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1986 Honda CR250 – The Golden Age of HRC Two Strokes

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I stone-cold ken kaplan on the cr250 86 got to put the hand on the pipe you know let the people know beautiful classic two-stroke hpp valve honda 250 two-stroke cr 1986 frame-off fresh so absolutely a labor of love hope it goes to a good home that’s gonna enjoy it buy this bike and have a great summer it’s a lot of fun to ride super easy

To work on it needs nothing it’s ready to go what’s happening guys ken kaplan here with another classic evolution 1986 honda cr 250 this one is you know i was thinking about this before we start doing the video if you had one model vintage bike you could have and you live up in the great white north like we do here where it’s only riding season four to six months

Out of the year and you had one bike you wanted to put in your living room or your office and look at everyday i can’t think of a better bike in the 86 cr250 whether it’s a the 250 model or the 500 that we have over here very rarely will you see unless you’re going to a vintage national or something will you’ll see two pristine 86 is side-by-side the this 250 over

Here little brother to the 500 is an absolute ripper and this was actually restored frame off over a hundred hours they stopped counting at a hundred hours labor by my good friend john greer he was going through a tough time in his life his son had just passed away and he wanted a hobby to focus on so he he bought this good core bike this 86 to 50 great foundation

To start with and took it right down to the frame every nut and bolt on the bike we’ve got several of john’s bikes have been in the museum right now we have a cr 500 of his in the museum that’s a frame off he’s building one right now it’s hobby that he does john is a professional pilot he actually flies people like kardashian and kardashian’s and john black and

Jack black and celebrities around and learjets what he does so he’s got a great job but he doesn’t have to work that many hours a week he works at three days a week so he’s got a lot of time off and he spends his time building kick-ass vintage bikes and he loves the honda’s that’s all he does is honda now this 86 he went the extra mile and this one took it the

Engine i’ll start with a motor took it right down to the engine cases split the cases and actually sent the cylinder out to la sleeve and had him reese leave the cylinder the original stock bore which is no easy thing to do is expensive you paid around $400 for that he had a new wasner piston put in it he had the original crankshaft rebuilt and with new bearings

And new crank seals the power valve was rebuilt with new power valve springs the 86 year is notorious if you think you’re gonna buy one of these for 1,500 or 2,000 dollars off craigslist take a look right here at the water pump they’re notorious for having riding issues pretty much most of them do so john addressed that by buying a brand new nos housing water pump

Housing costs them $400 for that entire housing so everything in there is brand-new so got the bike running put the fmf gold series fatty pipe on there with a stock original silencer and felt that it wasn’t quite fast enough was having some carving issue jetting issues so he upgraded the carburetors a little trick little-known trick that we know about now you know

About it too if you take the 86 cr 500 km carburetor the 38 millimeter carb and put it on a 250 they they fly it out haul the mail it once you jet it right so that little trick was done on this 86 cr 250 it was also done on this yamaha yz250 over has the same 38 millimeter carbon both these bikes bark a little bit bigger carb a little bit bigger jets he also put if

You take a close look it’s got the boysson reed valve on there all-new engine gaskets as you can see has the silicone hoses he rebuilt the entire cooling system the entire new clutch cover and water pump and impeller hoses and he also check out these radiators take a closer look at these radiators these are aluminum aluminum radiators brand-new with the coverage to

Protect them these are polished a little bit and also rate all the radiator hoses are brand new so he’d really cut no corners completely rebuilt the motor brand new clutch everything’s new on an air filter carburetor intake piston rings cranks rebuilt clutch everything’s brand new so typically a job like that’s gonna run you somewhere between 2500 and 3000 dollars

Depending on what you do he didn’t cut any corners and he sent it to the best and the business to get it done then he took the frame sent that out had it powder coated and most of the other running gear like the suspension the the the original rims on it those are in good condition has a cr techno cell seat cover i believe he replaced the seat foam it feels nice

And cushy then with the oversized seat foam we just installed now he he had the but though he had done the bike several years back and when we got it it needed a little touching up he put maybe five or ten hours on it so went to the detail shop we power washed it the frame and the subframe were touched up it’s difficult to touch up powder coating with paint but

We did it and you can tell where it was done if you look closely it’s not perfect but at least it’s all red so you don’t see any frame anywhere on the steering head or anywhere else you can see it’s got the 86 cit 50 are produced at 9 of 1985 tag on the steering head while we had the bike apart the swing arm was polished the motor was touched up we touched up the

Black paint on the motor the clutch and ignition cover were repainted black the radiators were polished all the aluminum on the bike was polished if you look at the kicker kick start lever that was polished the radiators aluminum was polished see how nice and shiny that isn’t i believe john put on a brand new kick starter on it too cuz this thing it is is perfect

They polished aluminum brake lever they painted their original pegs black and some of the black items on the bike were touched up so the bike has new transmission fluid in it brand new vp excuse me brand new radiator fluid radiator coolant brand new gear oil new vp ice a new home same new it’s just it’s gases vp racing yes i’m a little tired the heat’s getting to

Me i apologize it’s got bp we’re on vp 1 110 with mixed 32 to 1 and as smells as good as it as it runs smells i love the smell of the race you’ll we put a brand new pro taper shifter on it put a new bmx front number plate and new side panels look at the shine on the vmx side panels nobody does it better than bmx you pay a premium for it but it’s worth it it’s got

New new graphics package on the radiator shrouds with the hrc logos new number plate covers newa new usa logos and usa flags and the hr the graphics package on there so the tank shroud decals are the oem style has new super link decals on the swingarm after we polished it it’s got a brand new 520 gold chain i think it’s one of the calling cards of this bike when

You stand back and look at it the red with the blue red white and blue color thing with the gold chain and the in the gold sprocket just really pops on the that’s not the original color that chain was originally like black but it to me it just ties the whole thing together new decal backgrounds so um of course went through the wizards hands and he gave it a full

Tune-up new era filter changed all the fluids nothing bolt inspection put brand new tires on it and she’s ready to rumble you see the front tire still has the flaws the nubs on it the rear one the nobles got worn off ripping up and down the driveway but uh as you can tell from the riding port of the demo this thing’s a ripper it’s beautiful i think the bike kind

Of speaks for itself some of the things i didn’t mention that renditions in the rent all brand new rent all bars everything brand new from the bar clamps up is new brand new clutch purse with the blue blue anodized levers brand-new ori grips new kill switch new grip on this side new master cylinder cover new blue anodized brake lever the brake systems been rebuilt

The brakes right on point works beautifully new braided stainless line check that out it’s by golfer this is probably an $80.00 brake line just beautiful they check out though this is a reproduction of the stock won by golfer and the upgraded with a what the braided stainless but they go back to the factory plastic covering here to keep it from getting worn out

And just really well done whole brake systems rebuilt tires and new and the engines rebuilt good luck finding a nice and one now to put a monetary value on what was done to the bike we added up the work order we charge ninety dollars an hour plus parts are our version of the work order came to two thousand five hundred and eighty jon’s i don’t know he did it as

A labor of love hundred hours of labor plus thousands between the motor and everything else he did to it so well over six thousand dollars have been invested into this bike into the restoration between what john had done and we had done and the bike speaks for herself it’s ready to roll up to the line at the vintage national or roll it back into the new england

Motorcycle museum finding classics revelry five six this nice 35 years old it’s getting harder to do on this one this one’s been gone through so if you have any questions about it give us a call shipping anywhere in the u.s. 500 all the way to the uk for 750 it’s a cool piece and they’re only going up in value i don’t know where your old bikes worth go on caplin

Cycles calm guys we’re offering the new appraisal service so lots of information to be had if you have an old vintage two-stroke want to get it professionally appraised give us a wrinkle in kaplan cycles calm if you want to professionally restored like john do to this one when you drop it off bring five thousand dollars and we do it on a time and material basis

Parts and labor on 90 bucks an hour plus parts it’s getting hard to find parts some of the parts you got to really scrounge for so it’s easier getting them done and if you have all the sources to get it done it goes a little quicker but even for us a bike like this frame off like john did would take us probably around 70 hours 70 to 80 hours and at 90 bucks an hour

That adds up pretty quick plus the parts so oh i’ve always said it’s easy it’s easier and less expensive to buy one that’s done by this one and then you can do whatever you want to it if you want to change anything on it you you all the heavy lifting is done so good luck bidding on it god bless america

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1986 Honda CR250 – The Golden Age of HRC Two Strokes By KAPLAN AMERICA