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VNETPHONE V6-1200 Helmet Intercom – Unboxing & Install [GEARBEST]

VNETPHONE V6 – 1200M Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth 3.0 Intercom 2pcs:

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Liked it share so what i have in this video if you have been watching for a while you know that i’m into motorcycles mainly dual-sport i grew up on bikes and i’ve just i’ve seen these i discovered these last year a version of this and that is the headsets that you can wear in your helmets that allow you to freely communicate in real time between different riders and

The brand that i came across and probably if you’re a motorcyclist and you’re watching this you’d know the sena the or the cena headsets se-na i believe it’s built and they’re super expensive but the way they work is amazing so after riding last year and now coming into this year i really wanted to find something like that because my dad rides as well and we’re

Gonna be doing a bunch of riding this year we wanted something like that but we just couldn’t throw out 350 400 bucks plus on the sena headsets so what i’ve come across here is an option that has some crazy good reviews and and it just looks like a phenomenal value i got this from i have an affiliation with gearbest so i got a real sweet deal on this

But even for you guys it’s a fantastic fantastic price i highly recommend i’m gonna pronounce it v net foam because that sounds belts a v6 1200 and i believe there’s tons of videos out there on this already but this is so cool i opened up the box when i got it yesterday pulled all the components out and i was just really impressed with the build quality i haven’t

Hooked it up yet i did charge up each piece and just and i connected with my phone tried it with the music because it does let you do that i connected them with each other and i just had my wife speaking to one my and we just just talking back and forth in the house just to try them and i was blown away but what you get for the value here this seems like it’s gonna

Be really cool let me show you just what’s in this box so here’s the box notice it’s a v6 1200 it is made in china for motorcycle it’s an intercom of trying to think there’s so many things you could use these for but that’s not what we’re talking about this video let’s get into it it’s a first off we have a manual and this is a really easy to read manual comes in a

Few different languages but the first is english right at the front and it’s super handy as soon as i opened it up it showed me what each button was for on the headset showed me how to connect it with the phone showed me how to connect it with the other headset the cetera how to charge everything you would need to know is in this manual and it’s much much easier to

Find than almost any manual i’ve ever seen right here at the front we have our two actual headset modules so these have like a velvety smooth plastic it’s not a slick hard plastic it has a feel almost like that velvet i don’t know how you’d explain it a little bit of weight to it feels nice feels pretty solid you have your jack there in the bottom gonna plug your

Mic into and then you have a series of buttons we’ll get into later now i’ve pulled this all out but it was all neatly tucked in a plastic bag and zip ties and everything so you have your mic and an earpiece and another earpiece to run around your helmet will show you how to hook this all up in a minute we have another identical earpiece headset then in here and

I and here’s where to me that’s just a crazy amount of value they’ve just sought of everything so what happens is these mounting inside your helmet at least sick on you you pull the padding out of the inside of your helmet these are two way these are velcro so here we have the rough side and here’s where we have the material side and these have peel and stick for

The inside of your helmet what they’ve also provided is four extra pads for different helmets so you could switch out three helmets with with the supplied with the supplied pads here so that is in my opinion just a phenomenal deal so to continue with the value here here are your clips so these will mount a pinch your helmet so you tighten these screws here and it

Pinches your helmet let’s see so these just snap just like that so you can take these pieces off your helmet when you’re not riding with another rider and there’s no point in having this you don’t have to leave it on there you can just grab the clip there fits in very securely it comes off and there we go and here’s where they’ve thought of everything they’ve even

Given an extra set of screws in case you’ve lost the screws out of these like one just fell out of mind because it’s not tighten up they give extra strewed screws so you have extra screws here you have extra pads you have the tools both the allen wrench and the little phillips head to mount it everything you need comes in here or i missed this another set so you

Can lose the screws for both of these and still have replacements on top of that they also threw in a charging cord for each of these i would have expected one for the two sets because it’s i mean meant to keep together but a charging set for each so it charges on the same jack that you plug in your headset and then it charges via just a standard usb like i said

One each it’s just a phenomenal value what you get here they charge up really fast i charge both of mine this morning in no time i mean just look what you get for the price so definitely recommend you check this out head over to i’ll throw the link down in the description probably pin the comment at the top you’ll definitely want to check this out no

For anyone that’s interested in anything more than the unboxing stick around and we’ll do an installation ok so i’ll quickly run over the setup so all this padding all this stuff comes out of most helmets this is not a real expensive helmet but this stuff still pulls out ok so now what you do is one of these clips is going to mount see if i can show you here right

Quick one of these clips is going to go over the edge of your helmet you might have to loosen a little bit to get it on there and then one of these earpieces is going to stick on the inside of your helmet and run around with the earpiece here and then you’re going to run the cable around the back inside the padding and stick on your earpiece on your other side and

Then you put your padding back in so all this wiring is completely hidden you’ve got this little piece out tucked right in by your mouth which there’s some space there anyways and it’s just a very nice clean setup so i’m gonna put that clip on here first and loosen up the screws and then we can get started with the wiring so you can see here now it’s all mounted up

Nothing on this side no cords hanging out anywhere and my mouthpiece i can just touch it right here right here in front of my mouth so completely guarded from the wind taking the helmet on and off it’s not done it’s not like you have to manage cords or manage where they are or anything that’s all you have coming out is this little wire right here that plugs into

The bottom of the headset so you can see that’s a super clean setup see if i can show you the mouthpiece there it is right in there but very nice nothing in the way no wires anywhere just a really clean setup works easily hold it on this button to fire it up and there it is right now it’s ass beat so now you can hold a button that tells you just how to connect to

Your headset and apply music because you have an ear pad on each side which you don’t feel just they’re recessed into your helmet but they put their extremely loud they’re actually really loud i tried playing some music on it this morning it’s amazing so and then the shut off just a double-click on one of the buttons and there it is just an awesome awesome setup

About to do the other helmet now i can’t wait to give them a try so that’s that’s pretty high off on the volume there now you can probably hear crank in the white super loud but really cool feature but i didn’t buy this for the music honestly i bought this to be able to talk to the second rider made me my dad and double click and it’s off and the nice the real nice

Thing about this is that if you’re not riding with a second rider you can undo this tuck it inside your helmet and then it’s just a matter of flicking this clip and you can leave this at home leave it on the charger or what do we need to do and this clip that’s just left here on the side when you do want to go for a ride just clip it back in place plug it back in

And it’s just as easy as that you’re ready to go so there it is the two helmets are done this is all hooked up it was so easy to install everything worked just as it should this thing is so easy to turn on and connect i haven’t did any riding with it yet that’ll be that’ll be in time today it’s just absolutely pouring down rain but i’m super excited i have to give

This thing a 5 out of 5 right out of the gate because even just i’ve tried like in the garage testing the mics testing the audio with the bluetooth connectivity everything is flawless a sound is excellent i can’t imagine why would spend 4 times the amount of this one for anything more this is just fantastic you connect 6 bikes to it so i mean just got no more to

Say this is fantastic buy it if you want a headset if you got a riding buddy buy this for the to you i’m sure they’ll be they’ll be really excited that you went got something like this even offer does install affordable so easy thanks for watching like i said share that video hit like button comment down below thanks for watching what you see in the next one

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VNETPHONE V6-1200 Helmet Intercom – Unboxing & Install [GEARBEST] By Kyle Noseworthy