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Scorpion Belfast Helmet Review at

Scorpion Belfast Helmet Review

Hey this is anthony with revzilla tv watch decide and ride welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new scorpion belfast open face helmet available at new moving into 2016 this is the new belfast from scorpion now they’ve done a ct 220 before which is more of a cruiser oriented open face this is not that story this is around the 200 mark this is a

Premium open face with a very unique style now the belfast comes in four colors gonna have our pearl white we’re gonna have matte black we’re going to have a metallic blue denim there’s also a candy red and again they’re leading with style here d.o.t shell but they didn’t sacrifice on the tech now it’s fiberglass which is a nice step up from polycarb what fiberglass

Allows you to do is really get that weight down so two pounds nine ounces for this bad boy and if we look at it at first glance it’s really going to be does this style speak to you so whether you’re on a retro bike whether you’re on a harley whether you’re on a cafe on a bobber whatever your style if this works for you if you’re going with this theme this is going

To be a great solution because it pulls a lot of the bases together really well very light and it even gives you an extra pop of functionality by the speed view sun visor which comes down which is tinted which allows you to not have to carry a shield now let’s talk briefly about the sizing sizing is going to be intermediate oval a little bit longer front to back

That’s what i call normal american i shot i have to start just calling it that it’s not going to be overly round not going to be narrow but again if you have a head like mine a little bit longer front to back you should just be fine use our size chart remember we’ll ship for free over 39 bucks with this guy qualifies for what i really love is if you click our logo

Subscribe to revzilla tv let me know your first impressions of the new belfast now diving into some of the details remember we talked about fiberglass we talked about lightweight notice three snap design across the front it will take many standard three snap shields if you want to add them in the other thing right we talked about the drop down sun visor if you want

To use it you’re not using it it gets out of the way you don’t even know it’s there but they also gave you cutaways they’re not really cutaways you can see but they’re going to be cutaways within the padding around the cheek pads so if you want to rock eyeglasses or sunglasses underneath this guy it’s going to be easier to get them in and out because the padding

Becomes very lightweight to non-existent right where my fingers are that’s a nice touch if we rotate it around you’re gonna see here on the pearl white version you have racing stripes the only version that has those the other colors are just solid and we make it to the back notice it is going to be leather and that leather is a snap that pops up here and really

Allows you to connect your goggles so if you’re rocking a pair of retro inspired goggles you can actually hang them off the back now notice here on the back the fact that this has kind of like a high bikini line here i’d other way i don’t know how else to describe it but notice the eps is going to drop down the eps comes down it’s coated in this fine leather they’re

Using throughout the helmet which is actually real leather not synthetic the stitch but what they’ve done here is they wanted to create this angle which really adds to the style but they didn’t want to limit the protection aspect so they dropped the eps gave you the ability to highlight this leather but really gave it this high waisted area here along the back which

Really accents the line of the helmet now if i come back around to the front you’re going to see it’s nappa leather on the inside i will tell you i don’t have very many gripes about this helmet for the price my only gripe for around the 200 mark i wish you could take out some of the guts and clean it they’re not giving you that option but that’s okay i think there’s

A lot of helmet here and i think they got most of the bases as well as the nuance correct even if i can’t really pull out the cheek pads and rejigger them now if we look at it you’ll see the stitching along the side you’ll see this napoleon leather on the inside which is going to be even softer and wicking against your skin you can see it up along the top and into the

Crown as well notice it is a double d-ring construction that’s going to be your base level there again you’re not going to go new school on a helmet that has really an old school inspired design to it remember four colors available and this is going to be their more premium open face really retro inspired from scorpion this is the new belfast the next step in your

Journey is to click the info button on your screen or on your desktop device visit the product detail page at and see what other riders are saying about the new scorpion belfast as always we’re going to ship for free over 39 bucks if you want to talk to a gear geek see us at or 877 792-9455 thanks for watching our detailed breakdown

Remember subscribe to us at revzilla tv on our youtube channel i’m anthony we’ll see you next time you

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