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1982 Honda CT110 Trail Bike Postie Bike

Picked up an all-original 1982 Honda CT110 Trail the other day, been looking for one of these for ages!! Also known in Australia as the “Postie Bike”

Jelly king my new favorite sour beer strawberry-rhubarb special edition hey guys very excited about my most recent kijiji hunt i picked myself up a honda trail 110 ct 110 this is a bike that i’ve been trying to find for quite some time we very rarely come up for sale in ontario unfortunately because which is a shame because there’s such a clear little bike the 1980

Year did not have this but all of their years have the dual range sub so you’ve got a high and a low combined with the honda centripetal clutch the auto clutch or the centrifugal clutch whatever you want to call it gives it a semi-automatic 8 gears in essence right 4 gears in each range and i can’t wait to get on this thing and try it out although first of all

I’m going to do what i normally do with the new perches and dump the fuel that’s in the tank well properly explosive and i should say that dump it out of the bike and then clean the air filter you know change the oil obviously check the tire pressure air and then i’m good to go that’s it clean the air filter i’m going to do that too so anyhow i am really excited

This one’s in really good shape it’s an 82 and there hasn’t been any cts posted in the local classifieds so i ended up putting a wanted ad on and sure enough someone eventually ended up contacting me said they had wounded everything kind of selling an original owner and i jumped at the opportunity i hung up the phone grab the cash and we wanted 1500 for ontario

It was a really good deal oh my god to the 1900 kilometers on it that’s a fifteen hundred mile and yeah i’m going to start to drain in the fluid beuter all lubed up and i’ll start it up for us alright she’s ready to start up and take for a first rip kickstart i’m thankful for i don’t really like the pedal start of moped there we go first motorcycle i’ve ever seen

It has a spare tank on the side from what i hear most people to fill data quickly definitely going to clean the carpet some points of color so now all the skilled people men and you

Transcribed from video
1982 Honda CT110 Trail Bike (Postie Bike) By xhumeka