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Schuberth C4 Helmet Review at

Schuberth C4 Helmet Review

Hey miss anthea absolutely watch decide and ride welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new schuberth c4 modular helmet available at this is the c4 it is an apex predator within the realm of modulars it is the quietest modular on the market coming in at a tested sub 86 decibel quiet rating again when we think about the high end of the modular helmet

World and when i say modular it means it is suited for long-range multi season riding a lot of times in the touring position this helmet is highly functional with a flip face design now some of you are saying i’ve seen this video there’s a bit of deja vu going on the matrix because i know the c4 is coming for late 1718 i’m gonna say that you’re correct if you are

A part of the cla army faithful watching our videos this is the second time we’re shooting this video we re shooting this video and i’m gonna tell you why because to my left was the original helmet that we shot this is the original schubert’s c4 and we could see in all of its glory with all of its changes it was three pounds 12 ounces it has the integrated sc

One system they changed the vent scheme they change the shield super-aerodynamic here’s where the reshoot happens and why you’re watching a different video today we love the advancement in 90% of what they did with the new shubra c4 when we tested it when we rode in it we had our late production sample to shoot our original c4 video we had this bad boy right here

Which had this shell shape for not just an extra small/small but it also had a medium/large and this shell size rather is really three pounds 12 ounces for do tea and ece rated the problem becomes is when final stage testing hit the us and they had to do all of the beefed up requirements that pass the d-o-t rating here in the states what ends up happening is for

Your medium/large all the way through xl to xl all the way up the size curve what ends up happening is you have your medium and your large in this helmet and this bigger or in this shell rather in this bigger shell you’re actually adding or additional ounces so what happens is we love this helmet but it went from 3 pounds 12 ounces for a medium and a large to now

4 pounds – and that’s the thing you have to really keep in mind as you think about all the different features and all the things they change and the fact that it’s daftpunk out the wazoo now very very slick with some of the creature comforts and upgrades here but what you’re getting is a helmet over the 4 pound mark for a medium and large now if you’re an extra

Small or small you’re still in the more compact shell and that’s going to be three pounds 12 ounces we love it d-o-t rated ece rated covers all the bases covers that safety standard and i will tell you they’re still doing this shell in europe so if you’re looking or if you want to buy in europe for some reason to buy a non do t rated helmet you’re gonna end up

With a different helmet and the mediums at large and if you have to swap a shield or a part they’re gonna be different shields in part but that’s the big thing i want to home in on while we love this helmet we applaud everything schubert’s done by way of technology and everything i’m going to talk to you about today when we have to reshoot this video is when they

Release the final version and gave us a shell for medium and large that happen to be bigger than originally spect and it increased that weight rating now that being said that’s the biggest bogie you have to cover and if you can get past that it’s a phenomenal helmet i’m gonna dip into a few other key things we’re gonna talk sizing in the middle walk you through the

Nuances like i typically do but i didn’t want to bury the lede i need to address the elephant in the room i need to make sure that we recognize the fact that all of you out there are very smart knowledgeable and you’re gonna spend north of $700 in a helmet chances are you’ve probably already watched one of the videos that we’ve done on the c4 this is the reshoot

The upgrade as we roll into the 2018 season now big thing to call out big changes they’ve redesigned your shield mechanism it now sweeps it’s more aerodynamic it has a great seal a little bit more daftpunk in the styling it is now fully integrated accentuating these turbulator z’ it sweeps to the side here with this ridge breaks up laminar flow again more stable

At speed we love it also you have this ridge down towards the bottom and this shape has been redefined your notice top vent system and mechanism has been made lower profile to generate less noise but ultimately functions the same the other thing you’re going to note here is we still have our drop down sun visor which is great because you never really have change

Your shields they’ve updated the design on this sweeping mechanism that allows you to open and close it and the last thing i want to get into is one of the bigger ones and it’s one of our favorite things about this helmet when you buy this helmet for around the 750 dollar mark it comes pre integrated with a boom microphone and speakers that are going to be baked

Into the ear pockets that are non removable its wired for the antenna everything’s here so that you can add the shubert sc1 there are two versions and standard version and an extended range version for just over the $200 mark you’re basically adding only an ounce and a half and it integrates with a battery and a control unit into these two holes right here you

Literally use the pin that it gives you in the box pop these covers off snap them in and you’re done you have the ability to get phone to helmet gps the helmet ryder – ryder fm radio the extended range up to a mile with up to 10 hours of talk and a week of standby ultimately without having to clamp everything on the outside and while i have this helmet flipped up

Like this you’re also going to see that this ridge in the bottom of the helmet which is now done in a composite material it’s a tpu material what this is done is given rigidity to a helmet that when we think about the c3 pro one of our few gripes of that helmet you know if you remember the lineage of the c3 the c3 wasn’t the right fit it created a pressure point

It was too neutral they fixed the fit on the c3 pro got a lot of things right but it was a little bit too flexible with the face shield up and or with the chin bar up and the chin bar down for our liking they have now updated that so that again that is a nice step forward from schuberth as a redesign redeveloping and really fixing a helmet that ultimately needed

To be improved based on newer technology as they moved into the future and again when i say needed that’s really speaking to the german engineering behind this because they’re not going to sit on the laurels they’re going to go back to the drawing board listen to customer feedback put it through further testing and make sure they iterate with every release of this

Phenomenal modular family that has a lineage it goes back at least a decade at this point now let’s talk briefly about fitment now that we’ve covered some of the nuances and difference as you go from c3 pro to c-4 fitment on this bad boy is going to be the updated shubra fit they call it ergonomic i call it intermediate oval that’s a little bit slight let’s light

Longer so again a little bit longer front to back my head shapes gonna fit it perfectly most of yours 70% of the us market is going to be this intermediate oval head shape if you’re around or more neutral or more earth shaped this is not the fit for you and ultimately if you’re a little bit longer than i am a little bit thinner and narrow that’s something that

You’re gonna need to think about and you might have to actually put one on because ultimately it is more geared for that true intermediate oval head shape again no surprises there one of the things i would call out is schubert i’d like to see you offer upgrade or swappable components for your cheek pads as well as your comfort liner over time i’m sure they will use

A size chart will ship for free over 39 bucks and i love if you click our logo subscribe to us at revzilla on our youtube channel leave me your comments requests your feedback most importantly your comments i’d love to hear for you if that extra four ounces of difference when you go from that original ece version to the d-o-t is a deal-breaker for you or if that’s

Something that you can stomach when you think about all the other benefits the balance and the precision that schubert brings to market with the c4 now if we dive in the first thing i’m going to start with here is the exterior before i even get to the vents let’s talk about dfp prosity processing dfp is the new way of schubert replacing the strong fiber composite

System and it’s less of a random way to construct the shell so you’re still getting this composite architecture on the outer shell which passes the safety ratings is strong and needs to be lightweight the difference is dfp dynamic fiber processing allows a machine versus a randomly sprayed bag mode a machine now will cut the fibers and independently lay them all

Mostly if you think like westworld on hbo how they build those composite humans that’s how these helmets are pieced together and what it allows them to do is beef up the areas that are more crash prone to make sure they cover all the safety ratings but in areas that aren’t going to really get the full brunt of a crash or are going to need a little bit less material

And don’t have to be the same thickness as your true impact areas what they can do is they can dial back and be very precise in the thickness of the shell material which allows them to cut weight and believe it or not even going from 3/8 on the c3 pro to now for 2 on the new one dfp is saving them the ability from having to go into the mid 4 when you add everything

Inclusive of the speakers into this helmet so that’s been a big step up we’ve seen that in some of the newer shubert helmets now we’re seeing it here and the c-4 as well we look at the exterior one of my favorite things on this helmet is the slick factor of the spring-loaded chin vent we do dig it it works quite well it’s very positive other manufacturers take a

Play out of this playbook this could be the future events it just feels like the fit and finish is upgraded when we think about an optically correct class one face shield that’s also going to be impact proof we talked about the turbulator that break up the laminar flow great gasket and seal working its way around and notice how this works here on the side this

Piece is integrated into the helmet itself runs back along the lines that would normally take a spoiler and ultimately is just a very seamlessly done helmet again breaking up airflow creating a smooth surface so what ends up happening is you get a more stable helmet at speed big top chimney vent here open and closed it does have three positions which is a mid

Way that’s two ten millimeter vent holes that are going to directly vent to the mohawk or the top of your head again channeling air down and that’s really it the other vent you’re gonna have on this helmet is the air that comes in and circulates it’s gonna travel down and be extracted out of the bottom i like this helmet in the upright riding position maybe the

Three-quarter i don’t love it as much in the tuck position i think if you’re buying this helmet and you’re riding in the tuck position i think you should have a talk with somebody who rides a little bit more than you if it’s not going to be me and you should make a better choice and buy a sport of your helmet because ultimately this is really designed for more of

A sport touring touring position and you get the best benefit out of the aerodynamic profile as well as the benefit of the vent configuration now if i spin it here you’re gonna get a shot remember we haven’t seen graphics it you’re gonna have a myriad of solid this is going to be your white i’m gonna grab my donut and let’s open this bad boy up if we come over

Here onto the bottom of the helmet we’ve talked about our sc one system easily integrated red button in the front is a very easy chin mechanism to allow you to open it notice it’s metallic hardware here it’s not plastics that’s what happened it’s a very positive lock say the locking mechanism this helmet feels even more precise than the c3 pro a nice step forward

If we look removable chin skirt now when we get into the bottom of this helmet there’s actually a lot of function here it’s not an emergency cheap powder removal system that’s a trade-off but what it does have and it makes the cheap pads a complete pain to take out but that’s ok is you have the arrows 8r os the anti-roll off system which means in the back of the

Helmet you have two anchor points with two straps that ultimately come around and fix it around your jawline so there’s a strap in here covered by the cheek pad which allows it to this helmet if you are in a crash that wants to pull your helmet off your head rotationally that way it’s actually going to stop it if we look here rubberized so it won’t fall off your

Seat reflective paneling so that you’re going to get the benefit of being seen if you’re in that three-quarter position more of a sport touring position and notice this mesh this mesh is for breathability especially here in the back as that air channels down the back and it’s extracted out of the back of the helmet so what i’m not going to do here is i work past my

Shubert as they typically do micro metric ratchet which is nice and the way it’s done it’s a one-handed removal by that little strap and again it’s a safety dual hinge locking mechanism what you have is a shiny tex material which i’m going to pull out my comfort liner here i’m not gonna pull out my cheek pads because they tend to be a little bit tougher to remove

Notice there’s a lot going on actually i’m gonna do it on one of the sides here just to show you but i’m not going to do it on both notice how all this comes apart i promise if you have if you have the luxury of time in the comfort of your own home this is not that difficult but on camera here today we did not free snake it through it’s a little tougher so what

I’m gonna do is give it ten more seconds of this cheek pad and then i’m going to abort mission so i am gonna abort mission here but i want to give you a shot of here’s my there’s my neck roll it comes off it slightly rotates again when you get into integrated tech sometimes you think about things like your car when you get in behind the dash it becomes a mixture

Of wires i’m not gonna say it’s bad design i’m just gonna say there’s a lot going on here’s my neck roll it rotates out let me take out my comfort liner you need to be able to see the shiny tex material 1 & 2 pulling out my neck roll it’s connected slightly to the backs of the cheek pads there we go so here’s my shiny tex material notice sonically welded if we

Think about the first version of what became a family closer this which is truly that’s iii used to have two dots up on the far head you used to also have a flap to close the air for coal whether riding what they’ve done is they’ve tossed that now we have our snaps up here wider knowing they’re gonna play a little bit nicer in the sandbox with an intermediate oval

Head shape you also have your adjustable top mechanism which allows you to really fine-tune where this padding goes for the best level of comfort and support and we look at the sides everything’s kind of detachable and i would say interchangeable but shubert at this point does not have a replacement parts that you can buy separately to fine-tune but what happens

When you pull this off you’re gonna see shiny tex antimicrobial wicking it’s gonna pull sweat away it is sonically welded it is really nicely done it’s very luxurious i’ve been use luxurious in a video in a while but i don’t have a bed you’re better adjective for it it just feels very pro you’re spending over 700 bucks everything should work really well together

And again i want to go back i dock this helmet remember zero points for the fact that it is complex on the inside that is part of the technology and protection system that you’re buying notice here’s our anti roll-off system and what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna spread these guys out here a second before i did i’m going to show you the pre integrated scene of speakers

Off the 20s they are the bigger speakers they carry a great sound quality again you’re getting a premium pre-integrated upgrade there and what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna pull these guys to the side and i am going to open this up so you can see the guts notice even the liner is spray the inside of this is going to have a fuzzier material which just cleans it up and

Finished it off notice those two ten millimeter vent holes in the front that channel all the way down through the back and exit up towards the top again the fit and finish are premium i love the new vent mechanism i love the sc one pre-integration i love the fact that they have tweaked this helmet and really changed a lot of the styling which gives you a better

Aerodynamic profile the quiet is still where it needs to be one last thing that i didn’t mention is you even have a setting for the depth in which the nose comes down on your drop down sun visor you can either leave it in the normal position coming down further or you can put this stop in place which stops it and takes off about five millimeters so again a lot of

Adjustability and fine tune ability on this helmet my big gripe is that for the us market the medium and large which are the most common sizes now go up to four pounds two ounces where we thought they were going to come in at three pounds twelve so again that’s the information that you need no to make an informed decision click the info button your next step is to

Visit the product detail page and the best thing that you can do truly is to read other rider reviews to see how this new c4 is performing for other riders going through longer distance testing putting this guy through its paces every day as always will ship for free over 39 bucks if you want to talk to a gear geek see us at rates seven seven seven

Nine two nine four five five thanks for watching our detailed breakdown traverse subscribe to us at revzilla on our youtube channel say update with our opinion of the latest in greatest the motor universe i’m anthony we’ll see you next time you

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