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Smart motorcycle helmet manufacturers are on the up and creating smart helmets to suite the modern riders needs.

With an established riser demand for helmet mods being nailed clamped glued and screwed to most helmets we figured it’s time to take a closer look at what smart helmets can actually do how much they cost and if they’re actually worth it now don’t get me wrong as i know it’s not for everyone however for those of us that have embraced the 24 7 smart world i find

It difficult to figure out why we’re still languishing in the stone age when it comes to smart helmets take for instance a heads-up display or hood as the more commonly known though without a shadow of a doubt of very cool bits of kit that can provide you with a whole host of helpful information and to be able to receive that information directly to your line of

Sight with no need to take your eyes off the road even for if only a second must only be a good thing but to have the ability to see what’s going on behind you without taking your eyes off what’s going on in front of you well that’s almost sorcery isn’t it lots of smart lids have ascs or action safety cameras now yes of course being able to bust your fellow riders

About your fearless riding skills is one thing but being able to show them is something completely different altogether and let’s not forget with insurance companies increasingly urging riders to use them cam footage is almost a must if you ever involved in an accident some manufacturers have also started to integrate stop turn and headlights into the helmets

Vastly improving your visibility to all other road users mesh intercom systems the ability to talk to a group of riders over an extended range satellite navigation systems never get lost again bluetooth communication systems crash detection beacons believe me the list goes on now as well as the ability to integrate all the latest tech into a helmet let’s not

Forget how to look because depending on what you want from a smart helmet the choice of style available and the color option to choose from does vary the tape rinse is a smart helmet that has bluetooth gps an intercom google series smart helmet assistant camera in the front a camera in the rear and a heads-up display then i’m afraid your choices are going to be

Pretty limited at the moment with javish and cross being probably the only two helmets that has it covered not to say that the javish and cross are pretty smart looking lids however if you’re just looking for say a cam on the front and a bluetooth then with companies like senna ply and a few others then your options all of a sudden start to open up and for those

Of you that just want a simple bluetooth system then the world’s your oyster in fact nowadays it seems like everyone’s producing some sort of smart helmet and that surely has to tell you the direction of travel when it comes to smart helmets well metaphorically speaking anyway now for the doubting out there and i’m sure i can hear you thinking surely with all

This junk jumped into a helmet it can’t be very safe now come a bit closer for this because this is quite important i’m going to let you into a little secret to get any helmet proof for use on the road first of all it gets bashed bounced hit hammered and squashed to with an inch of its life and only then if it survives a third beating will it be allowed to sport

A dot a s or ece sticker now to add an extra layer of safety over and above anything you can find let’s say in a dump helmet smart helmet manufacturers are also starting to introduce accelerometers into the helmets that can act as an intelligent crash detection system that can identify if you’re involved in a crash and then send out a message beacon and notifying

The relevant emergency services informing them of your location not of course there would hope anybody would have to use that when you’re a biker listening to the sweet pair of a well-chilled engine is one of the many joys of riding however if you’ve been riding for a while you like many others will know what it’s like to have that sweet snap disrupted by your

Noisy helmet and that’s why many manufacturers spend huge amounts of money designing their helmets to slip through the air as silently as possible so you don’t have to be a genius to work out the more junk you bolt and glue to your helmet the louder it’s gonna be not to mention the next time you open up the throttle you’re heading next on and know about it as

You’ve just turned your helmet into something that’s about as aerodynamic as a fridge i will completely get that there’s going to be some of you out there shouting at the screen you know what not even mentioned the price once i bet they’re really expensive you know and like we said earlier a smart helmet won’t be for everyone but before you go getting all bent

Out of shape about the price just hold your horses for a moment while we examine that a little further for instance let’s take a look at how much it would cost you to make your own smart helmet so first of all you’re gonna need a helmet geez ryan you always come up with the goods let’s say a conservative 200 for something that’s half decent and is going to keep

Your head safe now the next thing any self-respecting helmet’s gonna need is a 4k action cam let’s say another 150 for something that’s not gonna fall to bits after you’ve used it for a few times now let’s not forget that no helmet could truly call itself a smart helmet without some sort of mesh or bluetooth kit to keep you in touch with all your rider buddies

Let’s say another 100 or so and for when you are out riding on your own some sort of cash detection system just to be on the safe side let’s call it 70 shall we oh yeah and of course let’s not forget the coolest of all the helmet tech a very useful heads-up display another 300 and that’s being pretty conservative i would say and of course last but by no means

Least depending on the hood you buy another 4k cap to link up to it to see what’s going on behind you another 150. now to be quite honest by now we just ended up with something that looks like frankenstein’s monster not to mention the problem you’re going to have getting it all worked together in harmony put it another way if you wanted a car with a sunroof would

You buy your car without one chop a hole in it and put one in yourself no you wouldn’t because we know the factory fitted one would work much better and look much better but i changed my helmet every three years what do you think i am made of money and that’s a very good point apart from if you’re anything like the average tech hungry biker in three years time

From now you’ll probably be already wanting to upgrade to the latest mesh protocol or bluetooth system have your eye on that new 50k action cam and the latest hud system because let’s face it technology doesn’t hang around anymore and the tech hungers out there want to keep up with it so now that we’ve figured out just what gadgets you can safely jam into a smart

Helmet and if you try to make one yourself the cost would be comparable to buying one let’s take a quick look at a bunch of smart lids what’s in them whether they’re worth the money but more importantly whether you can actually get your hands on one of them the icrs from cranium has a fun 4k action cam twin rear-facing safety cams a crash detection system a twin

Hood display a full bluetooth suite proximity sensors auto tinting visor gps helmet tracker and rear helmet leds and also up to 256 gigs of on-board storage all wrapped up in a very tasty looking cabinet shelf now depending on how much of what’s available you decide to stick in this helmet the irc will cost you anywhere from 650 to 1800 us dollars which we think

Is not that bad as a decent carbon fiber helmet will set you back around 400 or so and that’s before you even start bolting any toys to it however here’s the crunch with the cranium still only taking pre-orders for its new smart lid the jury’s still out and whether or not it’ll ever see the light of day now personally i’ve got my fingers crossed as it is one of

My favorite lids jarvish a front-facing 2k action camera heads-up display for bluetooth suite featuring voice activation again all wrapped up in a really nice looking carbon shell so while the jarvish x is currently available to buy for around 900 us dollars the jarvish xar that’ll feature a heads-up display and we hope a rear-facing cam is still in the pipeline

But we are actually confident that this helmet will appear on the market as the jarvis x is already available the new tally features a state-of-the-art intelligent crash detection system integrated stop turn and signal illumination a full bluetooth suite incorporating siri alexa or a google helmet assistant and a gps location beacon so although the tally is set to

Cost around 1200 us dollars if it ever comes to market that is we did think the helmet’s a little overpriced for what you get but there again can you ever really put a price on increasing rider safety the cross has been around for a little while now with its rear view camera heads-up display sound control smart touch panel controls integrated led safety lights and

Full bluetooth suite it truly is a real smart helmet now although the cross has got all the whistles and bells you need in a smart helmet and it’s also available to buy right now at around 1800 us dollars all its great tech is unfortunately all wrapped up in a polycarbonate shell that we think makes it a bit on the expensive side not to say there are still plenty

Of people that have and will continue to throw the money at one and be very happy with what they get so if you are into bike and rider tech reviews and so pay for more stuff like this if you haven’t already but think it’s worth it give this video a thumbs up one of these two reviews will be probably good to watch next thanks for watching this one my name’s bobby max i’m outta here you

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