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Hero Xtreme 200R Road Test – Good Commuter Bike | Faisal Khan

Here is the most detailed review of the Hero Xtreme 200R, I tell you everything about the design, cluster, features, performance, ride, handling, braking, price and of course give you a verdict on whether you should buy a Hero Xtreme 200R in India. This Hero Xtreme 200R road test is a long ride one with a real-world perspective of the 200cc motorcycle from Hero MotoCorp.

Hi friends log on to my website faz meme calm and talk to me on the forums also don’t forget to follow me on instagram hi guys and welcome to another vlog i am writing this the hero extreme 200 ah yes it seems like the evolved extreme from the 150cc segment and also the engine has evolved from there from the achieve of 150 as you can see the design is very commuter

Dish but somehow it looks muscular yeah it’s not sporty like the apache 200 over here and what do we miss actually doing a comparison between both these motorcycles to head to motorbeam and see that video anyways coming to this motorcycle the design of the law is actually look nice abs is written over there because it comes with abs as standard and as you can see

The overall design is very very much commuter ish it gets a single-piece seat with this hump over here the seat is on the softer side but it’s not very comfortable soft seats are not always comfortable grab leaves over here another year we get this beautiful led light as well indicators of the traditional ones not leds there’s a saree guard over here and this is

Actually to open the seat so you can see this panel is really very nice so this bike actually switched all riders as well and you can easily lock in your knee over here meanwhile this is the fuel reserve switch and this is the choke over here on the handlebar itself gets a single horn this is the engine of the motorcycle gets a main stand as well and the front tire

Is a hundred section the apaches front tire is a ninety section you can see it gets a engine kill switch over here switch gear quality is nice it gets a single piece handlebar not clip-ons like the apache 200 the mirrors design is nice but they don’t offer a good view of what’s behind the bike turns on swipes all the way it’s analog digital cluster but doesn’t offer

Much information there is no gap position indicator it does get a clock and delta lights over here so i shot indicator as well nice tachometer i like analog tachometers and let’s turn on the motorcycle right away so let’s get into neutral and yeah it is a refined motor tank is nice you get the tangled over here long seat like really long the exhaust design might

Not be the best as such and you get dual disc both front as well as here but there is no abs on the rear wheel of this motorcycle you get a kick as well on this machine well because the carbureted motorcycle and there’s no option of fi so it gets ac electricals and as you can see the light is flickering the light isn’t very powerful at night yeah the apache feels

Better but smoke costlier but how is this xtreme 200 hour – right well let’s get on the saddle right away first gear driving the motor and here we go and we are off so it’s not very refined as such but yes motor has good amount of mid-range so this uses are 200 cc motor tubes and air cooling so outdated technology over there but there is no no end on offer there

Is no top end either look at it it struggles in the top end in fact it red lines to lows to 9,000 rpm slightly above 9,000 rpm so like i was telling you there is no top and on offer but it has a stupendous mid-range in fact mid-range is very good on this motorcycle which makes it enjoyable to ride however it could have done with more oomph it produces 18 point 1 ps

Of power and 17.1 newton meters of course now that is not a lot of power and torque as such and because it uses a 5-speed gearbox well it doesn’t have a high top speed either in fact it feels better in the top-end does the top speed is just hundred 10 kilometers per hour for 150 cc motorcycle which isn’t much the clutch is on the lighter side the gearbox is crisp

It shifts and here i go again driving the motor it actually sounds nice and bacey and it’s a light motorcycle i mean yeah it is light and nimble and easy to ride especially thanks to the handlebar it’s a single piece handlebar it’s not a clip-on unit and thus it’s easy to flick this motorcycle as well very flickable motorcycle and thus it makes it a very nice

Commuter app for city duties as well most importantly this suspension on this motorcycle is on the softer side which means that a right collet is simply brilliant it is very very good on human bad roads like these like it absorbs bumps very comfortably the tires also offer very good grip but in terms of handling it’s not the best yeah in city it’s easy to flick

Through raffiq but out on the highway when you’re riding through the guards it really doesn’t inspire much confidence to push hard and fast so that is one gripe with this particular motorcycle as you can see a lot of wind blasts finally breach hundred kilometers per hour yeah hiro was the last in the segment they could have done by offering a lot more power and

Talk about well they played it safe and here we go driving the motor yeah feels very labored in the top and as such but overall performance is more than enough for city riding but out on the highway it really struggled as such lot of wind blast obviously because it doesn’t get a rain screen visor and yeah this is sort of a visor it is very small i don’t know it’s

A wise i said design whatever you call it in terms of breaking it gets single-channel aps s standard braking performance is decent i mean the front offers good stopping power and good feel as well the rear unfortunately it doesn’t it feels quite wooden and if you brake really hard when it’s kids as well so in terms of rio braking it would have been much much much

Better but honestly this isn’t a motorcycle which is aimed at those who are looking to ride around the twisties or for those who just want a motorcycle in order to go to the guards anyways we are in top gear let’s see what speed we can do the top swing of this motorcycle as much as well dynamic i can get i’m trying to be then we’re doing 114 115 come on fatso

You can do better 115 okay 115 anymore do you have anymore 116 yeah it just doesn’t gather pace in fact it is already on the right line yeah that’s all now the engines power kinda is so this is my review off the hero extreme 200 are my motorcycle which is in very sporty but definitely a motorcycle which is a great alternative to japanese premium commuters which

Are priced at crazy levels this one offers a lot of bang for the buck at rupees 1 lakh 10000 on door mumbai i like the gauge it’s kind of slick and easy to mono it’s so flickable i mean this is an apt motorcycle for those who want a commuter let’s go again driving the motor and off we are it revs very quickly somehow and just catching the top and in struggles over

There full throttle like full freakin throttle it doesn’t move that fast as such now we are in 4th gear it takes both gear to reach hundred kilometers per hour and as i open the throttle again completely now we are in fifth which happens to be the top you know come on extreme give me all you got unfortunately this isn’t a motorcycle for the highway it is more suited

For city duties and boy oh boy there’s a lot of plus happening right now a pa system works well but i expect gurus and aps at this price point because obviously single-channel aps isn’t that useful because there you are obviously steps are under heavy braking so you really can’t go heavy on the brakes on this motorcycle yeah overall comfort level is very good in

Terms of safety performance a very good and this is actually a very fast commuter motorcycle don’t expect this to be a corner craver don’t expect this to be a sporty motorcycle just expect this to be a motorcycle which can filter through traffic kind of quickly when compared to 150 cc motorcycles i mean just just up shift in the mid-range it does quite well over

There so yes a very likeable motorcycle in that sense and add rupees one like 10,000 it’s also priced very well now this is obviously the on-road price in mumbai drop again and hit the red line is the mantra over here come on extreme slight vibes on the handlebar as well as on the pegs but not on the seat which is a good thing and it does inspire you to push hard

And fast around corner somehow yeah on long sleepers i mean come on take care what do you got show me what you got now that’s all you got so yeah i’m actually having fun on this motorcycle because i know this is a motorcycle which can do commuter duties very well but just don’t compare it with you know the more established and better hardware referred motorcycles

Like the apache 200 or the pulsar ns200 because this motorcycle simply lacks on that front even the quality isn’t that great it uses ac electricals the pegs are not retracting and if you close the pegs of the right they will be closed they will not retract back like they do in the apache 200 and there’s certain things like obviously the wiring is slightly exposed

And yeah it does get a kick start but overall honestly i expected more from hero especially when this motorcycle is the last in the segment they could have better every one by offering slightly more in every possible way so so easy to flick this right left in center love the flick ability of this motorcycle i mean the handlebar really helps it’s light it’s a nimble

And overall this feels like a very easy motorcycle in fact this is the best motorcycle for those who are looking to buy one to tcc commuter and they’re like ok let’s get some more power because the mileage is also very good this returns a fuel economy of almost 38 kilometers per liter and that’s on par with on tcc motorcycles and the best in the 200 cc segment as

Well come on let’s go ok you’re stepped out you don’t get a slipper clutch over here unfortunately although the apache offers the same yeah i kind of like this motorcycle but i expected slightly more from here oh at this price point although i wonder what exactly funnel did when he went to be i see if you really enjoy the motorcycle so this is seem to really a try

Motorcycle is more for comfort oriented machine and in that sense it does excel and does pretty well as well so guys if you liked this video you know what if you do give it the thumbs up that’s like button and also subscribe to the channel i will see you guys in the next video real soon ba ba bye

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Hero Xtreme 200R Road Test – Good Commuter Bike | Faisal Khan By Faisal Khan