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Scorpion EXO EXO-R410 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

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I’m matt from chaperon motorsports here with scorpions xo for 10 the xo for 10 shares a lot of the same qualities and features as the xor mm which a scorpions premiere race helmet that is an incredible value of its own but in my opinion the 410 is absolutely the best bang for your buck when it comes to what you get for the price let me know if you agree or disagree

With me subscribe to our youtube channel leave us some comments all right let’s run through the features starting with the shell what we have here is a snell m2010 dod approved lg polycarbonate outer shell that’s extremely lightweight and it’s coming in well under $200 for being an entry level helmet the ventilation is pretty impressive throughout the front of the

Helmet is a total of six vents that’s going to draw a lot of air in and as all that hot air builds up there’s ten rear exhaust fans to suck it all out now that’s going to make sure you have the best experience while you ride now that’s all fine and dandy but here’s where the helmet really starts to shine like the 2000 it has the elliptic ratcheting system what

This does is pull the shield back closer to the gasket creating an airtight seal to the helmet here on the left is this lever what this will allow you to do is either lock the shield or leave it in the cracked position for even more airflow now the shield of course is everclear no fog anti-scratch with the option of the pin lock max vision setup and you also have

The option to swap out the shield for light or dark smoke as well another feature that’s great is this quiet neck roll there’s nothing worse than a noisy helmet it completely kills the ride especially if you’re commuting this will close up the open space under your jaw and around your neck so with the elliptic ratchet system the chin skirt and the neck roll you’ll

Definitely enjoy the ride on the neck roll you’ll notice these red tabs these are emergency release tabs that pull right out just in case you go down and the emergency crew has to safely remove the helmet from you now that really bumps up the value factor now one more feature before i tear this thing apart it has these not just cutout in the cheek pads so you can

Get a better fit with your glasses or sunglasses this is called the quick fit system now for the liner this is the quick quick two liner it’s a very soft material it’s great at managing sure within the helmet it’s also antimicrobial removable and washable let me pull out the liner so you can see the cutouts so going back to the ventilation these cutouts allow the

Air to flow over the head and through the channels in the eps so this happens to be the split graphic and balloon orange it also comes in three other colorways in this same look so be sure to check out all of the colors and graphics available at shop moto comm and as you know it we have three easy ways to shop give us a call one eight hundred eight four one two

Nine six zero visit us at shop norcom or see us at our 160,000 square foot motorsports superstore thanks for watching i’m matt from chaparral your destination for all things motorsports you

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Scorpion EXO EXO-R410 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review By Chaparral Motorsports