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The HELMET weve been WAITING FOR! | Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Unboxing and First Impressions

Our BRAND NEW Ruroc Atlas 4.0 just got in! Time to unbox it and check out all the new upgrades that we asked for in the last version!

Drum roll please ladies and gentlemen boys and girls chase on two wheels here for an unboxing does the box say it of the of the atlas 4.0 from our buddies over at rock um so before we get into this box we need to talk about what i’m looking for in the atlas 4.0 i’ve got an entire spec document thing that we got trade reading through right now but i just watched

Through my atlas 3.0 video the actual review video and from what i remember or from what i said in that video the things i’m looking for in a next-gen rurock helmet i’m looking for updated padding because for the price of this helmet the padding should be super premium because of the shape of my head i would like to be able to put it on a little easier i would like

The material of the chin skirt like you know the little guy down here the material that locks it into the helmet i want that to be a little more secure something i noticed the other day 90 of the time i ride with ear plugs in uh just normally that’s just my normal thing that’s in a ruroc that’s in any other helmet the other day everybody here at the shop went for

A ride with triumphs and we rode some tiger 660s had a great time not gonna make a video on it we rode 200 miles that day and i had forgotten my earplugs and i was in my atlas 3.0 the helmet is loud there’s no way to get around it so i’m hoping that this helmet is less loud than the other one i’ll still wear earplugs but i think i i would like to have a less loud

Helmet another thing we’re looking for something that i haven’t experienced personally but others in the shop have is quality assurance on some of the helmets they got in so we’ve got one shot here to see if the quality assurance is good hopefully it is i imagine it will be but the real test of that will be when we get all the other team helmets in so we’ll check

It here we’ll go from there supposedly ruroc had shipping issues with their atlas 3.0 uh clearly they learned from that because they told me atlas 4.0 will not go on sale until they are fully stocked in their warehouse so shipping is shouldn’t be an issue totally different shipping situation regardless unboxing atlas 4.0 let’s let’s let’s do the thing let’s see

The updates now we know rock’s got the good uh insert premium integrated audio here okay we have a full black box we have the liquid carbon here i decided to go with the same helmet that i currently have for my uh atlas 3.0 because i love it look at this little vista that’s pretty cool okay i’m i got to not do the uh because people make fun of me i get excited

About this some people don’t designed and engineered in the united kingdom so all you uk people props to y’all visor is this my orange one or is this the black one let’s find out all right so that’s the smoked visor i will not ride unless i have a red visor it’s this is what we’re here for oh god okay unsuspecting at first okay we have a little we have a little

Visor opening and closed that feels secure as hell okay good we got the same visor situation that’s tool-less we love that all right chin skirt first thing up now against my better judgment i’m gonna go ahead and pull this chin skirt out okay uh vent in the front uh there’s a little opening closed in the front feels pretty close to the uh other atlas 3.0 don’t

Know if that’s changed but didn’t have a problem with that previously all right um i’m going to oh wow there uh the material at the bottom of the padding whoa that can you grab me a black nondescript motorcycle helmet so that i can or the padding out of a non-descript motorcycle padding that starts with the s can you do a jumpy boy if you could hand me that

Padding please bo this is thicker than this okay so all right we’re before we get into the padding padding is a big deal uh we’ve got some pretty durable looking material here on the bottom of the padding but i’m going to pull out the chin skirt against my better judgment to see what they’re secured in there with that feels way more so i feel that that doesn’t

Have that as much of a flimsy feel as the other one it’s still not a super hard material but yeah so this will be this is a big deal yeah yeah so now i got to get the chin skirt back in okay that snapped in i didn’t see where this one is i see it now okay all right okay chin skirt went back in that was a big deal uh for me personally all right so we still got

The fidlock buckle i i personally i really do love the fed lock buckle taking a helmet off with that is so easy should i just try it on should i just like go for it before i start tearing into it yep um so trying on the atlas 3.0 i have to do my little ear tuck situation i don’t think i’ve ever put a helmet on where i don’t have to do the ear tuck situation uh

But that is a thing so how do you pronounce the r-e-r-h-e-o-n rion rion there’s some extra protection as a shot we’re calling it round all right atlas 4.0 helmet try on this might be wrong size okay we were warned for this so with the atlas 4.0 they have changed the padding and the internals so much so that the fitment is a little tighter do you fit that

On your head i don’t know if i’m getting it off boy yeah i didn’t well come over here so you can so people can hear you bo and i wore the same size atlas 3.0 that is your face is smooshed could you tell anything from having it on since now we’re gonna have to order a large oh that’s a no i wore a medium atlas 3.0 i clearly wear a large atlas 4.0 so you have

To do our initial padding impressions there’s a lot more of it uh-huh the material feels a lot better against the face it’s not that weird neoprene thing do you think that is an upgrade from the 3.0 personally the padding itself what i’m trying to feel for is multi-density i know for a fact it’s multi-density i was told that yeah i can feel it here because if you

Feel right here and just put light pressure right where that is okay feel how that is now go past that point push down slowly yeah it you can feel that little top piece feels a lot i mean overall the insides feel better how did it feel on the head well here’s the weird thing is once it was on the head i was a little smooshed yeah it’s much much yeah incredibly

So how does it break in is gonna be the real question are we gonna get a large and it’s gonna fit great but then it breaks in life yeah so that’ll be a long-term review situation um so i guess the only thing we can really talk about uh we got dot we got ece rating so 3.0 got sharp for four star or whatever yeah all right so at this point we’re on pause if you’re

Ordering an atlas 4.0 and you had a 3.0 order a size down because your face needs to be tight but not wait what’d i say you sit down if you have a medium order if you have a medium go large uh huge difference with that and we will continue this once we get a large and i can try one on and tell you guys alrighty ladies and gentlemen we are back uh shout out to

The dudes over at ruroc they were able to uh get us a large back in the shop within a few days so you guys are awesome so i’m gonna unbox this super fast and we’ll catch back up to where we just work oh they sent a mercury one check that out i haven’t got to see one of these yet alrighty guys so we have the uh atlas 4.0 mercury here and uh this is going to

Look so much better with the black visor so i’m just going to go ahead and pop it on real quick ah just as it should be all right dudes black visor on the mercury looking so much better look how clean i guess you guys need to see it on that camera look how clean the top of it is now so one of the things rock did was take out the vents in the top to give it more

Aerodynamicness and i guess uh cut down on the wind that you would hear inside the helmet the main thing i want in this helmet updated padding and less wind noise if i get that chase will be a happy boy and uh hopefully you guys can see we’ve got all these brand new internals so it does feel heavier as a helmet i will note that as well tucking my ears that’s

Not a big deal every helmet in existence needs that and that does not feel like a rock helmet at all these pads are so much thicker like you can tell instantly like even pulling them off putting the helmet on they push in and they hold your head so much tighter but not in like a bad way actually hold on comes off way better so the ear holes are relative i want to

Try to put this on without uh tucking my ears in and see how that works oh my god my ears actually they bend in when i pull it on and then when the ear holes get in they go they pop into the ear holes that’s awesome okay so a large if you guys fit into a medium atlas 1 2 or 3.0 you definitely need a large this feels great alrighty dudes fitment large feels so

Much better night and day difference but the main question is when i’m riding and i’m not going to put my earplugs in what does it sound like so the fitment was one of the huge deals love to see that that’s changed um or better i guess so let’s jump on a bike let’s go ride real quick and let’s find out what it feels like after that because that’s that’s what we

Need to know alrighty guys i just got back from that little our ride around our floopy loop and here’s the things that initially popped out to me one the fit of this helmet is so much different than the atlas is in the past i find that the atlases in the past seem more i don’t want to use the word comfortable they were more soft whereas this has a very distinct

Difference of feel where you feel like the helmet is holding you in key positions throughout the uh throughout the whole thing i can feel it specifically up here in my cheeks there’s a good firm like grasp i guess there’s a strong hold in the back not uncomfortable but just like hey i’m like i’m holding you good the helmet feels incredibly light i don’t know

If that’s because i don’t have all my gopro stuff on it for moto vlogging or whatever but uh you guys probably saw the clip i’m moving my head all around the helmet feels like there’s no drag which is really cool so i don’t have the pin lock in this visor you know they’re pin lock ready for the visors but it’s kind of cold out today so when i would be when i

Would breathe it would fog the visor a little bit and then it would like unfog relatively quickly so i thought that was pretty cool most of the time i’ve got pin locks in mine anyway so fogging is not really an issue so as far as wind noise it’s still got a lot of wind noise but if an atlas 3.0 was like a 9 out of 10 i would probably put this at like a 6 out

Of 10. the wind noise is better but it’s still definitely there at the end of the day it is a carbon fiber helmet it is a lighter helmet so i think we’re always going to have some sort of wind noise because of the style of helmet it is the one thing that i really loved was putting the helmet on my ears i don’t know if i’ve ever worn a helmet where my ears had

Enough room except for that typically my ears are always bent it it’s why if you guys ever see a video and i’m putting a helmet on if it’s a rural if it’s any other helmet i put it on halfway i tuck my elf ears in and then pull the pull the helmet down i can legitimately just my ears go in and then they’re super comfortable and i feel a lot of the helmet being

Held right there it’s firm but it’s comfortable so overall pretty solid obviously uh one of the big tests with this padding since the padding is such a big deal for this helmet is we have to see how it breaks in that is going to be incredibly important so this is an unboxing it’s a 6 out of 10 on the noise scale feels way more secure but you guys know we spend

A lot of time riding here in the shop so give me a few months with this where we’re writing every single day and we’ll see how it gets after we’ll do like a six month review uh maybe not six maybe like a one month review one month review should be good so that’s going to be it for this video guys stay tuned we’ll give you a one month review we’ll let you know how

It’s breaking in how the wind noise is if i can figure out this whole visor thing of course i do it perfectly as i’m complimenting or complaining um we’ll rig one of these up for our motovlogging helmet and uh this is the what we will be doing videos in moving forward i think i’ve got a liquid carbon coming in so visually it probably won’t change uh unless you

Guys notice like tiny little details up there that’s the uh atlas 4.0 from rock uh initial thoughts easily the best one they’ve done out yet i mean hopefully it’s you know iterations so hopefully the 4.0 is better than the three two and one if it was worse that would i don’t know i don’t know what that would be uh but yeah guys this is you know like i know a lot

Of comments out there it’s an expensive helmet but i can’t lie it’s it’s feeling pretty damn solid all right guys that’s it uh and i know a lot of you guys are gonna say hey it’s a premium helmet so it better have all that stuff i honestly feel like it does i don’t feel like this helmet is missing out on anything right now that would not make it worth that 400

Up price point so nice job ruroc we love to see these guys like constantly making iterations and listening to us oh let’s talk about this ece r22-06 rated d-o-t rated it’s a safe helmet that’s all i’ll say on the safety thing all right that’s it for us uh make sure to like the video if you liked this video and uh comment below are you guys excited for the atlas

4.0 are you going to grab one on february 18th when they go live let us know in the comments down below outro crew if you made it to the end of the video put oc in your comment we love you guys extra long time and answer the question i just asked you love you goodbye put oc in it though so i know you made it to the end all right that’s a wrap that’s a wrapped up

With a bow because it’s valentine’s day happy valentine’s day to you people watching

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The HELMET we've been WAITING FOR! | Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Unboxing and First Impressions By Chaseontwowheels