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Top 5: Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras You Can Buy On Amazon!!!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

You you welcome to contour hd the smallest and lightest hands-free video camera in the world we revolutionized the way people shoot and share video by creating the first wearable hd video camera weighing in at just four point three ounces it’s so small it virtually disappears the low-profile design and patented t rail mounting system make

It easy for you to slide and lock your camera to your body equipment or vehicle the contour hd captures beautiful 1080p video it utilizes a 135-degree wide angle lens delivering full hd video that captures all the action with minimal distortion or fisheye the unique dual laser alignment system helps you line up your shot no matter where it’s placed

And the one button record operation makes it easy to switch it on or off the camera has three different resolutions and two frame rates so that you can get the shot that best captures your activity full hd 1080p at 30 frames per second tall hd 960p at 30 frames per second for those sports that require capturing a taller image over the wide shot of

Full hd action hd 720p at 60 frames per second for when frame rate is more important than resolution the perfect setting to capture the fastest action it reduces blur and the rolling shutter effect contour 720p at 30 frames per second this setting gives you the most record time but shoots 720p rather than the full 1080p resolution the omnidirectional

Microphone captures the sound of the riot while keeping wind noise to an absolute minimum aac audio compression and a bottom facing microphone make sure you hear every whisper or every screen the internal microsd card captures hours of hd content now the camera comes with a 2 gigabyte card but you can upgrade to a 32 gigabyte card that will give you over

8 hours of full hd we also provide the tools to download videos from your camera to your computer in just a few clicks editing is as simple as hitting an awesome button to feature the very best parts of your story add a title description tags and the location of your video you create the story and we give you the platform to tell thousands of members

Just like you when you want to share to more than your friends on contour comm we provide the tools to share to all of your favorite social media sites presenting the e4 k+ action camera they call us the gopro killer the sony amx 377 image sensor combined with the amborella h2 chipset provides excellent image quality it can catch a phenomenal 4k at

60 frames per second making it the world’s first action camera to shoot 4k 60fps there are a hundred and fifty five degrees wide angle lens lets you get panoramic views of the world and the 2.2 inch gorilla glass lcd touch screen is also responsive with a highly intuitive user interface so previewing your shots changing modes and settings is smooth and

Effortless electronic image stabilization at 4k 30fps steadies action and live streaming lets you share your world you can even capture 12 megapixel still images and so much more the e 4k plus includes a rechargeable lithium battery and a usb type-c cable just add a micro sd card the e 4k plus from the new leader in action cameras everyone is here from

Sena and today we were going over some helpful tricks and tips for your son at devices if you missed the previous episode there’s a link in the description and there are also chapter markers to skip to a certain topic as always please visit sena comm for full details on products as well as the users guides you had 18 sena has several wireless options

For capturing crystal-clear audio from your sena headset option one bluetooth pair with a sunnah prism make sure the prisms mic is turned off and is only taking the audio in from your headset to avoid excess wind noise when you are recording with your prism it will collect all of the audio from your headset along with whoever you are paired with here

You guys go back there yeah we’re right behind the red car option 2 the bluetooth audio pack for you gopro users this works with the hero of 3 & 4 models not the newer 5 or session as the usb connection is a little bit different the audio pack will pair with your headset and again collect any of the group audio and it in real-time to your video make

Sure the external mic is off if you were using it with a parrot headset option number three the senate nc’s is actually a bluetooth intercom and camera all-in-one allowing you to pair with three other writers and collect the audio from them as well the 10 c’s lens can easily rotate to adjust for the curvature of your helmet and also has video tagging

Which is a great feature to keep cycling on in the background and when you trigger it it’ll record one minute before during and after this can be great while writing if you come around a corner and see something beautiful but don’t want to edit hours and hours of footage trigger it this can also be used as then that can be used for more safety purposes

As a dashcam and it can be just cycling in the background if you are going to be using sun as a dashcam consider shooting at 60 frames a second it’ll make it just a little bit easier to lift a license plate number if needed from the footage senna is happy to be taking along for the ride by thousands of motovloggers wait wait this one’s just a big one

No matter what you’re doing every time that you get a new sd card or you’re getting recording you need to format your sd card in any camera it doesn’t matter which one you’re using every time you start shooting format it in the camera it ensures that they’ll begin speaking the same language together to format the sd card and the prism cycle through

The camera setup menu to format and select it to format the sd card in the 10 seat turn the headset on the camera on then hold the camera button down for 10 seconds to enter the camera setup menu rotate the dog dial until you hear format sd card and tap the phone button to execute once complete tap the jog dial to exit the configuration menu and the

Camera is still on so you can begin recording whenever you like so this point we know that sena can help you communicate and stay in complete control of your phone gps music and even allow you to seamlessly connect with other riders well what else can center help with as a filmmaker it’s critical that i communicate with my athletes in real-time and the

Scene of bluetooth system allows me to do that hands-free communication allows my driver to stay focused on driving that way i can coordinate shots in a much more efficient way hey let’s go back here to come to work out in the wash just some more options to expand your creativity and keep you connected so perhaps at this point you and your sena have

Shared thousands of tough miles together and you need some extra pieces fortunately most of the pieces can be found on by center comm and some of them including the screws for your clamp kit even at your local hardware store pause the video for the details on the screws also the velcro for your speakers leave it in the comments below for more tricks and

Tips that you’d like to discuss also visit sena comm for more information and the complete users guides on all of the products and check out the rest of our youtube channel for more tutorials product previews and tricks and tips of course thanks for watching i believe the subscribe button is right there go ahead and have it so you don’t miss out on any

Product previews or new updates also we have the instagram facebook and everything just keep you updated and give you some sneak peeks on things that are rolling out you

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Top 5: Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras You Can Buy On Amazon!!! By FiveStars