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Cole Learns Mind Powers! Telekinesis Super Hero Skills!

It’s Sneak Attack Squad magic when Cole gets Telekinesis Super Hero powers!! In this family friendly episode Ethan and dad are building bike jumps and doing BMX tricks when Cole finds a space rock that blasts the desert below! When the little brother discovers he can move things with his mind, it’s game on. Watch as the craziness and telekinesis jokes unfold in this ultimate mind powers challenge!

All right boys go play have fun over here oh there’s something right here where is it not another one did you try to see that see what that thing just fell out of the sky no i didn’t see anything i don’t know you should go check it out cole could be aliens i’m gonna go check it out this looks like the spot right there shouldn’t be somewhere in here oh right

Here see i told you i found something it’s a meteorite this would be like a perfect gap see i found something does not look like a meteor to me i guess i saw it fall with my own eyes it looks just like a rock coal just saying it’s right i mean it looks like meteorite you look like a rock all right all right let’s go come on oh my meteors yeah it’s worth the

Fortune that was fun found some cool stuff after you lady why is that whoa this thing is awesome wow i knew my meteor was magic this gives me super powers what are you doing call according to this book my mirror right gives me superpowers cole i told you it’s not a meteor it is i’ll prove it observe i’ll move the dinosaur with my mind i don’t know

Why it’s not moving i told you cole it’s just a normal rock why didn’t it work i must need more training wait okay i gotta concentrate i’m gonna try this again it worked i knew it would work hey coley what you up to mom look what i can do it worked before what are you talking about what worked last time well i found a meteor and now i can move stuff

With my mind um okay yeah that’s nice sweetie from here you know where they are are you gonna get your banana oh i already got it all right i’m gonna go play wait how did you but uh it’s weird wow what all right here’s a good one hey what you doing ethan wait i was playing some people getting better every day i want to challenge you to

A game sir oh really you’re going to challenge me to a game well you’re not scared are you i’m not scared of nothing come on let’s go what what you’re cheating i’m done have fun getting the ball from out of the truck you know what forget this oh what a mess i know right even made a huge mess i don’t care who made the mess you’re the one out here clean it up

Please i didn’t i didn’t make the mess can you please just clean it up thank you glad you’re all here i have a confession to make i don’t really like it when you say that well it’s pretty amazing actually spit it out i want to hear it i can move stuff with my mind here we go again whatever i’ll prove it see this phone right ready you got to be kidding me it

Doesn’t work i’m so surprised it didn’t work good job buddy just keep practicing you’ll do it yeah keep trying why isn’t this working let me see powers may only work if nobody is looking hmm it works

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Cole Learns Mind Powers! Telekinesis Super Hero Skills! By ExtremeToys TV