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Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Prime In-depth Helmet Review

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What is up dogs if you’re new to the channel you don’t know what a toggs is it isn’t that one guy supporter that one guy subscriber uh welcome to the channel today we’re here to to uh review the atlas 3.0 made by rock i’m excited to do this because uh it’s this helmet i waited for so long to finally pick up an atlas helmet wait until 3.0 and i feel like

Other than the 4.0 which is now available to buy uh i think that this this is a an excellent excellent helmet and i’m going to tell you why i feel that way now first of all i want to talk to uh to what i think is the most common gripe and the most common criticism that i think i’ve i’ve seen and heard at least on youtube with helmet reviewers is that the

Build quality isn’t great i’ve heard as as harsh of warding as like garbage which in my in my opinion i don’t know exactly what people are looking for this helmet is made out of t300 i believe carbon fiber it weighs in at around 1.4 to 1.6 kilograms which is depends on the the shell size that you have in my opinion the carbon fiber the light the light the

Lightweight feel of this helmet the way it fits my head and and especially the design all of these components together i think make for a great helmet i don’t think that the build quality is poor at all um i again i don’t know exactly what people are looking for or what they’re criticizing because when people say that a lot of the reviews that i well that i

Watched you know and i was taking these all into consideration because you can’t just go and and try on a real rock helmet at a store so i i took all these criticisms of the helmet and people what people had to say and made a decision for myself uh because i think that overall the majority of people are happy with their their rock helmets there’s detractors

And obviously i think you’re going to get some clicks uh if you’re saying that a product that most people like isn’t any good so there might be that factor as well so i’m here to tell you the build quality on this helmet is excellent from the the materials of the the shell itself to the inside uh the padding the cheek pads the gasket that seals off and gives

You a little bit of water resistance as well as wind wind noise reduction all these things i think are excellent of excellent quality you know they’ve done away with a little tab that that is that locks the helm the visor in place and as well as the visor being able to be in three or four different positions on your head all these things to me are all upgrades

That rock was listening to the customers and every year that they’ve released a new helmet or maybe even more frequent than that every time that they release a new helmet they’re making improvements uh from feedback from their customers and to me that’s a big deal when a company is willing to listen to its customers and makes changes accordingly so for me

In order to be fair and to be objective in a review i need to be able to show you exactly how and why i’m making any criticisms or compliments to a product that i’m reviewing and so there’s no exception especially for something like this where you’re just going to be spending a lot of money if you’re considering getting a rock atlas 3.0 so i’m here to show

You i’m here to tell you um so the first thing i want to talk about today is is wind noise we’re going to test the the the ability for the this helmet to uh drown out uh wind noise so obviously the most important part of drowning out wind noises and bike noise as well is on the highway you know when you’re in in town most helmets are going to do pretty well

For for canceling out the noise around you but on the highway this is where it really matters and it’s kind of nice because we actually picked a day where it’s windy too so uh here we are at highway speeds and i’m just going to be quiet so you can hear the raw sound that you’ll get in the helmet and then we’ll we’ll take the plugs out because right now the

The vent plugs are in which is gonna oh and i know for fact because i’ve done it it’s gonna decrease wind noise considerably so here you go now but it’s gonna be straightforward with you guys you know we’re riding here at about 70 miles an hour and uh the wind noise is is low for me as a rider who rides with no windshield and uh typically has a fairly quiet

Helmet i think in my old shark spartan uh the wind noise that comes out of this helmet when you’ve got the vent plugs in is is very very very it does very well uh filtering out that wind noise and you know that for me that’s a big deal because you know when i’m riding i don’t ride with the earplugs in i listen to music often and i’m recording it as well and

When i record obviously i want as little wind noise as possible so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna take the the vent plugs out and we’re gonna show you the the sound uh the raw sound of when the vent plugs are removed so i’m gonna find a place to to pull over so we can take them out and then we’ll we’ll get back on the road we got the ven plugs out we’re

Back on the road and uh i’ll just be quiet so you guys can hear uh how how quiet the helmet is without the vent plugs which in the summertime you know i’m not going to be wanting to ride with vent plugs because i’m going to want that wind and that air hitting me in there in the top of the head and passing through the helmet all right so here on a windy day

Uh the wind’s whipping around and making even more noise uh and you know it’s always an interesting day on the motorcycle when the when you got high winds but actually going from having the vin plus out to putting them in to me i noticed it seemed like i felt like there was a greater difference in the and uh the amount and the volume of the uh the decibel

Level of the the wind noise coming in uh from from being on the highway but but this time around i i can say you know going from having the plugs into taking them out it did not seem as as drastic of a change as far as like being too noisy inside the helmet having the vent plugs out in my opinion it’s not it’s not all that bad and especially you know that

They’ll hear i and at least i’ve seen it on youtube and i’ve heard other writers who who have the atlas 3.0 say that the the helmet is too loud still and and my my in my humble opinion i don’t think i don’t think that it’s it’s that bad at all i think that wind noise and a noisy helmet is relative to the person riding you know if you have sensitive ears or

You’re somebody who’s not used to having like a really loud motorcycle or somebody who who’s ridden with a very quiet helmet and again you’re gonna sacrifice when you for for a quiet helmet you’re gonna sacrifice uh the ventilation quality the wind pass through quality you know you’re gonna feel stuffy inside your helmet if it’s quiet because if it’s quiet it

Means that nothing’s getting in including air so uh it it’s always a toss up and to me there’s a there’s a good balance here with atlas 4.0 so as far as the review goes for for noise quality uh if we’re gonna if we’re gonna be uh objective about it and and give it like a grade uh let’s let’s give it a scale here from one to ten and ten being the quietest and

One being the loudest i give this this helmet like a seven and a half or an eight i think that uh obviously when the when the vent plugs are in i think that the helmet is is considerably quieter and when they’re out i still think it’s manageable i think maybe when the vent plugs are in seven and a half or eight and when the vent plugs are out it’s still like

Around a six and a half or a seven and by all means uh if you have the atlas 3.0 vent plugs or not uh let me know what you guys think leave that in the comments now this is kind of a bonus thing for this video because not all of you are going to be wearing spectacles i don’t know all of you are going to be wearing glasses especially those of you even who

Do wear sunglasses you’re probably going to be sporting one of those uh nice smoke visors or colored visors that ru rock offers and so this is speaking more to people who wear eyeglasses that have to wear glasses to see when they ride and this helmet even though it you can wear glasses while you’re wearing it uh it’s a tight fit in here uh when i wear my

My eyeglasses with this helmet this is something i don’t think is going to over time get any you know it’s the fit isn’t going to get any better over time i don’t think but there is room for me to wear my glasses it doesn’t provide any pressure points because because of how tight they fit in there but what i will say is because of how snug the fit is inside

The helmet with glasses on i would just caution those of you who wear glasses if you’ve got like really thin wiry frames or even thin plastic frames um you’re just going to want to be careful because uh you know when you’re taking your glasses on and off when you’re pushing them through through the padding the cheek padding and the inside padding of the helmet

Uh you’re just going to want to be careful because you don’t want to break the arms off your glasses you don’t want to bend any any metal rims but i’ve i’ve worn this this helmet for hours at a time never taking it off and it’s a very comfortable helmet and that speaks to the the quality of the cheek padding as well as just the kind of the fit um what i will

Say though is that for one the helmet is easy to get on the distance from your nose and your mouth to the front of this helmet of this full-faced helmet it’s kind of shallow this is more shallow than any helmet that i’ve ever had before like if i wanted to i could probably stick my tongue out and and reach the front of this helmet um so not difficult to put

On the helmet but what i will say is that taking it off can be kind of a literal pain sometimes uh it’s because of the the snug fit even though it’s easy-ish to get on it is not a whole lot of fun to take this helmet off it rubs against the ears because it’s so close to the front of your your head you kind of have to take it straight off the top and with

My mics here in front sometimes too it it messes with the how i have my mic situated here in the front of the helmet that is my review of the atlas 3.0 if there are questions that you have about this helmet that i did not answer during this review make sure you leave those questions in the comments and i will do my best to answer them if you found this video

Helpful at all if you like this video make sure you hit that thumbs up down there which is the like button and if you haven’t already smash that subscribe button guys if you’re out there writing please be safe be kind to one another my name is eric i’m that one guy and i am out

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