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1 Year and 1,000 Miles with the 2019 Honda Monkey 125 181

I hit 1 year and 1,000 miles with my Monkey on the same day; I got my first ticket on the bike on that same day too. A brief look back at the mods I’ve done, what I think are the best mods, and what I’d change if I started this build again.

So i just said one year on the honda monkey and on the same day i hit a thousand miles and actually on that same day i also got my first citation on the bike my buddy and i were riding around some trails near the house we thought that it was okay to have bikes out on that trail and we were writing for quite a while and he just got really unlucky we came out

And do clearing and there’s happened to be a share of hanging out there that arrived on the boat so pretty unfortunate both because when i got a citation i need to pay for it but two dudes were fun trails to ride so we need to find some other trails that were allowed to be out on but again having now spent two full year with a bike i thought i’d just briefly

Go over some of the modifications i put on and what some of my thoughts are if i had the opportunity to do it again i think for anybody that’s looking to pick up power on this bike the three things or maybe i’ll call it forward that we’re most valuable were the intake the exhaust and the cam so i’ve got the mtech intake from man in the box and i think it works

Well chimera now also makes one and dna now has some strange dual filter intake for the monkey that i’m interested in but it’s particularly expensive i’ve got the yoshimura rs3 exhaust and i have the tv parts cam with the cameron jones racing tuned ecu and those four items together picked up a lot of power for the bike i guess maybe i’ll call it five because at

The same time i put in the 14 2002 give me the bottom end torque so that the cam is making power at the top end kind of evened out the power band all around a lot of the other modifications since then though have been to accommodate for other things that i’m doing so be the kotaku clutch cover and the oil cooler were to be able to get more cooling for the engine

Once i went with a big bore kit if you followed the other videos i started with 143 kit which didn’t work out too well but i now have the 181 kit that i’m breaking in if i were to do it again i would have gone straight to the 181 kid i think i was kind of intimidated by that but at this point i realized that the install and the break-in is the same and so far

Feels much more torque than the 143 kit did one thing i would do differently and again you don’t need to unless you’re going with a big board kit but from an engine management perspective i started off with the dynojet products the power commander 5 and their wideband commander 2 module i only had that in the bike for a couple of hundred miles and actually in

The end i think the reason that my 143 kit failed was because i was using the cameron jones racing 2 and ecu piggybacked into my power commander 5 there was advance timing on that ecu tune that i didn’t realize and that advanced timing i think caused early detonation which is what destroyed the 143 kit but i switched the a racer engine management system and

That’s a much more user-friendly interface it has a great displays so all the information that i’m looking for afr rpm engine temperature are displayed at once and the auto-tune function and all the other functions are much more easy to use than they are on the dynojet product and also since it’s a complete standalone engine management system i don’t have the

Stock ecu fighting with the eraser in any way it’s all up to the eraser to control the engines so really happy with the way that it works again i wish that i hadn’t bought all those dynojet products first because i think that was kind of a waste of money if i were to do it again with the big-boy setup would have gone straight to the eraser setup that i have

Now the only two issues that i’ve had with the eraser so far one is that my coso temperature gauge which i previously had on the handlebar mount stopped working correctly i think the impedance on the eraser is different than the stock setup and because of that the reading coming off of the engine for the co so suddenly went way down it was reading like half

Of what it should be but it doesn’t really matter i purchased a new mount that allows me to have my phone up here all the time so that free up the space to get the phone up there which is where i need all the readings for the a restore anyway and the eraser displays the temperature anyway so it would have been redundant the other thing that doesn’t seem to be

Working for me on the eraser is that it has a it has a calibration setting to make adjustments to the speedometer readout but for some reason as much as i play with it it doesn’t seem to actually be adjusting so i’ve gone ahead and left the twelve o’clock labs speedo healer that i had in the bike originally and that seems to be playing just fine with the eraser

So the two problems that i do have with it are things that i’ve been able to work around easily and i’m really enjoying the eraser setup but of all the modifications i’ve made i think it’s really only that once i went to the big bore kid i would have started with the eraser setup and also would have gone straight to the 181 big bore kit but other than that

All the other modifications i’ve been really happy with aesthetically the only thing that i’ve changed recently i did take off the carbon fiber headlight shroud that i had on the bike for quite a while i remember when i first saw behind a monkey modify it i think it was probably a kotaku orgy craft that had that headlight karana and i thought it looked pretty

Awesome and i enjoyed having it for a while but kind of grew tired of it so when i pulled off the headlight route it still had this chrome bezel around the headlight so i had that powder-coated a semi-gloss black and i think that really ties it together pretty well aesthetics aside other modifications that i made include this tiger rear set i like it quite a

Bit i like the writing position that it puts you in it feels a little bit more like a sports bike than a cruiser the pegs are also a lot higher so coming around corners i don’t the worry about scraping them on the original pegs they do have springs so they come up if you touch the touch the road as you’re coming around a corner but it’s just such a disconcerting

Feeling so really happy not to have to be concerned with that anymore same with the handle bars i have slightly lower handle bars in stock which puts me a little further forward but it’s just a more comfortable riding position for me and also i like the way that that looks a little bit more than the stock chrome handle bars that came up pretty high tire wise

I’ve got the stock tires back on now for a while i was running this michelin power pure tire which was a really good tire i only probably put 100 miles if that on these but there’s two reasons why switchback one is because the tread on these michelin’s were really just for the street so going out on trails didn’t have nearly the grip that the stock tires do

Not that the stock tires are great off-road tires but there’s somewhat of a compromise between street tire and a real off-road tire the other thing is the height of these tires were only 70 whereas the stock ones are 80 and i think he’s just kind of fill out the bike a little bit better so for a multitude of reasons i went back to the stock tires but i also

Have these favored go out onto a track or start spending more time on the street than i do on the trails you know big changes the seat i’ve gone through a couple of them i had the kataka one which was completely uncomfortable and only had that four very short amount of time the stock seat i still throw it on when i go out on the trails just because it’s so

Comfortable and soft it honestly doesn’t feel like you need suspension if you have you know that seat on but just for riding around town and generally usually i keep this de raiser tractor seat on i like the way that looks feels real comfortable it also brings me a little bit lower i’m not particularly tall so a very easy to flatfoot with this on and just for

My personal perspective kind of brings the aesthetic of the bike together pretty well but overall i’m still loving this bike in it but it’s my go-to bike for running around town and quick errands my wife this weekend’s had one of the motorcycle i’m sf horses so hopefully by the end of today she’ll have a motorcycle license and i expect she will be looking to

Ride this bike a little bit more often with her now having a motorcycle license also opens up the opportunity for me to buy some more bikes and use her you know as an excuse so as far as future modifications there are still a few things that i’m planning to do i am gonna change the instrument cluster tokugawa came out with a standalone instrument cluster that

Entirely replaces the stock honda one the honda one aside from not showing you much information has that very reflective lcd and in sunlight it’s almost impossible to see it’s also small and i’ve just never liked it at all so really excited to get that replaced i have that on the order from japan and should be here in the next week or so beside that i’m looking

To get the 181 kit completely broken in i only have about sixty miles on it so not enough yet for me to really be cranking it up i did adjust the rpm limit to 8,000 on the through the eraser setup but i don’t plan to actually take it up to the 10000 until i get about 200 miles on it and after it’s all broken in i plan to dyno to see how much power i did pick

Up from the 181 kit over the 125 that i had dyno’d last time so i wanted to again just thank everybody for all their viewership and all the comments that they’ve made throughout this build process both in this series and some of my other bikes that i’ve been working on in the garage please stay tuned for more videos on this bike thanks

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1 Year and 1,000 Miles with the 2019 Honda Monkey 125 (181) By eastcoastish