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1977 Honda CB 750 F — THIS BIKE IS CLEAN !!

This video is a walk around of my 1977 Honda CB 750 F. Its an amazingly clean bike from a long time ago. If you like motorcycles or just fine machines, you’ll enjoy this one. Take a look.

Alright guys you know that anytime you roll a new piece of equipment into a shop that you got to just stare at it once in a while and i figured i would share my latest addition to this building with you guys for those of you that are into motorcycles this is a 1977 cb honda 750 f it has 41,000 original miles on it it has never been formally restored and nor has

It ever sat out in the rain i purchased this motorcycle late in 1976 off a guy who had just bought it crashed it pretty violently up on the highway bent it up and anything that was bent or destroyed i pulled off and replaced and made the bike that i wanted to see many of these additions and modifications so this hour period correct it’s got the king/queen corbin

Gentry leather seat i think it’s corbin seats now but in the day was corbin gentry it’s got the three prong chrome trident bar now this is the f model so finding accessories and aftermarket products for an f model was extremely difficult because all the stuff was for k models for instance the the bar on the back here this had to be cut and the reason there’s

Five nuts right here is because if you look real close there’s a small spacer in here i cut this bar spaced it out and backed it up with a plate behind it so i could stretch it so that it met the frame where it should now this bike is just chock full of little modifications like that that made it quite personal and foreign to to drag pipes the engine is done with

A thin kit that was very popular for the day k&n air filters individual for air filters across the back the airbox has been pulled out a side mount license plate it has a custom fat bob offender i believe this is called and if you’re up on the bikes from the 70s you’ll know that a lot of the bikes came out with this flared fender coincidentally shortly after i

Did it and bragged about it i’m not going to take credit for it i’m just saying it was a hell coincidence front end is four inches over it’s got the comstar honda wheels it has a triple disc brake braking system which is pretty revolutionary for 1976 excuse me handlebars are four inches higher than stock and these are the stock mirrors from 1976 like a condition

Of these things absolutely beautiful i have never been down on this motorcycle i’ve been down on the throttle but i’ve never been down on the ground and i intend to keep it that way 41,000 107 original miles and i bet you i put 40,000 of those miles on this bike since i got it back in the day this bike would run it sub 13 second about a 12 5-12 to quarter-mile

Because i used to race it at englishtown new jersey and ever since i rolled my 1800 cc bpx into my garage as poor girl she just sits under the cover and gets at so i’m gonna clean it up flush some of the lines out and get it back up on the highway and turn some heads this is a beautiful motorcycle in person this is a chrysler burgundy with a gold metal flake paint

Job and it’s just beautiful i am very happy to own this and i’m looking forward to getting back out on the highway getting after it hope you enjoyed that you

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1977 Honda CB 750 F — THIS BIKE IS CLEAN !! By Joe Pie