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Ts Helmet Unboxing | Ruroc Atlas 3 0 Cinco de Madness | Squids on Land

hello again, make sure to also check out Louie’s helmet unboxing!

All right what’s good y’all welcome back to squids on land it’s tea today and i’m gonna be doing an unboxing of the rorok cinco de madness atlas 3.0 now this looks amazing pretty simple uh outside matte black box and let’s get to the inside uh what we got here oh stickers all right so we got some real rock stickers oh there you go and then what is this i

Think this is just the manual for the helmet yeah all right so this is just the manual for the helmet and now next is the good stuff so all real rocks come with a uh a regular clear visor and i believe they also come with a black yes sir a black smoked visor she looks pretty good it’s super nice that they do that not a lot of helmet companies i don’t know

Any other companies that do that actually so now i think all that’s left it’s just the helmet itself oh nice little keychain that’s kind of sick comes with a keychain as well all right so i think that’s all that’s in there yep all right and now for the moment everybody’s been waiting for i’m not a lot of you i’m about to just cut this off what the five

Minutes later that’s probably good enough ah i’m excited bruh i want to see what these colors look like damn there we go all right cool cool all right oh oh my god this thing looks like sick bruh bro oh my god yo this thing looks amazing brad and now they do have a i think it’s called a fidlock magnetic so it’s not a d-ring or just a regular strap

In i’m not sure how it works yet because i’ve never had one but from what i’ve heard is oh it’s that simple yeah so you just just clicks right in super easy it’s really in there but yeah this thing looks amazing oh my god the colors i kinda wanna i’m gonna change the visor out right now because i heard war rock visors are super easy to change out i think you

Just take that this side as well and then it just comes right off oh yeah put the uh the black one on i’m just gonna line it up uh i’m making this look so much harder than it really is god we’ll be right back a little longer than a few minutes later all right we’re back visors on um me man this leg looks amazing i’m gonna peel this off that satisfying

For the viewers oh yeah satisfying for the viewers oh bro that thing looks so good you see my reflection okay cool yo bruh let me see the uh difference i think there’s like a few different modes on here so it’s slightly open just let some air in and i think they have a middle and then all the way up so you have three different ones all the way up in the middle

And it’s slightly open for some ventilation i think on the inside for these vents here there’s a uh yeah there’s a thing right inside and then this these side vents are non-functioning it’s just purely for design and you have the three vents on the top you’ve got d.o.t and ece r2205 this thing was oh my god brad i might put this on bro give me a quick thing

Yeah this thing feels snug on my head as well ah man this thing is gonna be sick all right that’s gonna be it for my unboxing video guys make sure you go check out louise he has a agv k1 that he’s going to be unboxing and he also has a smoke divisor that came with that uh make sure you guys go look out for that like subscribe all that good stuff this has been

Squished on lan t and the rorock atlas 3.0 that looks so good bro let me can i put it on yeah bro look at it look at it when you see the video with the chat with the city bruh the blue popping the red popping bro oh my god that looks so good uh it’s just like a magnetic the little yeah oh that’s cool i like this there’s a helmet it’s a real rock helmet bottle

Opener bro if you don’t put that on oh my god

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T's Helmet Unboxing | Ruroc Atlas 3 0 Cinco de Madness | Squids on Land By Squids on Land