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Testing the Sena SMH10 on the G Max Modular Helmet

Hello everybody smyrna cowboy here how y’all doing today today is april something let’s see what day it is can’t remember what day it is and that’s sad you gotta rely on a phone tell you what day it is now it’s april something let’s see i can’t even see it i think it’s april 25th well i’ll put the right date up there anyway 2015 2015 on a saturday evening at uh

10 til seven at night just went to uh cracker barrel pick us up some supper tonight and um i put the uh cena tens in today on both my helmets and i’m testing out the mic placement it’s basically the same thing that i had before remember that place lonnie and uh so i’m just giving her a test run see how it does i can’t get it synced up with my um media audio on

My phone i know there’s something i’ve got to pair up or something like that it may be a multi multi point or something i’ll have to read up on that but everything other functions are doing good it works with my xm radio and it makes phone calls so pretty much what i want it to do so that’s all i wanted it for and to sing it with other riders and stuff because

The cenas are getting more and more popular and that debacle at the music city spring ride so i decided to go ahead and get me a pair and i just wanted to give you another reminder about uh the psa this year coming up close we’ll try to put them all together edit them and uh get them by the first week in may for motorcycle safety awareness month so if you would

You send your five ten second clip in just you beside your bike and just say what you do you’re a student uh rocket scientist or whatever so we can just get the person to the bike a human being to the bike that has responsibilities families and such as that so if you would just uh you can send them to the smyrna cowboy at or if you want to post a video

On youtube i could probably download it and then get it from there from youtube i think i have an app on my new laptop that’ll let me do that then i can render it and edit it and splice them all together so nothing’s really been happening all that much just um playing with my new toy here i’ve got it also on my vlogging helmet i want to you use it tomorrow and go

To breakfast with my buddy bill at hardy’s in the morning at 7. you know what really gets me though is when you’re working and you go to bed early nine o’clock and then the alarm wakes you up to get up at 3 30. but on your days off you go to bed at 10 9 30 10 o’clock expecting to sleep in a little bit late but no you wake up on your own at about 15 after three

And then you cannot go back to sleep welcome to my world i guess it’s psychological it’s only explanation that i can think of you know what i’m saying so it’s like uh well alrighty then case of rozzera i reckon well this video is uh short and sweet so i guess we will catch you guys and gals later this is a smyrna cowboy here in smyrna tennessee wishing you and

Yours a good day and until next time adios

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Testing the Sena SMH10 on the G Max Modular Helmet By theSMYRNAcowboy