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TSG Pass Helmet Review

Been shopping around for a new full-face helmet and ended up getting the TSG Pass Helmet. The helmet was initially designed for downhill skateboarding and has since grown in popularity among the electric POV community. I’m a big fan of the helmet and if you’re interested in getting one for yourself, you can check the helmet out at the link below. Thanks for coming by the channel and appreciate you’re time! Leave any questions or comments and I’ll get back to you all!

Hmm what up what’s going on everyone i don’t know if you can hear me at all but uh today we’re going to be talking about the new tsg pass helmet my hair looks a little funky anybody else trying to avoid getting a haircut for like months on end and just doing themselves anyways i think i’ve been doing okay so if you guys have done any research and you’re

Looking at helmets for one wheeling you’ve probably looked at a couple of helmets and one of them might pop up is this freaking awesome tsg pass helmet that i found online actually it’s really cool and if you’ve ever seen in some of my videos before or if you haven’t i was actually riding with this pro tech helmet for the longest time it’s kind of like a regular

Skateboarding helmet i think it served me pretty good for a while it’s pretty light it’s not too heavy i like the way it looked plus i added some of these velcro straps on the top here so you can put lights on it yeah i liked it for a while but honestly after just like riding for a while and just watching other people’s videos accidents kind of happen and i’ve

Seen videos where people actually like hit their face and you just never know like you could probably be like a really good rider or beginner either way my motto is always better safe than sorry so i personally wanted to look at a helmet that was actually a full face and for me it just kind of seemed like a natural progression to things i know for some people

They might think oh it’s like overkill for one wheeling but can you ever be too careful i don’t know like this is probably the most protective gear that i’ve ever had for one wheeling now because other than my helmet i actually only wear gloves i feel actually pretty good in it and if you’re anyone that’s actually been looking into this helmet i’ve tried it

Out in a couple different environments uh day and night so if you’re looking to get this helmet i think one of the biggest concerns anybody really has when it comes to this thing is like okay how much air can you actually get in here can you actually breathe does it fog up i will say in terms of breathability it’s been perfect for me it has not fogged at all

I think the air ventilation works really well obviously if you’re kind of sitting around not moving it’s probably not the best but as long as you start moving a little bit air really pushes through the helmet pretty easily and so i’ve had no issues so far but i also haven’t ridden this thing in like really cold weather yet other than that i would say in terms

Of the fit it’s actually pretty good these cushions the side are pretty good i don’t know how to describe them but they’re i don’t know what kind of cushioning they put in here but it’s it’s pretty thick padding actually so it actually squeezes on to your cheeks as well and gives you a really nice tight fit put it back on for you guys so you can actually get

To see how tight it kind of feels but it’s actually not that hard to slip on it’s actually pretty easy the only downside the only downside to the helmet which isn’t the worst thing is this strap here i mean these are kind of like old-school straps with these uh two metal like kind of clips here and you loop this lace through which isn’t like the worst thing i

Mean it takes a little bit to put on and take off but you probably do it like under a minute but it’s not like a clip-on where you can just like pop off the helmet like right away but i’ve never really found that i needed to so far to like just take off my helmet and unclip like immediately like usually if i’m riding i just leave it on it’s pretty comfortable

Personally for me i got a medium so i don’t know what sizes you may be looking at when i measure my head i think the what is this this is about a 56 to 58 centimeter and i think when i measured my head and the it was about 56.5 or something so either way true true to size or true to fit or whatever they call it you’re going to want it kind of snug it’s going

To be a little bit tight if you’re not used to wearing a full face helmet overall i just feel a lot better in it it feels safer in terms of the other things that you may be thinking about is visibility for me in terms of like view i don’t think i’ve been obstructed sure you might lose like a little bit to your peripherals but like the slightest amount when it

Comes to actually using the visor i think the visor is just phenomenal first off the aesthetic itself just kind of gives off this like daft punk kind of like futuristic look it’s just really nice in terms of actually blocking the sun i think it’s actually really good you can actually see pretty well still through during the day like it doesn’t make it so dark

That you can’t actually see cracks and bumps i think it’s just like the right amount so the other thing you guys might be worried about is in terms of being able to hear ambient sounds around you and whether you can hear like cars and just you know pedestrians whatnot in terms of sound like i think it’s phenomenal i really don’t feel like i’ve lost any like

Ability to hear my surrounding environment it’s been really good i personally feel like i can still talk to people through the helmet hear them perfectly fine no issues whatsoever the fit itself is great weight wise it’s really not heavy it’s actually pretty light in my opinion it’s not something that i feel like i would get annoyed of like wearing i’ve tried

It on several different rides and it’s felt good i can leave it on for easily an hour or two and feel pretty good about it you do want to like kind of break it in obviously like it’s not gonna it’s gonna be pretty snug at first but i think after you wear it a few rides it starts to like get a better fit for you so i would just give it a try before like you

Buy the helmet and then return it because you think it’s too tight just wear it out a little bit um honestly i think it eventually starts to fit for you so there is a couple accessories that it actually came with it did come with a clear visor i have not used it yet i personally probably won’t ever put that on so the only time i can imagine maybe using it is

At night time but if you’re curious like me which i was really i don’t know if this is a good thing or not but i wanted to see if i could actually wear the visor down at night i know it highly recommended not to do that because obviously it’s like wearing sunglasses at night but kind of just for the aesthetic and just kind of for the look of like in some of

The videos that i wanted to see like i was just curious if the lens was gonna be too dark for at night time and i will say it actually was pretty good so if it’s pretty well lit street i could actually see pretty clear with the visor down which is awesome i probably really don’t think you should do that i guess it’s the old saying what the is that saying i

Can’t remember so like the old saying goes do as i say not as i do don’t wear the visor down but if you want live your life i obviously didn’t ride with the visor down the whole time just for a couple of different parts just to see how it worked but i think work perfect anyways i tried it i’ll let you guys take a look a couple of the clips and then we’ll come

Back and uh i’ll give you some final thoughts so roll roll the clip for the money get out there so overall thoughts what do i think i love the helmet i it is a bit pricier i i know that it’s going for a little bit more than kind of your average helmet which you know you kind of pay for what you get um truth be told i feel like it’s a really high quality

Helmet i haven’t tried out many other full face ones so i really can’t give you an honest opinion about how those feel and whether this actually justifies the price but i don’t regret it at all i’m definitely gonna keep the helmet i love it i’ve been riding with it ever since i got it will i stop using the other helmet i have nah i think i actually still use

This i you know i probably won’t wear a full face helmet just to go run down the street on the pint or something or even on the xr just to do a quick errand i don’t think i need to wear the full face it’s really uh for me i’ll probably just you know quick short little rides i may wear this you know i still love this helmet it’s as simple as it gets i’m curious

What other helmets that you guys wear maybe drop some links maybe share that with others i’m sure there’s a lot of people also researching other helmets and what your experiences are if you do get the tsg pass let me know what you think of the helmet if you like it or not and if you go with another option you know let me know what you went with that too anyways

Let’s just move on you’re done you heard about the helmet get out of here see you guys in the next one and uh appreciate your time if you get a chance just hit that subscribe hit that like button if you liked the video and uh as always appreciate you guys time have a good one see you guys in the next one

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