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TOTW Kewl Metal Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Kyle and Kelly of Cruiser Customizing discuss the value and show the installation of a KEWL Metal helmet lock.

Kyleigh kelly from cruiser customizing with this cool metal homolog tip of the week these helmet locks are great ways to get your helmet off the fender out of the dirt and onto your handlebar kelly be new to the motorcycle market you’ve seen a couple of the iso grips around bikes in the shop and bikes in the parking lot now the iso grip is one of the most popular

Grips out there and cool metal got to start making locks for the end of these grips cool no hema locks come in two different varieties the 230 and the two 31 now the 231 is great if you want to have a helmet lock on both sides and have the match recently cool metal has made box to fit your own grips on your yamaha victory or suzuki now this here is an example of

The suzuki boulevard bar in it has the bar in weight from suzuki as well as the cool metal helmet lock on the end hum a lot comes with a couple things right out of the box you’re going to get the helmet lock itself a set of keys and a helmet extender you can hang both helmets on one side of the motorcycle but it’s much much easier if you use the 231 version and

Hang a helmet on each side of the motorcycle the plain helmet extenders and it comes with our okay but if you want to have some fun with it we do sell skull and crossbones my favorite which is the number one finger as the x-cubed and stainless steel absolutely kelly the number one finger is definitely a top seller for us here at cruiser customizing now we talked

About the locks and how it’s an easy way to get your helmets off of the rear your motorcycle and up onto the bars what we’re going to do today is kelly and i are going to replace this the low end cap with the middle 230 this is a single lock that goes on one side of the motor silence is easy as an allen wrench and removing four screws now that we have our cap off

We’re going to reuse our existing trim ring and screws to install our lock now what we’re going to do is put our trim ring onto our lock line up the holes and butter screws back in having to set the hands around is always helpful good job kyle now let’s show them how it works locking your helmet has never been easier put the key in give it a little twist pull it

Out take your helmet standard slide it through your d-rings set it up in place and your helmet is now attached to your motorcycle cool metal helmet locks a great way to secure your helmet to your motorcycle whether you go out iso grips or the oem

Transcribed from video
TOTW Kewl Metal Motorcycle Helmet Locks By Cruiser Customizing Video