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Unboxing my new Airoh Commander helmet and Cardo Freecom X | T7Adventures

In this video, join me as I unbox my new Airoh Commander helmet, FMF Goggles, Cardo Freecom X and Spirit HD.

Hey team ray here in here kiwi writer podcast motto and of course occasional contributor to kiwi rider magazine um today’s a good day because i have a big box from derby accessories derby accessories of course are the people who do moto gear dot co dot nz they’ve got a massive swag of brands and products they do for all sorts of different motorcycles and

Of course gear as well after a recent trip over the 40 second traverse my trusty old alice ii pioneer gone it sustained a bit of a knock and you can’t be too safe when it comes to helmets and that sort of thing so um i put the call into derby the team there uh absolutely looked after me uh and they’ve sent me this massive box it’s marked fregali so uh let’s

See what they’ve sent a classic youtube unboxing i don’t do this very often the customary bit of cardboard a bit of a pile on the ground right what have we got we’ve got a gorgeous set of blue fmf goggles we’ll get into those shortly ah now if you’re a follower of moto nz dot com you’ll notice uh a few months ago cardo had a big press release and we covered

It quite substantially the um the new spirit x line and the new freecom x line now i’ve been a a long time user of the cardo packtalk bold and there’s quite often been a uh a comment on social media that they’re so expensive and to be honest yes they are a little bit expensive coming in at around about the thousand dollar mark for the two units which you need two

Units if you want to communicate with your mates uh you only need one unit if you want to play music this is the brand new spirit hd what a cool unit that is now this is the baseline from cardo the spirit hd is what you need if you want to listen to music and and that’s that so you’ve got some headphones in your helmet you’ve got a microphone if you want to take

And make calls and then you’ve got that unit on the outside of your helmet so really looking forward to playing with the spirit hd just a quick thing to note on that as well it’s the cardo spirit hd duo now the hd model it actually does have intercom facilities it can connect two riders together up to a distance of about 600 meters also has an fm radio and is

Completely waterproof so the spirit hd just to clarify can connect two riders together uh with intercom if you needed to the next step up in the cardo line if you want to talk with your mates is the freecom2x now this is uh the new range of uh cardo accessories cutter it’s right in the middle there right just above the the spirit but below the pack talk bold so

Uh priced accordingly really looking forward to having a play with that as well and this is the bulk of the box now i mentioned the ls2 it’s done me about 18 months it probably would have done me in problem two and a half years at every day wearing it would last you at least five years if you’re only wearing it occasionally but i’ve made the step up let’s get rid

Of this massive box here as well i’ve made the step up and gone with something a bit higher in the in the range of helmets we’ve gone for the arrow commander in excel oh i’ve been looking forward to this new helmet day is almost as good as new bike day let’s see what comes in the box now arrow are uh handmade helmets in italy i believe retailing around the

750 mark what do we get in the box we’ve got some accessories next instruction manual and uh an action camera clip now this is one of the only helmets i’ve come across that has built-in mounts for an action camera so i don’t know if you can see that but you can put your action camera right up on top there really catering for the market there we’ve got a massive

Chin curtain that’s going to keep the wind out from blowing up under my helmet on a cold day and of course all the do’s and don’ts with the helmet nice bit of guff there now this is the pistol resistance the the main game the main event the arrow commander oh now a lot of helmets make a big thing about being uh pinlock ready but what’s quite cool is the arrow

Commander comes with a pin lock i like the little touches all right nice silky bag here let’s take the mack daddy out of its bag for the first time oh look at that the arrow commander helmet beautiful ah new new helmet day i said it before it’s almost as good as new bike day now the aero commander comes with the peak it’s obviously an adventure style helmet but

You can take this off and run it without the peak it’s also got inside a trick little drop down sun visor which is quite cool and it’s a solid thunk going up and down so you’re uh you’re gonna know when it’s up and down so thank you very much derby accessories moto gear dot co dot nz for sending me that of course with the uh the pin lock anti-fog all the little

Bits and accessories now with this helmet and the uh sun visor and up mode and the main visor and up mode you can also run a sweet little pair of goggles and i haven’t had a set of goggles since my days of riding motorcross and trail riding so um i asked for a seat and they sent me these and when i say i asked for it i did shell out some hard-earned cash just

In the interests of being completely transparent 100 fmf goggles outstanding and of course if you’re going to be going to do some tough stuff like the 40 second traverse well you need eye protection because that’s important but you need all that ventilation as well goggles are definitely the way to go brilliant what do they come with a second eyepiece nice

Little bag keep everything safe beautiful i really do like the colors of this they call it um progress red and blue i think progress red blue we’re trying to make progress here anyway let’s try it on oh yeah oh fits like a glove now the um the arrow commander is fastened with these double d’s here which is new for me i haven’t well it’s not new my old helmets

Had double d’s but i haven’t had a helmet with a double d fasting in a very long time you do get used to it though i love how it um it feels a little bit tight in the cheek pads here but uh that’s going to soften out slightly it’s got a good solid fit all the way around arrow make two sizes of shell and then they do your small your medium your large xl and your

Two xl so your large through the two xl use a bigger shell size and your smaller ones obviously use the smaller shell size when you’re looking at a helmet it’s really important to try them on don’t just go with measurements because everybody’s head is a different shape some people can have a tight spot on this side of the head but not on this side and vice versa

Uh some people can be tight in the front and the back you’ve got to try all those helmets on so this helmet is the upper mid or the lower high end of the spectrum as far as price goes uh has uh an ece rating which is important when it comes to safety and for me it just it just grabs the the entire head and just feels nice and solid but it’s also quite light i’ll

Insert weight figures uh on the screen there for you so you can get an idea of how much it weighs but it’s solid it’s not moving and it feels good and i can still get glasses on inside the helmet now some people when they wear glasses inside the helmet they complain about the glasses fogging up there are things you can do to your glasses to stop them up anti-fog

Layer some people say just cover them in a bit of um a bit of shampoo and then clean it off and they’ll stop up but uh end of the day the glasses fogging up is not the fault of the helmet you can always wear contact lenses or something like that but i’m really liking this helmet i think it feels great there’s um places inside for the microphone there’s cutouts

And eps for the cardo speakers which i’m going to install and i’m really liking i’m really looking forward to going for a ride and from a wearer’s point of view the uh the goggles fit beautifully uh these appear to have a slightly tinted lens a little bit darker than what i’m used to for goggles but um i’m also gonna get the tinted visor over the top so you

Don’t wear the goggles obviously when you’re using the visor but um hey i’m happy i’m a happy man another cool feature of the arrow commander is that it has this little grommet down the back here so you can you can mount your cardo and unfortunately the only downside to the shell is you can’t use the clip-on cardo that goes in between the eps and just clamps onto

The the outer shell but you uh you use the adhesive mount you stick it on the side there and in theory you’ve got this little grommet here where you can pass all the wires through instead of having everything underneath it all goes through that hole and tucks into the the lining of the helmet nice and stealthy in a box okay the spirit hd and the cardo freecom

2x i’m going to be unboxing these in a future video so hit that like button hit that subscribe button come along with me for the ride we’re going to be testing out this helmet in a future video as well i can’t wait brilliant hey thanks for uh sticking with us do check out that’s the website with all the photos the extra bits and pieces and kind of the

Hub between this youtube channel the podcast kiwi writer podcast and everything else i do everything in written form and all the links to the videos go up there so jump on moto and hit that like and subscribe button that’d be great hey thanks team i’m gonna go and play with my new helmet you

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Unboxing my new Airoh Commander helmet and Cardo Freecom X | T7Adventures By MotoNZ