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Side by Side Comparo! ICON Variant Pro Dual Sport Adventure Helmet Detailed Breakdown

Kyle from shows off and breaks down the differences between the ICON Variant the NEW ICON Variant PRO helmet. Check them out here: Kyle has also put over 300 miles on this helmet now and he discusses his ride impressions as well.

Hello uncle brad some sample motorsports and today i have in front of me a brand new item from icon motorsports well not necessarily brand new but a new version of the variant helmet this is called the variant pro and it has some very unique and specific changes that we think you’re gonna like so come on in and take a look as we give you the detailed breakdown of

What’s different between the original variant and the new variant pro so here on the table in front of me i’ve got the variant pro and the original variant helmet now i already had these down in the helmet department and i’ve put them on our helmet scale the very pro in a size large weighed in at 3 pounds 7 ounces now the original variant weighed in at 3 pounds

13 ounces that’s a significant difference between the two again the shell construction is the same one to the other but they did some internal changes that allows the variant pro to be a lighter helmet some of the initial things you’re gonna notice between the two helmets is the visor the peak visor is going to be different than that of the original variant it is

Some wind tunnel testing and they found ways to make this helmet almost neutral when wind is hitting it now i have just got done from riding about 50 miles in this helmet fast highway twisties and some pretty good off-road so as we’re doing this review i’m going to be putting clips of that in there so you can see just exactly what i’m talking about when it comes

To the features and benefits of this icon variant pro helmet now it’s funny that i had mentioned windtunnel testing because the original variant helmet i did get a little bit of pull on and this one here that was completely eliminated now those comments were made prior to me actually learning that this helmet was redesigned in a wind tunnel so no wonder they were

Able to get a really good flow off of the peak visor of this helmet now as far as ventilation goes i was able to feel great ventilation through the upper vents here but was not able to feel a whole lot of ventilation from the chin vent now that could be due to the fact that i was wearing a gopro camera down there and that could have obstructed it but those are

Some of the things that are going to come out in the wash we put more miles on these helmets testing them so we can come back to you with a real detailed on-road review of what we really think well talking about ventilation up there on the chin there is a change in how that vent is function on the original helmet here we have a little slide bar here on the front

That open and closed on this new helmet it is underneath and this vent system here functions just by hitting this with your thumb as you’re riding down the road now you can see on the inside of this helmet that vent opening and closing it’s a pretty large opening i would imagine that i would have felt more air flowing in the helmet when i did open that up now the

Caveat to that is i was riding a motorcycle that did have a windscreen so it could have been i was in enough of a clean air bubble that i wasn’t able to feel that wind coming in through that chin vent so again another thing that i’ll have to take to the drawing board and the test again in order to see exactly how much air is gonna come in from that vent i actually

Am a fan of these vents underneath being accessible directly on the helmet shell itself instead of it being up on top of that peak visor i think that’s a benefit for this newly redesigned helmet when it comes to the visor change the original variant was a little bit quirky the new variant pro is very different when it comes to the visor change basically remove

The whole peak visor it slides forward and off and that allows you to get to the actual shield to be able to change it very different it’s a new thing that ikon is doing and we’re curious to see what your feedback is on this style of setup now when it comes to exhaust venting you’re gonna notice that the new variant pro does not have these rear vents down here at

The bottom it does have top chimney vents here but they’re covered by this plastic piece and you can’t really see them but if you’re to look inside the helmet in the back you’re gonna be able to see to really large vent holes here at the top now an interesting fact to that is the fact that when this helmet has water pouring down on top of it because this solid

Piece of plastic is covering those vents no water should be going inside this shell through those open holes that should be a benefit to you if you happen to ride in wet weather again we know that these helmets were designed up there in the pacific northwest where it is quite wet so they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to wet weather technology

Now rotating around to the back of the helmet you’re going to notice that the new variant pro has a significant up cut here in the back now i did notice and i was wearing this helmet that the helmet seemed like it was a little bit shorter here on the neck it allowed me to have lots of room and maneuverability it felt more free or flowing if you will a lot of air

Between the helmet and the top of my jacket a little bit more than i ever noticed when i was wearing this standard variant helmet as you can notice on this variant helmet it comes all the way down to the bottom and i think that the reason this is cut the way it is is to accentuate air flow so winds gonna be coming around the helmet it’s gonna hit this little channel

Here and it’s going to kind of cause this wind flow effect that i was definitely able to feel between my neck and the jacket and the helmet so those are the quick details of what this helmet looks like or how it varies from the original variant helmet alright the visor change on this is quite unique now you have to bear with me this is my second time actually doing

The visor change so over time it will get a lot easier to do and if i fumble with it please bear with me now let me preface this with the fact that you can’t change out the face shield without removing the peak visor i don’t know that’s a security thing but that is what’s gonna happen here you’re gonna notice the first step is going to be to depress this button

Right here on the top of the peak visor so we’re gonna push that down and then we’re gonna pull this peak visor forward and that’s going to slip out of this group and it’s going to rotate forward and then release from the sides you’re gonna notice that we have a little t-shaped button right here that’s going to slide in here and that’s going to keep everything

Connected and attached once that peak visor is removed we can now lift this all the way up and then when it’s in the up position there’s a tab down here that pops out and allows us to come completely off of the hinge so that would be the process in removing the actual face shield from the helmet if you’re going to swap it out to a different color or a different

Tint now the installation of the new shield or visor is going to be the same we’re going to go ahead and make sure that we line up the tabs here then we’re going to snap it into place close that down then we’re going to take our peak visor we’re going to make sure that the tabs here on the inside line up vertically with the tab here on the side like so once those

Are locked into place we’re going to rotate this visor up we’re gonna stick it down and lock it into place this is a very secure way to make sure that this face shield will never come off this helmet as its held in place by this peak visor now that we talked a lot about the outside of the helmet we’ve looked at the peak visor and we’ve looked at the shield let’s

Dig into the guts of this and take a look at what the liner looks like the first thing we notice are the d rings here these are a very lightweight material out of this titanium or aluminum but it’s definitely not stamped steel i kind of like that has a nice quality finish to it so the cheek pads are gonna be velcroed in with two snaps that hold them in place so go

Ahead and pull those out real quick we’re now gonna look down inside this helmet we have a back liner that comes all the way forward so this is going to be the center liner if you will that’s going to be an individual piece that runs from the back of the helmet all the way to the front now moving on to the next two pieces we’re gonna have these two side pieces that

They’re going to have their own two snaps one on the left and one on the right so between these five pieces really three different sections if you will you’ve got the center you’ve got the sides and you have the cheek pads you can actually modify each of these pieces to get the proper fit for your specific head shape now when it comes to the line of material this

Is a hydra dry fabric it’s gonna be moisture wicking antimicrobial it’s gonna be easy to just toss into your wash machine wash it let it dry and then throw it right back into your helmet well we have this helmet torn apart real quick i want to point out a couple of the features now the very large channels that you see here is going to facilitate a lot of airflow so

That you can ensure that this helmet is going to be as cool as many of the other helmets out there in the market you’re also going to see ample cutouts there right next to the chin straps that cutout right there is for your helmet speakers now this helmet is recommended for the ikon ra-yu intercom system let’s give me a very low profile system that’s gonna stick

On the outside of the helmet here that has a flat cable or a flat wire it’s gonna come up underneath the helmet that’s gonna allow you to have the most low-profile helmet speaker set up inside your helmet now that reu unit is made by cena it is a top called unit i have it installed on my air flight helmet and i gotta say i really like the way that it functions

That system has three buttons it’s very simple to use and the charge lasts a really long time take a look at our complete installation video of that our au unit on an icon air flight helmet the link to that installation video will be in the description i guess there is one last piece inside this helmet that i haven’t really talked a whole lot about and that’s going

To be the chin skirt here it simply has hook and loop on each side that’s going to allow you to be able to easily remove it if you don’t want it installed as you can see it has a very unique cutout here and that cutout allows us to be able to fit so that you still have access to the chin vent system well there it is folks that is your detailed breakdown of the new

Icon variant pro helmet as you can see this variant pro is very different than the original variant that was released years ago that has been a very popular helmet in the adventure and dual sport world if you have any questions about this helmet please leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you asap if you like we saw today please give it a thumbs

Up and feel more action like the coming directly to your email inbox please hit that subscribe button and more importantly the notification bell i’m coff from chevron motorsports thank you for joining us today until next time take care and ride safe out there you

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Side by Side Comparo! ICON Variant Pro Dual Sport Adventure Helmet Detailed Breakdown By Chaparral Motorsports