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THIS is THE BEST Helmet GoPro Setup!! | Motorcycle Helmet Camera Mount

This is the best way to setup your gopro on a dirtbike helmet

Hey in this video we’ll be discussing how to properly mount a gopro to a helmet this will either work on a dirt bike helmet like we’re doing here to get that great motion you’re looking for or a dirt or a street bike to get that great interaction with the traffic in the landscape when you’re out hey if you like content like this whether it’s product reviews for dirt

Biking camping or outdoor activities go ahead and subscribe to the channel click the like button to get started and don’t forget to click the bell to be notified of new content let’s go ahead and get started hey youtube this is robert with sherburne outdoors today we’ll be discussing mounting a gopro hero9 which is the current version i have i know the tens just

Came out to a dirt bike this is the liat full blown carbon fiber 9.5 that i bought this past year great very very light it’s probably one of the lightest helmets out on the market and i should have struggled when i first started using a gopro how to get that best shot um for what did you know whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish whether you’re doing a jump

Or you’re going through tight uh landscapes uh to the woods on a single track or whether you’re you know whether you’re wrecking uh you’re doing a face plant or whether you’re actually slamming into something you know a variety of things whether you’re on an open dirt track and you’re really hauling ass you know how do you get that great shot and make it fluid

Where it doesn’t look like static and you want to make sure you have the bike kind of involved in this a little bit now i went through several different iterations when i got started with this i had a chest protector just kind of a picture of that and it really wasn’t very good it just kind of showed behind the bars and it went up and down with it but it didn’t

Really show any fluid it didn’t show my head moving around or any interaction it’s kind of static and then i tried actually on the handlebars here hooking one up and you know what it wasn’t very good either it kind of was the same thing you didn’t see the dirt bike really in the picture or if you did it was so low you weren’t seeing a head and so i looked around

On the internet a little bit looking on youtube and noah clark who’s an enduro writer that i like a lot he actually had a really great video where he created one he actually created kind of a custom mount for for the front of his and i have a lot of air ducting inside of this light helmet and that wasn’t really an option for me so we started a couple different

Ways i started one where i put this clip on the lid and this this is okay but it does move around it shakes a little bit i looked at the top of the helmet it was so rounded and this shot up so far the gopro was so high it didn’t get the handlebars in the pictures that one didn’t really work for me i tried actually mounting this on my chest protector and on on

The side of this and my helmet kept banging into it when it was mounted on the side of here so that didn’t really work for me so i bought this particular one off of amazon for about 15 bucks and it is awesome it actually mounts to the front just straps underneath of here it’s really simple takes about a minute to hook up and get everything going and i’ll unplug

The uh the camera here and we’ll come over and look at a closer look but it gives me the shots i’m looking for like if i’m in the single track and i’m really moving and the trees are flying by you want you want to feel like you’re there if i’m running into a stump at high speed you want to make sure you’re there if i’m coming up over the top of a hill and it was a

Little wetter than i thought it was and i’m doing a face plant in the side you want to feel like you’re there if i’m in a five-star diamond on the side of the appalachian mountains and i’m just going a little too much and you flip over the handlebars you want to feel like you’re there and so mounting this to the front gives you that feeling that you’re there and

So that that is really where i went with this particular one i have been so happy with this i’ll pair it individually i’ve got another video on this when you’re doing high speeds down like a power line or something sometimes you get a wind noise so there’s a little wind sock that goes over top of this but hey let’s let’s pull the camera off and let’s take a look

At this and see how it’s kind of mounted because it’s relatively simple all right so we’re taking a look at this and how it’s mounted up i’m actually using an iphone i usually use a gopro to film everything actually but in this particular case we’re using an iphone it’s very very simple we flip it over and we look underneath it here you can see here we’ve got two

Straps um that these just clip into just pop them off and they’ll come loose or you tighten them down like so and you clip them in and then they pop in and then you’ve got your gopro on the front here that sets up now i had a few little issues with the gopro when i first started up in that i looked at how the mount is set up here and i just had this single piece

Here and it would kind of butt up against this and i wasn’t quite getting the shots that i was looking for so i did add an extension onto the edge here to take it out just a little bit further and actually raised it up just a little bit so if i look here it’s raised up a little bit as we move through with this little extension that i added it also gave me a little

Bit more flexibility when i do have my neck protector that i do wear so if i put it up underneath i was banging into it so so this actually gives us kind of the best view of this of what we’re looking for as we’re moving through so the helmet is actually kind of down at an angle when i’m riding and so this is kind of what it looks like when i’m out in the woods

And it’s moving along and it is great i have banged into everything with this and haven’t had any issues at all one thing that i’ve also done when i’m out riding with my buddies is i did put a clip on the back here so that let me just easily slide this in really quick and you kind of see what it looks like so we got this clip here on the back so when my buddies

Are riding with me i put a gopro on the back of that and i can film them and then get great footage of them going over all the great trails we do here in the northern georgia mountains so that’s a that’s kind of my setup that i have on the gopro hey if you like this content go ahead and click that subscribe button make sure you like the video and also remember to

Click the bell to be notified of new content hey thanks for everybody’s time today and that is the gopro mounted to a dirt bike helmet

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THIS is THE BEST Helmet GoPro Setup!! | Motorcycle Helmet Camera Mount By Sherburn Outdoors