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SCHUBERTH C3 PRO Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

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Hello welcome to trial on tv my name’s dave marlon were talking for a few features of the c3 probe the evolution of the zubur c3 and the super c3 cannot change the way we think about flipper permits and the c3 rotates that’s to the enth degree what we’ve done is when we’ve got the brief from the designers we wanted streamline the helmet make it look more like a

Full-face sports helmet so the c3 pro kameez for sport road riding commuting or surrogate has all the benefits with a full face helmet and increase benefits of modular helmet return the shell construction on the c3 prior is still a strong fiber shell so you’ve got a full concert shell running around this part of the helmet here within that shell we’ve actually

Designed a few extra features running from the bottom the shell up through the side around the top we have antennas built in so they have two cameras the reason for this is that when you use the sumif communications kit that sits inside the helmet it will increase your fm fm radio and receiving capabilities and it will also increase the range of bluetooth from

The top of shell sea lions wearing the same the same kit in terms of improvements to the helmet from the c3 specifically done ventilation points on the top of the front and the exhausts have been changed on the top with increased ventilation by staggering to 66% much better for hot climate use but also when you shut it off it eliminates all the airflow through the

Top so it’s perfect for cold weather use as well on the bottom of the show on the front meant we’ve actually decrease the amount of ventilation we’re getting with with the vent closed because the way she with how is seal around the bottom to reduce wind noise we need to get some form of air flow to that to the person inside the helmet so their concentration can be

Improved when it’s open the vent doesn’t look like has a large a large hog to their throat the reason for this is if we open pull around here you’d only be getting the direct air to hit this point what we found out with schubert’s intensive wind tunnel testing is that all the air that hits this visor here drop straight down into this scoop and we increase that gym

Halation considerably so despite the fact it looks like a small air ventilation point we get the maximum alan ariens the helmets we’ve improved the way the boys are seals on the health as well by stiffening up this area and adding a layer underneath that push it firmly against the visor the shape of the helmet was dramatically changed even though it still shares

Familiarity in the sea three of the basic level we’ve added front spoilers at the bottom let’s give you a little bit of downforce to take the stress off the head slightly and on the back we’ve added two extra shapes here again just give you that little bit of downforce and move the area of terminus to the back of the helmet here so you don’t get as much a lift when

You’re riding the bike internally on the schuberth we’ve changed the lining completely it’s cool max’s latest version of their product says the highly weight material we’ve reduced some of the material on the top here to give you a bit more comfort on the forehead the biggest change has been in the strap position its transition as we move forward two millimeters to

Take off the adam’s apple slightly and also we’ve now added dual adjusters so you can move the buckle in the side the reason she refused a quick-release buckle like this despite that adds a small amount of bottom is the feedback from customers have said they need to be able to operate this we’ve got off hand and this is the easiest and quickest way to do that on

A turing helmet the most amazing thing about the c3 pro though is despite the fact the seat 318 norwich racing and painted for des about a hundred kilometers an hour on a naked bike the c3 pro actually reduced the amount of noise that come the helmet in those circumstances we put down some amazing 82 decibels way ahead of the competition and 2 decibels is a huge

Difference between the c 3 and the c 3 pro early feedback suggests people really notice our difference and this huge huge product and a huge feature for the super thermos the windtunnel testing really does make a difference the black visor is available as an optional extra comes in the clear visor in terms of the internal visor it’s still optical class 1 internal

Visor with increases strength made out of a new polycarbonate material and hits all the australian sunglasses sound it’s the most rigorous in the world saw little the c3 pro 21 improvements only on c3 that set the standard in flipper panelist and we believe the c3 probe sets the new standard in flip ups thank you

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