red dude grand and make our blue dude lesser well greater all right now when we slam on our two on rarity it’s gonna be a prefix but as always we first go to the crafting bench and block armor innovation 200 already ah reflect ew screw it we see if we can hit it again okay i think i think i think that reflects is gross however the thing is if

We just had clean life and rarity we were going to end up in a situation anyway where we were just probably gonna yolo slam it probably hit something like that so let’s get this up to 45 percent and here we go but what we need to do is get our implicit sorted so currently this has 90 life and then 41 increased rarity which is pretty good but now let’s get these

Implicit sorted out there we go mana reservation efficiency of skills that is grand now we’re going to use an exceptional eldritch ember so the way orbs of conflict works is going to increase the tier of one of those implicits and reduce the tier of the other the modifier with the lower tier has a higher chance of being increased so if we make the modify we do

Want a lower tier by using a higher tier of the other it increases our chance so here we go okay it went down but we can use another one that is extremely unlikely okay we got it back don’t look at me so we have that back at exceptional okay we got our reservations for exceptional now and before we go for the higher one first want to get them both exceptional

Now it’s a proper 50 50 and we got it to exquisite so now this has 20 increased mana reservation efficiency sadly that did not roll 10 but now as for the other modifier we want to get reduce mana cost of attacks foreign there we go here is the helmet so i’m very tempted to give it a divine but i thought that’s so stupid to fight this is what annoys me right so

They made divines the new exalts so that exiles could have their identities back but now i’m too scared to use a divine for their intended purpose because they are too valuable so now divine’s intended purpose is no longer a thing but i say screw that we’re gonna use the divine orb for its intended purpose there we go 18 rarity perfectly rolled 10 increased mana

Reservation perfectly rolled actually a pretty damn good helmet we did spend a fair amount to make it to be fair but let’s give it a price check see what this little bad boy is worth so we’re gonna have some prices on the trade side so we have 40 increase already 90 life let’s see what this is worth k90 life rarity rarity so the thing that is massively increasing

The value is this increased mana reservation efficiency of skills let’s see what there is alright so this one has similar mods they hit tier one two one which is great however yeah this is about the same this is actually about the same but they just started with the life fracture this one is the one we looked at earlier 50 divine orbs tier one two one they also

Have the reflect however something very important this person has the enchant enchant very valuable especially this league after the uh adjustment to gift of the goddess this one also has a very very good in chart also very well rolled implicit and yeah this is this is pretty pretty much perfect i don’t know why they use the lower tier essence maybe they ran out

Of currency but i think r1 is fairly comparable to this so we could probably list this for 20 20 divines something like that i don’t know if we spent that much probably to be quite honest but along the way we hit this this game probably often probably broke even i don’t know if this is necessarily the best way to make these i’m always interested in people’s input

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately i i never felt like my channel is a crafting guide channel like elishar i feel like he’s like do this do this do this and it’s like a very perfect strategy but sometimes i’ll just do crafting my channel that i feel is like i just feel like making something you can watch it if you want and then i’m very open to input from

Everyone if you see something that i maybe could do better i’m always open let me know i’m very curious always looking to improve so i don’t feel bad if you if you feel like i might have done something wrong this is not a guide this is a local crafting adventure and you’ve been invited so that’s gonna be it for this video i hope you all enjoyed it a bit of a fun

One bit of a different one using the eldritch currencies but i i’m gonna go have a sleep have a wonderful day everyone stay safe and i will catch you in the next video bye are you ready for some post-recording naughtiness the kind of dumb thing i do off camera except this time i’m going to do it on camera this helmet if we can annoy of that accuracy rating this

Is going to be crazy valuable so it’s a 50 50. do we get rid of the attack rating we did all right well this this helmet quick little bonus price check at the end of the video this will probably be playing after the after the trailer so if you’re watching this i love you thank you for being so dedicated so we have life we have 120 life we have rarity this time

Perfectly rolled although i guess it needs a divine but 40 45 rarity and then increased rarity and also reservation efficiency increase mana reservation efficiency of skills yep one result 25 divines this one yeah pretty much the same 25 divines beautiful all right so maybe we walk away with like 40 divines on this one have a wonderful day everyone bye bye once

Again and thank you for watching for the secret secret post sneaky video bye it’s raunching exile you’re making me nervous

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PoE 3.19 – Crafting a Magic Find Helmet By Lolcohol