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Installing AUXBEAM 7×6 LED Headlights on the Jeep Cherokee XJ

I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks visiting family in the UK but i’m back in Sweden preparing the XJ for the dark winter ahead. Auxbeam kindly offered me some headlights to make the jeep shine like an oncoming meteorite in the darkness and they seem to be working well.

Hey guys mike here welcome back to the channel back in the workshop and today i’m going to be sorting out these headlights i’m going to be swapping them out for another brand of led headlight unfortunately one of these units has got problems it’s had problems for about two or three months but it was the summer and it’s like 24 hour daylight so you don’t really

Worry about it but now i’m going out camping and it’s super dark it’s time to sort these things out and this video is sponsored by aux beam they kindly supported me with this little mod and they’ve offered me some new led headlights and i’m going to be putting those in today headlights came in a nice little box obviously like most things these days they’re they’re

Pretty well packaged and let’s take a look at them i’ve already had a gander at these i think they look pretty good they look nice on the website and i can put all the specs to them down below if you’re interested um they’re supposed to operate as low as about minus 40 degrees c so that should suit me pretty good it’s very very rarely that cold here at minus 38

It’s the coldest i’ve experienced but uh yeah we’ll pop these on aux been on also sent these over too these are like cargo nets um i’m pretty sure they’re for a wrangler but they seem to fit in the cherokee pretty good just behind the the front driver’s seats they sort of go in like that you’d have to make clips for them to clip them to the to the roof which i

Don’t think would be too bad because they line up with one of the roof supports pretty nicely but they sent two of these over i i only sort of showed an interest in one because the idea was i might modify these and put them up in the rooftop tent so i won’t be showing these in in this video i’ll probably just take them out with me next time i go camping and just

Play around with them really just figure out what i can do with them maybe just wear them nothing else just take a walk see ya only got one screw here because i’ve got this intercooler and everything’s all modded it seems to hold in place pretty good even with one which is nice and there it is that’s how i’m holding them in so i’ve got two screws at the bottom

And i’ve welded on these little tabs onto this sort of little bezel framework thing in the job that i don’t actually know what the hell you’d call it um it’s just held in like that so to take it out just take these out like that and then you have to do the top and that’s basically the light removed and then you pop the the other light back in when you go to the

Inspection you obviously have to take this like sort of metal thing off which now is not working because i’m on camera and i’m getting covered in grease and oh god so this one’s a bit of a bigger back end which in some walks of life isn’t a problem but see if it fits and it better if it or if it’s much better much better gonna need to steal that and uh use it

On the new one lighter is the worst thing you can use for these connectors as well because they go black and look horrible but it’s gonna go let’s see i think it’s the black one i think it could be that one actually yeah i don’t know i’m gonna have to try it i hope that doesn’t cause any problems put that there and we’ll just sit for this guy here that should

Be day runners oh sexy and then we should go normal lights oh little limpies it’s not really all there is and then full bmos okay it looks pretty smart so we’ve got some definite increase in brightness there i mean that that lamp is angled slightly so if you dip down it does get a little bit brighter but it’s definitely not as as bright as that and that’s

Just kind of like normal lights and we go to the main beam oh and then uh we should have we should have a pretty bright light there yeah look at that beast look so previous to this when i was in the uk and i had my normal european lights and i had like another frame in here i don’t know really and i have this this spring attached to i’ve actually had to move the

Spring out of that frame and put it there and i think this is kind of how you see them mostly in the usa just this big housing here so you can just unbolt that from here and here and at the bottom it comes out and then you can start fitting kind of aftermarket lights in so if you take yours off and you’re like what the hell’s that and there’s more framework just

Pull that out and you’ve got this behind it um but i get the bezel on foreign a million times better than the other ones i have just because they don’t have such a big booty on the back end of them so i can literally bolt them all the way up oh oh no and looser than so loose yeah so i’ve just bolted these up and uh so this is my plan some radiator hose there

There and there let’s see how that works okay so that’s worked the radiator hoses just come to the rescue just just four little pieces i’m sorry my baby i didn’t mean i didn’t mean to make you dirty pretty good it’s more that the um the angle is is good so there’s day runners and then normal driving lights and then the main beam oh they’re flickering going

On there we’ve got defective units son this battery is a little bit less so well that’s that well that’s the lights all installed and i actually think they look really nice when i saw them separately i wasn’t too sure but now they’re mounted on the jeep they look pretty good but some people might think they look rubbish but that’s the candy store of life we live

In but i’m actually three weeks on from that installation and i had a number of problems with the lights and getting them to work properly and i know that’s probably not one what orcsbeam wants are here but i’ve got to be honest um you know because if people buy them and do the same thing i did you’re probably going to run into the same problems and basically

The stupid mistake i made was i bought these without the relay kit so if you have a look on their website if you are going to buy these lights buy them with the relay kit a common problem with the xj wiring loom is there’s no relays so all the load goes on the switch and what happens is the switches burn out now that can happen with the stock light some if you

Upgrade bulbs and things and you start playing around with things like that but when you start upgrading to leds and aftermarket lighting that’s normally when you start running into problems um i did a test drive a little while ago i tested the lights out obviously they’re really bright i’ve actually dipped them a little bit more since doing that test drive because

I just felt like they were a little bit too intense for oncoming drivers and i did that drive with the switch exposed just so i could keep my hand on it from time to time and just check how hot it was getting and and it didn’t get too hot but the problems i was running into initially was that i was driving along and the lights were turning on and off and that’s

Generally a common sign that the switch is failing or the connector above the switch is melted so much that um you know the contacts are starting to suffer and it’s a real common issue and the way to fix it is basically to install all a relay kit and it just takes a lot of the load off of that switch so that it doesn’t overheat and burn out now i’ve had to buy

Another switch and i’ve also bought myself the relay kit so i’m going to be putting that in very soon but if you’re going to do this i’d advise you just buy these lights with the relay kit and you’re kind of killing two birds with one stone but anyway that that’s this video over i just want to say thanks again to walks beam um you know and if i’d had known better

I probably wouldn’t have had all the issues i’ve had with these going forward but you know that that is just it you live and learn i’m no expert and when it comes to electronics it is it is kind of like my kryptonite i’m just rubbish with stuff like that if it’s nuts and bolts i’m usually a lot better but you know that’s just the way it goes but i hope you enjoyed

This video looking forward to getting back out although the weather for this time of year is pretty poor it’s very mild it’s really wet there’s no snow i mean two years ago this time you know we had over a meter of snow the winter is pretty variable right now but i guess that’s just the weather for you but thanks for watching we’ll see you again very soon take care okay

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Installing AUXBEAM 7×6 LED Headlights on the Jeep Cherokee XJ By Workshop \u0026 Wilderness Adventures