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Vet Track Hero! 22 YZ250 – Boise ID Skyline MX

All right guys we’re heading out to skyline this morning uh sunday get a little downtime off work and basically make sure my hat fits my tiny head uh we’re gonna head out ride the yz they got a new track layout and uh ricky’s put a lot of work in on the track so gonna go twist the throttle i’m a little sore been working out a little bit more this week doing some

Like running and uh just basically bench and lifting and stuff so my body’s a little bit sore but we’ll work through it all right so we’re out at the skyline at the skyline track looks pretty good they got it nice and moist so it looks like it’ll be holding well uh what time is it it’s like 11 o’clock and uh we’re a little overcast but 60 degrees out so should

Hold the moisture nicely and we’ve got the vet track the main track and uh we’re going to go out and play they even have a side by side course out here which is pretty sick because that’s coming in had the side by side just ripping through the i think it’s like a two mile mile or two mile course something like that not quite sure but you can check their website

But the track looks pretty sick scope it out that dark brown dirt on the main spots that’s what we like to see all right i’m feeling a little rusty today so i think i’m just going to ride a little bit of the bed track have some fun and just kind of get my flow on instead of trying to go crazy music um i love this track oh my gosh hmm right hmm um there

You go inside hmm me um wow um hmm all right so back home rode the bike a little bit today we didn’t really actually ride that much i did a few laps on the main track and just one of those days just don’t really feel spot on so just kind of took a took it easy rolled a few laps uh jumped the step up it was really windy when i went out but the wind died

Down but i just wasn’t feeling the main track today so i went out and spun those laps on the vet track always fun just to get out on the bike and uh let’s see uh see how she does she’s definitely due for an oil change an air filter change and i still need to put the electron carb on and do a install video um just been trying to enjoy some of the downtime that

We’ve been getting and keep up with everything as we’re building so um yeah been fun i’m sore but content so we’ll ride next time maybe i’ll go a little bit more balls to the wall thanks for watching guys

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Vet Track Hero! 22’ YZ250 – Boise ID Skyline MX By Shelby Paget